Teens riot against curfew in Dutch village; burn down COVID-19 testing site

URK, Netherlands — Dutch police clashed with protesters demonstrating against the country’s lockdown in the capital, Amsterdam and the southern city of Eindhoven on Sunday, a day after rioting youths protesting the country’s curfew torched a coronavirus testing facility in a Dutch fishing village. In Amsterdam, police used a water cannon to disperse protesters taking...

Mads Palsvig | Full Interview Part 1 | Planet Lockdown – Odysee

By far one of the most important interviews out there in the recent weeks, please do check out this one. You’ll also learn how and why they murdered Qaddafi by carpet bombing one of the most beautiful sites ever constructed by humans. This and much more in the following video on Odysee – A https://odysee.com/@PlanetLockdown:6/Mads-Palsvig—Full-Interview-Part-1—Planet-Lockdown:c