Cult of Biology Deniers says Male Woman Beater Fallon Fox who destroyed female competitor is “bravest athlete in history”

This cult of LGBTQ+ is being protected in a special way innit ?

The title of “bravest athlete in history” now belongs to trans “female” MMA fighter Fallon Fox, a biological male who absolutely destroyed female opponent Tamikka Brents during a recent fight.

For using his male hormones to nearly kill Brents, all while pretending to be a female, Outsports contributor Cyd Zeigler wrote in the LGBTQ publication that Fox has now “been inducted in the LGBT Sports Hall of Fame.”

“She is an indelible part of LGBT sports history,” Zeigler glowingly wrote. “And, maybe most importantly, she generated conversations an [sic] opened possibilities for trans athletes in women’s sports that will be felt for generations.”

Because Fox delivered “life-altering blows” to Brents, many criticized him for dressing up like a female in order to unfairly compete with females rather than with other males like normal men do.

Cult of LGBTQ says trans “female” MMA fighter who destroyed female competitor is “bravest athlete in history” –

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