Evidence over hysteria COVID-19

GET OVER WITH THE HYSTERIA AND FOLLOW THE FACTS – PROVE SOMETHING TRUE OR FALSE WITH FACTS AND NOT HYSTERIA ! – A https://www.spreadthis.info:4443/03.%20%20%20%20%20Covid-19%20Statistics/Evidence%20over%20hysteria%20%97%20COVID-19%20-%20Six%20Four%20Six%20Nine%20-%20Medium.pdf

Dr Rob Oswald, PhD in Virology, 1500 samples, No Covid, Just influenza , Suing CDC for fraud

One of the best things someone could is to sue them for tyranny like this doctor. https://www.spreadthis.info:4443/01.%20%20%20%20%20Covid-19%20Expert%20Opinions,%20Narratives,%20Concerns%20&%20Publications/Medical%20Doctors%20&%20PhD/Dr%20Rob%20Oswald,%20PhD%20in%20Virology,%201500%20samples,%20No%20Covid,%20Just%20influenza%20,%20Suing%20CDC%20for%20fraud.pdf

“That’s Not Orwellian, THIS Is Orwellian”: Aussies Mulling ID For Access To Facebook, Twitter, Tinder

The Australian government is mulling a proposal which would require citizens to provide at least two forms of identification if they want to use social media, under the guise of ‘battling online bullying’ and more easily report users to authorities. Source: https://davidicke.com/2021/04/13/thats-not-orwellian-this-is-orwellian-aussies-mulling-id-for-access-to-facebook-twitter-tinder/


New Mexico leads the way with the first US lawsuit against mandatory vaccinations; the US loudly announces their super secret cyber offensive on Russia; and the UN claims no adverse health effects ten years after Fukushima. Source: Vaccine Lawsuit, Cyberwar On, Fukushima 10 – New World Next Week