AIDS orthodoxy (allopathy) critics

Note: Some of the following might believe in germ theory but still they were quite critical about AIDS hoax ! I advice my readers to be careful if someone from the following list leads you to believe in germ theory and virus mania! – A

Al-Bayati, Mohammed A.
Awadu, Keidi Obi
Brink, Anthony
Cantwell, M.D.*
Coulter, Harris *
Cost, Curtis *
Clark, Hulda
Crowe, David
David Crowe
Day, Dr  MD
Duesberg, Peter H. , Ph.D.
Douglass, William , MD
Ellison, Bryan
Ellner, David
Engelbrecht, Torsten
Fiala, Dr. Christian
Geshekter, Charles
Giraldo, MD, Roberto A.
Graves, Boyd
Harven, M.D., Etienne De
Hodgkinson, Neville
Horowitz, Leonard  DM.D.,M.A.
Kalokerinos M.D., Archie
Keske, Tom
Köhnlein, Claus
Lanctot, M.D., Guylain
Lanka, Dr Stefan
Lauritsen, John
Martin, M.D., Ph.D, W. John
McTaggart, Lynne
Mullis. Kary
Null, Ph.D., Gary
Nussbaum, Bruce
Rappoport, Jon
Rasnick, Dr. David
Regush, Nicholas
Richards, Dr. Rodney
Scheff, Liam
Scott, M.A. M.Sc, Prof
Shulze, Dr Richard
Snead, M.D., Eva
Strecker, M.D., Robert
Tine van der Maas
West Ph.D., John
Willner, M.D.
HIV critics:
Mohammed A. Al-Bayati
Peter H. Duesberg, Ph.D.
Dr Day MD
Bryan Ellison
Willner, M.D. AIDS origins critics:
Keidi Obi Awadu
Alan Cantwell, M.D.
Boyd Ed Graves, J.D
Leonard Horowitz DM.D.,M.A.
Edward Hooper
Tom Keske
Prof Scott, M.A. M.Sc
Robert Strecker, M.D.


Tine van der Maas

Torsten Engelbrecht

Luc Montagnier
Mark Wainberg

Anthony Fauci

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