Barbara Marx Hubbard: Godmother of Transhumanism and Synthetic Spirituality

The late Barbara Hubbard, a Rockefeller-funded New Age guru, was critical to the development of the ideas, beliefs and technology necessary to market transhumanism as spiritual enlightenment.

In 2016, the Global Future Councils of the World Economic Forum (WEF) posted a video entitled “8 Predictions for the World in 2030,” which infamously forecasted a technocratic New World Order in which “[y]ou’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.” It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to ponder how WEF oligarchs plan to roll out “sustainable development” policies which will ration consumer goods in a global “sharing economy” that employs transient “gig” workers who will be rendered into propertyless serfs under a techno-communitarian rendition of neo-feudalism. But how will the globalist technocrats of the WEF sway the virtual peasant class to be happy with their permanent state of digitally indentured servitude?

Enter New Age guru Barbara Marx Hubbard and her endorsement of the HeartMath Institute’s Global Coherence Initiative [1][2], which is propagating transhumanist neurofeedback wearables across the planet in order to digitally synchronize humanity’s collective heart rhythms and brainwaves into electronically induced states of synthetic spiritual bliss. With Hubbard’s transhumanist blessings, HeartMath’s global neurotech network is primed to lull plebs and proles into happy compliance with the “New Normal” of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s techno-feudal “stakeholder” economy.

In this first installment of my series on Hubbard’s legacy contributions to the post-humanist religion and techno-fascist economy of the neo-eugenic Fourth Industrial Revolution, I will historicize how Rockefeller philanthropies bankrolled Hubbard’s Foundation for Conscious Evolution in order to digitally engineer humankind into a new transhuman species baptized in the name of tech-Gnostic “Christ Consciousness” [3]. Furthermore, I will expose how Hubbard collaborated with globalists at the World Business Academy, corporatists at Singularity University, and Eupsychian human potential psychologists in connection with the Esalen Institute in order to establish a techno-communitarian spiritualism that worships transhumanist evolution controlled by Big Tech companies which dominate the stakeholder economy of the Fourth Industrial Revolution [4]. Finally, I will document how Hubbard advanced the globalization of HeartMath Institute’s transhumanist biofeedback wearables which can neuro-technologically mesmerize the precariat into virtual states of happy subservience to the “New Normal”.

In the coming installments of this series, I will reveal how Hubbard’s transhumanist mission to steer “conscious evolution” is steeped in Malthusian-eugenic population control. Additionally, I will unveil how Hubbard’s transhumanist allies from the World Future Society, the Human Potential Movement, and the Foundation for Conscious Evolution are entangled with networks of alleged pedophiles and sexual abuse cults.

Where New Age meets the New Normal

Ever since the announcement of COVID-19 lockdowns, there has been a spate of propaganda campaigns from government bureaucrats, corporate oligarchs, and globalist technocrats who have been lecturing about the necessity to acclimate to the “New Normal.” You probably never heard this post-COVID slogan until 2020, but Hubbard was prophesying the dawning of a New Normal at least as far back as 2008. In fact, Hubbard foretold that 2020 would mark the pivotal year of the global “Shift” toward the New Normal that is transitioning the world into the futurist “Singularity” envisioned by Google’s Director of Engineering, Ray Kurzweil, who is a founder of Singularity University, which is a post-humanist think tank where Hubbard promoted her dreams of harnessing “conscious evolution” to engineer a new transhuman species.

Barbara Marx Hubbard | 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution: A Process of Metamorphosis to Realize Our Full Potential Self

In Hubbard’s book, 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution: A Process of Metamorphosis to Realize Our Full Potential Self, “Code 33” called for human beings to “Come Forward as a New Norm” in order to evolve the human species from “Homo sapiens sapiens to Homo universalis” [5]. Later, in 2012, Hubbard published another book, Birth 2012 and Beyond: Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution. In a section titled from “2012 to 2020 and Beyond,” Hubbard proclaimed that “[t]he eight years after the [2012] Birth, leading up to 2020, will be critical for implementing the shifts necessary for us to gently grow into the next era . . . evolving into fully formed evolutionary communities . . . around the world where each person can learn to transform themselves and our world” into a transhumanist New World Order [1].

Even prior to 2008, for decades, Hubbard foretold the coming of a new transhumanist age in which humankind will merge with technology through “conscious evolution.” As a crusader for the Human Potential Movement, Hubbard networked with psychologists at the Esalen Institute and corporatists at Singularity University to pave the way for human consciousness to collectively co-evolve with the “noetic” consciousness of the cosmos through transhumanist technologies [6]. Bankrolled by Rockefeller philanthropy [3], Hubbard established the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, which has been pushing the “synergistic” advancement of biotech, nanotech, and supercomputing artificial intelligence (AI) that can be globally converged through the “internet-of-things” (IoT) and the “internet-of-bodies” (IoB) in order to engineer a new transhuman species. To help build the collective cybernetic nervous system of an evolving transhuman superorganism, Hubbard promoted the HeartMath Institute’s Global Coherence Network of wearable neurofeedback technologies that interlink human biorhythms through smartphones across the planet [1].

In An Evolutionary Synthesis: A New World View (Weaving Together a New Memetic Code for the Optimum Future for Humanity), which was published in 2008 by the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Hubbard forecasted how, “[f]rom the perspective of the Evolutionary Trans-humanism we see a possible convergence of our expanded consciousness with our technologically-enhanced body/minds . . . as the next stage of our evolution” when “there will be a cosmic cultural convergence of life between trans-human and eventually post-human life,” including “silicon-based ‘life.’” Foreshadowing the post-COVID New Normal of 2020, Hubbard added that, “[i]n Evolutionary Trans-Humanism the Universal Human appears for the first time on this Earth as a ‘new norm’: as a person incarnating our spiritual, social and scientific/technological capacities.”

Barbara M. Hubbard | Foundation for Conscious Evolution 

As the techno-fascist exploitation of COVID lockdowns manifests the theme of Hubbard’s 1993 book, Our Crisis Is a Birth [7],the coronavirus crisis is birthing a technocratic New Normal in which human life is being increasingly mediated through computer screens and digital IDs that are primed to be tracked and traced by IoTIoB cybernetics. Hence, it appears that the turning point of 2020 has lined up with Hubbard’s predictions for a “Great Shift” toward the “Birth” of a “Conscious Evolution” in which humankind begins to “synergize” with digital computer technologies in order to be “reimagined” as a new transhuman cyborg species.

If you don’t like the idea of Big Tech biotechnologically engineering you into a digital computer product, don’t worry. Hubbard’s global HeartMath initiative can hook you up to biofeedback wearables that will electronically hypnotize you into copasetic obedience as you are techno-eugenically engineered into a transhuman underling who will happily own nothing, not even your own body, in the New Normal that is the techno-fascist Fourth Industrial Revolution.

To be sure, Hubbard’s vision of the transhuman future wasn’t magically gleaned from peering into a crystal ball. Rather, Hubbard was closely involved with many of the transhumanist architects of the technocratic New Normal which, for several decades, they have been plotting for 2020.

Barbara Hubbard, “Christ Consciousness”, and Cybernetic Transhumanity

Hubbard’s vision of trans-evolution through a superorganic cyber-nervous system was inspired by the tech-Gnostic prophesies of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the “design science revolution” of R. Buckminster Fuller [8]. Teilhard de Chardin was a eugenicist Jesuit priest who preached a trans-Gnostic gospel of spiritual, or “noetic,” evolution through the awakening of universal consciousness through the “noosphere.” Fuller was an eminent futurist and the godfather of the design science revolution, which prototyped “synergetic” models of evolutionary architecture, such as the geodesic dome. Both Teilhard de Chardin and Fuller professed their faith in the “Cosmic Christ Consciousness” of noospheric evolution, which Hubbard likewise idolized as the crux of humankind’s cybernetic evolution into a trans-technological collective.

During Hubbard’s 2015 speech to members of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), she traced the awakening of her own conscious evolution to her reading of Teilhard de Chardin’s Phenomenon of Man: “the minute I read that . . . I dedicated myself to the noosphere.” Derived from the pre-Socratic philosopher Anaxagoras’s concept of the “nous,” which is the omnipresent “mind” of the cosmos, the noosphere is, according to Teilhard de Chardin,  the “tangential energy” of the universe that is evolving through human consciousness. In Hubbard’s speech at the 2015 IONS International Conference, she pontificated how, through the tangential energies of noetic evolution, “the planet has grown a new nervous system in the last 15 years.  And it’s internet.  It’s Facebook; it’s Twitter; it’s 7 billion cellphones and counting.  . . . An enormous nervous system has been given, and it’s open to us.”

In brief, Hubbard believed that the noospheric expansion of consciousness is evolving the human biological nervous system into an extended technological network of smartphones that are interlinked with internet social media. By ostensibly branching human nervous systems collectively out through mobile phones across satellite telecommunications, online social networks are, according to Hubbard, building evolutionary stepping stones toward a transhuman zenith in which brain-computer interfaces and nanotech implants will unite human consciousness with the cosmic consciousness of the noosphere by merging organic biological intelligence with hi-tech artificial intelligence.

In her 2001 book, Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence (10 Steps to the Universal Human), Hubbard relayed how Teilhard de Chardin’s “noosphere” is “what we might call ‘the thinking layer of Earth,’ or the mind sphere. Think of this noosphere as an invisible, yet all pervasive, superorganism. Here, each of us lives, much as our own cells live inside of our body. The noosphere is composed of our collective consciousnesses . . . as well as the intelligence that is creating our extended bodies in the form of rapidly growing technology,” including “the Internet,” “biotechnology,” and “nanotechnology” [9].

During her 2017 speech, “Awakening the New Species in You,” at the Global Purpose Movement’s Purpose Summit in San Francisco, Hubbard declared that Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere “is now the internet nervous system of the planet,” and “there’s enough of us now to wake up our planetary nervous system” through “hi-tech . . . artificial intelligence, quantum computing, robotics, genetics, all of that . . . being the powers of our mythological gods.”

In sum, Hubbard believed that, by harnessing biotech and nanotech robotics, genetically engineered human bodies can be melded with quantum AI, which will evolve human beings into transhuman cyborgs who can achieve godhood by summoning the collective consciousness of the noosphere through the “internet of things” (IoT) and the “internet of bodies” (IoB).

Inverting the Biblical gospel of how God humbled himself to descend from Heaven in order to be incarnated in the human body of Jesus Christ, Hubbard preached Teilhard de Chardin’s trans-Gnostic gospel of how humans must exalt themselves as gods by technologically evolving into ultrahumanmachine hybrids capable of ascending to the “Christ Consciousness” of the noosphere. During her IONS speech, Hubbard relayed how Teilhard de Chardin prophesied that, “[w]hen the mind sphere . . . gets its collective eyes, we will experience . . . the ‘Christification’ of the Earth.”

According to Hubbard, the “mind sphere’s,” or noosphere’s, “collective eyes” are being opened through the worldwide web of internet social media. In Hubbard’s vision of the future, these digital social networks would spread across the globe and saturate the planet through what R. Buckminster Fuller called the design science revolution. In the final equation, Hubbard’s Fuller-inspired technetronic revolution will culminate in a noetic nexus of satellite telecommunications and mobile computer devices that will consciously evolve into a transhumanist IoTIoB Singularity, resulting in the so-called “‘Christification’ of the Earth,” which will anoint the collective human species as god on Earth.

This tech-Gnostic gospel of Christ Consciousness was also preached by Fuller, who believed that his design science revolution would harness advances in science and industry to technocratically usher in a utopian heaven on Earth. Like Hubbard and Teilhard de Chardin, Fuller envisioned that, by means of the design science revolution, the “universal mind,” or cosmic Christ consciousness, would evolve through the transhumanist “synergy” of human intelligence and technological progress. In Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking, Fuller pontificated that “the Universe is technology” and that, in the emerging epoch of the new age, the design science revolution would technocratically meld the Christ consciousness of the noosphere with the human consciousness of the biosphere, resulting in a cosmic-transhumanist singularity that would bring about a paradise on Earth.

Finding a nous-mate in Hubbard, Fuller laureled her as the heir to his futurist vision of “Christified” technocratic evolution through his design science revolution. In Hubbard’s 2015 book, The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation: The Promise Will Be Kept, she recorded how Fuller declared, “[t]here is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard—who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society—is the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced” [3]. With great pride, Hubbard took on Fuller’s mantle and carried the torch for his techno-Christified design science revolution.

In her speech titled “How Do We Get Ready for 2012: A Vision for Humanity,” which was orated during The Prophets Conference: 2012 Tipping Point at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, Hubbard told a story about how both she and Fuller had “Christ Consciousness” experiences that brought together their esoteric journeys toward hi-tech conscious evolution:

“Bucky’s Christ experience was that he was walking along the streets in Chicago; . . . he saw a light; he got lifted up by the light, and he heard the words, ‘Bucky, you are the first mini-Christ on Earth, and what you attest to is true.’” Fuller revealed this vision to her on an occasion when Hubbard shared her own “Christ experience” with him. Hubbard explains that, “one day, I had written this book about the New Testament of an evolutionary Christ. Bucky asked to see me alone. He put his arms around me . . . and he said, ‘darling, I had the same experience.’ And he put his temple onto mine, and I feel he zapped me with the design science revolution.”

In a nutshell, both Hubbard and Fuller professed their faith in noospheric Christ Consciousness, and Hubbard believed that her shared “Christ experience” with Fuller noetically transmuted his revolutionary “design” science mission into her own conscious evolution.

Barbara Marx Hubbard | The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation: The Promise Will Be Kept

Carrying on the message of Fuller’s design science revolution, Hubbard paraphrased a passage from his Utopia or Oblivion in her 1995 book, The Revelation: A Message of Hope for the New Millennium. In a section titled “The Journey,” Hubbard relayed Fuller’s utopian forecast of how the metaphysical, or noetic, consciousness of “universal intelligence” is cosmically evolving in tandem with the collective-conscious evolution of human intelligence through the transhumanist technological progression of the design science revolution:

“[t]he universe is . . . building up toward even higher order because it is increasing in intelligence—though us!

Intelligence, proclaimed Fuller, is not physical, it is metaphysical . . . Our technology is becoming ephemeralized, miniaturized, and aesthetic, like nature’s technologies: photosynthesis, DNA, the human brain. We now have the technology, resources, and know-how, Fuller said, to make of this world a 100 percent physical success.  . . .

The growing edge of technology is giving us the power to transform ourselves as well as our world.  . . . The individual human has enormous untapped potential. The planet is evolving toward a quantum leap, wherein all of its members will experience themselves as part of one body. We have the ability to overcome physical lack, and even to change our physical nature—our body/mind systems. These great evolutionary goals are the meaning of power.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Revelation: A Message of Hope for the New Millennium (Mill Valley, CA: Nataraj Publishing, 1995).

Stated differently, Hubbard touted Fuller’s postulation of how, as technology evolves, it will become increasingly “ephemeralized” until it is so condensed that it can be fused into human biology. In turn, this ephemeralized amalgamation of biology and technology will, according to Hubbard, transform “body/mind systems” by melding them with the digital infrastructure of the world economy.

To put it all together, Hubbard was an evangelist for conscious transhumanist evolution through the globalization of a collective cybernetic nervous system that will be vitalized by the techno-industrial revolution of Fuller’s synergetic design science and the noospheric awakening of Teilhard de Chardin’s Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

Hubbard’s “Beloved Patron”: Laurence Rockefeller

To midwife the tech-noetic trans-evolution of the universal Christ mind idolized by Fuller and Teilhard de Chardin, Hubbard set up the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, which was seed-funded by Laurence Rockefeller [3]. The brother of John D. Rockefeller III, David Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, and Winthrop Rockefeller, Laurence was a president and a founding trustee of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, which is a corporate philanthropy that finances social “impact investments” in “biotechnology” and “digital technology.” These, of course, are key building blocks in the IoT-IoB matrix at the crux of Hubbard’s transhumanist dreams of collective-conscious evolution. Laurence also bankrolled esoteric studies into Gnostic Christ Consciousness and noetical parapsychology.

In the prelude to her Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation, which was dedicated to Laurence Rockefeller, Hubbard lauds how he was instrumental in helping her found the Foundation for Conscious Evolution: “[w]ith great gratitude I dedicate Evolutionary Testament: [sic] The Promise Will Be Kept to Lawrence [sic] Rockefeller, who recognized its purpose to help ‘bring forth the Christ of the 21st Century’ and supported me in forming The Foundation for Conscious Evolution to bring it forward into the world” [3].

Barbara Marx Hubbard | The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation: The Promise Will Be Kept

According to the official website of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, this Rockefeller-funded tax-exempt foundation advances “synergistic” transhuman evolution driven by the “[t]he advent of radical evolutionary technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, quantum computing, space exploration, etc. . . . [T]he tools are there to transform ourselves, our bodies and our world. We can and are actually moving beyond the creature human condition toward a new species, a universal humanity, capable of coevolving with nature.” In other words, fueled with Rockefeller money, the Foundation for Conscious Evolution advocates for humankind to merge with biotech and nanotech quantum computers in order to evolve humanity into a new transhuman species, which Hubbard has dubbed Homo Universalis.”

Not only did Rockefeller provide the seed financing for Hubbard’s Foundation for Conscious Evolution, but he also bankrolled many of the hi-tech industries, including biotech, nanotech, and quantum computing, which the Foundation for Conscious Evolution sees as vehicles for “conscious” transhuman evolution.

In 1946, Laurence Rockefeller and his brothers, David, Nelson, Winthrop, and John D. III, founded one of the very first venture capital firms, Rockefeller Brothers Inc., which is today known as Venrock. Laurence kicked off Venrock ventures by investing in Silicon Valley corporations, such as Intel and Apple. In fact, Venrock “held a board seat for nearly 20 years” at Apple.

Other Venrock ventures into Big Tech industries include investments in online behavioral advertising companies, including AppNexus and DoubleClick, the latter of which is now owned by Google. Of course, behavioral advertising analytics are at the core of the data-mining algorithms that power what Hubbard referred to as the collective cybernetic nervous systems of social media networks.

Meanwhile, Venrock has also financed several biotech corporations, biopharmaceutical enterprises, gene-sequencing companies, and genetic-modification businesses, including Abbott LaboratoriesUnity BiotechnologyElement BiosciencesREGENXBIO10X GenomicsTargeted Genetics; the Genetics InstituteCentocor, which is owned by Johnson & JohnsonAdnexus Therapeutics, which is owned by Bristol-Myers SquibbIdun Pharmaceuticals, which is owned by Pfizer; and Sirna Therapeutics, an “RNA interference (RNAi) technology” startup that was acquired by Merck.

Furthermore, Venrock has bankrolled quantum computing companies, including Atom Computing, and nanotech corporations, such as Nanosys. Additionally, Venrock is invested in blockchain startups, including Dapper and Flow.

In sum, Laurence Rockefeller funded the development of a nexus of transhumanist technologies, including internet Big Data, biotech, and nanotech, while simultaneously propagating Hubbard’s trans-evolutionary ideology by financing her Foundation for Conscious Evolution. It is worth noting that Laurence’s funding of transhumanism, which is fundamentally a hi-tech rendition of eugenic engineering, is rooted in the Rockefeller family’s long history of financing past iterations of eugenics, such as American eugenics programs at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and eugenic programs at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institutes of Nazi Germany.

On top of financing the transhumanist technologies and trans-evolutionary theories espoused by Hubbard, Laurence also advocated for Hubbard’s noetic spirituality by backing her New Age evangelism. This was done with grants from his Fund for the Enhancement of the Human Spirit


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