Andrew Kaufman M.D and Stefan Lanka Biologist – Marine Biologist

There are at times seldom, when truth comes out of a Jewish mouth… In this case it’s Andrew Kaufman although a Jew but unlike other Jews thus far… On the other hand Dr. Wodarg unfortunately failed to counter in a scientific manner felt quite agitated… Because he knows his whole repute built upon the Medical Mafia is going to be shattered into pieces, so what , didn’t it shatter for Kaufman and Lanka when God opened their eyes to lies… This is the major problem with medicine and medical men these priests and temple guardians do not have a backbone in my opinion… In short Quacks won’t discern provided they find absolutely no water under their feet !!! Woof Woof you muzzled creature !


OOPS I forgot, on the note of Wodarg he’s a disgrace to his profession, please do not let me call you out !

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