There is NO mRNA in the Shots!

No Virus… No mRNA… No Spike Protein… No DNA…

But there’s one thing with the vaccines and COnV!D psyop i.e. BULLSHIT!!! Woof woof you muzzled dog!!!

Try not to kill the mRNA messenger here…

Modern medical ‘science’ would like for us all to believe that their magical mRNA vaccines tell the body how to produce a protein that provides someone with an immunity to a specific microbe… in this case, a non-existent virus. Wrong.

Contrary to a popular and widely held belief, the COVID vaccines do not contain the alleged mRNA that is causing the alleged spike protein that is causing the alleged reactions in those who have been jabbed. Independent research studies have long since come out disproving the existence of mRNA in the shots. However, those studies really aren’t even needed, as the existence of mRNA is downstream from the mother of the lie: DNA itself.

No DNA= no RNA replication= no mRNA would be available= nothing to create modRNA with. Wait what? What the hell is modRNA? This takes me to my next point.

There lies an issue with many folks trying to assert that the mRNA in the shots is messenger RNA when it is not.

Let’s back up a second and define some of the terms we’ll be using here so that we are all on the same page moving forward….

Nucleobase: the adenine, guanine, cystocine, and thymine in DNA (in RNA uracil replaces the thymine)

Nucleotide: said to be the building block of DNA/RNA. This consists of a nucleobase, sugar (ribose or deoxyribose) and a phosphate.

Nucleoside: this is simply a nucleotide without a phosphate group.

Phosphate: essentially the glue that keeps the DNA ladder intact.

DNA: said to be the molecular structure found in cells and in viruses. Also said to contain genetic information.

RNA: said to be the result of transcribed DNA. Unlike DNA, RNA is able to direct a cell to make proteins.

mRNA: said to be a type of RNA that carries a message to the part of the cell known as a ribosome to direct it to build proteins.

Now that the biochemistry lesson is over, let’s continue…

modRNA is said to be a synthetic version of mRNA in which some of the nucleosides from the mRNA have been replaced with synthetic or modified nucleosides. In other words, the natural building blocks were replaced with synthetic ones.

Cool story, but I no longer buy into any of this stuff. Why? Because, again, in order to get said mRNA, you need to start with DNA that then gets translated into RNA, that gets delivered to the cell to tell it to create proteins…

Here is where I am going to take things a step further: where is the direct evidence for DNA to begin with? How can we even make the hypothesis that something is being transcribed when we can’t even see this physically taking place? The only place that alleged DNA translation is taking place is inside of a computer model. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Because this is the only place that alleged viruses exist: in a computer model. All we have to ‘prove’ that DNA even exists is a bunch of indirect evidence that fails to pass the sniff test. Furthermore, the winner of the 1910 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine was Albrecht Kossel. What did he get this award for? Isolating proteins and nucleic components, giving us the famed nucleotides that are used for DNA/ genetic sequencing. What’s interesting is that Kossel allegedly isolated the components of these base pairs, but they are unable to be viewed under x-rays and electron microscopes.

Even better: he isolated this from seabird guano (YES, literal bird shit) and from a calf thymus… hmmm.

For those familiar with the isolation/purification methods utilized in virology, you likely won’t be surprised by the isolation/purification methods that Kossel used. For those who don’t understand what I am referring to, take some time to get to know Christine Massey’s work and why a properly purified/ isolated particle is important when one is making the claim that something does what we are told it does. Now, what is even more telling is that none of Kossel’s research papers are widely and freely shared, which calls into question how many people have been able to replicate his methods or even examine his original findings. A point of interest is reflecting on the year that Kossel received his Nobel Prize, as mentioned above: 1910. Can someone remind me when the famed Flexner Report was published? Perhaps this is simply a coincidence, but I couldn’t help but laugh to myself when I noticed the date.

Behold! Another shitty computer model… sound familiar???

Double-Helix Structure of DNA

I understand that inquiring about the existence of DNA comes with some questions. Many of my readers will wonder about its uses in court cases and for tracing their family histories with popular ancestry DNA tools. Let’s address those questions now. Popular companies such as 23andme are using their genetic testing as a front for data harvesting. People request a kit, answer a few relevant questions, send in a swab, and are wooed by the unveiling of family members they otherwise wouldn’t have known about. However, the questions that are answered and a person’s personal information make it pretty easy to connect dots via public record and supply them with their family tree… no genetic testing required. Fun fact: the founder of 23andme is Anne Wojcicki, who was married to the co-founder of Google and she is currently listed on the World Economic Forum page… go figure! Many of these genetic testing companies also sell your personal data and make it available to legal systems without your knowledge or permission. It is also telling that the disclaimer on their terms of service page reads as the following:

“Many of the genetic discoveries that we report have not been clinically validated, and the technology we use, which is the same technology used by the research community, to date has not been widely used for clinical testing.”

As far as using DNA evidence in court, how many convictions are the result of DNA hair analysis? Did you know that they are not even taking DNA from the hair to make this claim? Instead, they are using a visual analysis as their evidence! They also claim that bite marks and fingerprints serve as ‘DNA evidence’ and both of these practices have also been at the receiving end of a great deal of scrutiny in recent years.

There are also glaring issues when it comes to court paternity tests, with inaccurate results causing devastating damage to the families that have either requested the testing or have had the tests forced upon them by a judge. The problem is that DNA testing extracts a sample and amplifies it until the same alleged markers that are found in every human turn up on their testing strips. What is also noteworthy is that the extraction methods for obtaining the DNA varies from kit to kit, and the isolation methods also expose the material to harsh chemicals, centrifugation, extreme heating and cooling, etc. but we are supposed to believe that the alleged DNA or any other type of matter that gets subjected to these conditions won’t be altered by this type of exposure. Again, this is going to be a wild case of deja vu for anyone who has already gone down this rabbit hole when it comes the subject of virology and the methods that are used in that field. I find this pretty ironic considering that the foundational principle of genetics is what props up the virus lie, and genetics rely on DNA to stay propped up as well. Funny.

The use of DNA in the legal system seems to be yet another reinforcement of the belief in authority, lending more power to police officers and investigators to use this extremely flawed system to fabricate evidence that is then used to coerce confessions. There are reports of people in positions of power within the legal system even submitting their fake DNA evidence in court to get a conviction. With all of the flawed methodology and pseudoscientific background associated with DNA, I can’t help but wonder how many unfortunate people have had unalterable consequences in their lives within the legal system as a result of its use.

The last point that I want to make is this: if DNA/RNA/mRNA can’t be adequately demonstrated to exist in the same way that viruses cannot be proven to exist, what is the agenda behind getting people to widely accept that some form of gene-altering mRNA is contained within the shots? The first and most obvious, is that ANY shot props up the Germ Theory of disease with the idea that we must protect ourselves from a scary invisible particle. A deeper look suggests that perhaps this also has some sort of legal aspect, but in the form of ownership, patent law, and human rights. If there is any question about the validity of slavery/ ownership over humans and the powers-that-be treating us like capital and currency, look no further than the example of your birth certificate. With that being said, the idea is that the mRNA inserts some sort of patented “genetic code” into the body that then permanently modifies your DNA. If some sort of entity claims to own the patent on the resultant modified DNA, what is stopping them from laying claim to the person who just became their lab rats? If enough people can be tricked into believing that this DNA modification took place, whether or not is actually a thing, the results can be disastrous. To quote Demi Pietchell (whom I no longer endorse, but the quote is still relevant):

“It’s a slippery slope with bizarre legal precedent that, of course, you might be able to use the 13th constitutional amendment to fight – but at what point in this sci-fi world of hybrid patented DNA do Pfizer or Moderna claim in a suit that a hybrid person is no longer a pure human and therefore does not have the same rights as a pure human?”

It is this exact form of mind-control that is used to enslave humanity and keep them stupid. If we think a contagious pathogen is going to creep up and get us like the boogeyman, then we will live in fear… the same way that thinking some unproven genetic material is going to alter us and turn us into a hybrid human being with no rights or sovereignty. These illusions are what the controllers use to keep us stuck in the reality that they have created for us. You want to worry about what is in the shots? Understand the properties of graphene (graphene does exist, just debatable as to whether or not it is present in the shots) and teslaphoresis, understand Brownian motion, what DARPA and RAND are up to, and why they want to create an Internet of Bodies. Because that is all this is! Here are some links to further understand this stuff:

Internet of Bodies- World Economic Forum

Understanding Teslaphoresis- Rice University

60 Uses of Graphene in Everyday Life

RAND Research

DARPA Research

This is a double-edged sword, not a quadruple-edged sword… however, it is always important to read between the lines. The objective was to do a mass-culling on one side, and to set up their IOB surveillance system on the other. Understand that this is the epitome of what the ‘transhumanist’ agenda really is. If DNA has the same sketchy foundations as viruses, it gives us one less thing to worry about, doesn’t it? They can’t use some made up computer-generated code sequences to alter and manipulate the human body, but again, if they can fool enough people into thinking that this is what is happening, they achieve a very similar result. This is another one of those fear-based mechanisms of control that I am talking about. The only thing going on in that respect is that they want to bring their surveillance system dystopian nightmare to life, not altering the fraudulent “human genome”.


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