Yesterday I posted an astonishingly brilliant article on quackery – the quacks sitting behind the closed doors among board of directors, head of departments, medical in-charges, medical superintendents with glazed glasses and spectacles oh about spectacles they only make them look more sober ( or superior over laymen ) and tight muzzles… The following is… Continue reading THE MORAL TO THE TALE.


The following astonishingly brilliant article is more than 110 years old and is part of a book I came across, printed in 1909 by an ex-osteopath… I will post a few more as a sequel to this one… So please stop by and grab yourself some water – and let it sink in – especially… Continue reading WHY DO QUACKS FLOURISH ?

Many Studies ‘supporting’ Andrew Wakefield

Stop injecting your children with poison  – A It is 15 years since Andrew Wakefield first hypothesised a link between the MMR vaccine and autism in children, mediated by an inflammatory bowel condition (subsequently labelled ‘autistic entercolitis’). Over this period Dr Wakefield and his supporters have cited a range of studies which are claimed to… Continue reading Many Studies ‘supporting’ Andrew Wakefield