Alert: “Delta” virus FEAR FACTOR rising thanks to full media propaganda campaign based on zero science

Supposedly, the World Health Organization is “tracking and monitoring” the Delta variant around the world. We are all supposed to be shaking in our boots 24/7 due to Delta’s so very high “transmissibility” rate, according to the latest experts (pharma shill of the week). Delta is even “more efficient” at spreading than the Alpha variant, which has yet to be proven to even exist either.

Does the CDC, along with Fauci, Gates and the CCP, own patents to all these variants? Do they all have “gain of function” capability? Are they released each season by the vaccine industry, like strands and strains of influenza? Let’s find answers to these questions the fake news industry seems to be reading from their plandemic playbook.

As of July 2021, Delta variant has been “reported” in 100 countries, because reported means some pharma-funded “expert” said so

Without any scientific proof whatsoever, all the “virus experts” are spreading misinformation like a pandemic, and the propaganda is enough to cause side effects all by itself, including headaches (from hearing the same lies over and over), vomiting (from too much fake news), and lethargy (getting worn out by the media hype). They can’t even explain how they’re “testing” for the Delta variant. PCR tests? Retracted.

The shills warn us that we have “increased social mixing.” What? This is the opposite of herd immunity theory, so nobody is supposed to be going anywhere, for anything, ever again, until all the variants are conquered! Get all of your vaccine misinformation under one roof at the WHO.

According to WHO, knowing your risk enables you to lower your risk by “taking measures” every single day. This advice comes from the same “experts” that said masks were useless at the beginning of the pandemic. These are the same scientists, doctors and industry regulators who said Covid could wipe out the planet if we don’t go on lockdown and develop a vaccine. What they really meant is the Covid vaccines can wipe out the planet, but they only work if everyone gets the “full dose.”

The message from the White House is clear – they’re unclear about everything

You’re supposed to open windows when indoors for good airflow, but wear a mask at all times to severely restrict airflow. Keep your distance from everyone, even though for decades all we’ve heard is the vaccinated protect each other through herd immunity. When it’s your “turn,” get vaccinated, they say, and now that looks like every season, because the vaccines are proving to have a pathetic 15 percent efficacy factor just 4 to 6 weeks after “fully vaccinated” second dose shots are injected.

Be sure and get “the full doses” of vaccination, the WHO also tells you, because obviously half would only provide 2 to 3 weeks “protection,” and then you would have to get a “booster” or “variant” vaccine at least once a month to be safe. This is the logic the CDC and WHO are delivering to the world of brainwashed idiocy.

From the sounds of it, millions of people around the world who got their first dose of blood-clotting China flu inoculation never went back for seconds, as they are still reeling in the wake of health detriment, suffering side effects and adverse events like never before, from any other of the dirty vaccines America delivers under the guise of immunity. We’re talking about vaccine-induced blood clots in the brain, lungs and stomach. Can those even be called “side effects?” Sounds more like “death effects.”

Listen to the poser shills wield all kinds of advice based on nothing but other shills talking, most of whom completely contradict what the others just said days, weeks or months ago. Listen to these STOOL PIGEONS regurgitate the pharma script, with lobbed questions and haphazard answers based on zero science with zero proof of anything:

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