Italian Researchers: Vaccines Will Not Work Because SARS-CoV-2 Is Also Entering Bacteria

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Specifically the bacteria of the human microbiome which then release toxins into the human body

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“Sars Cov 2 is also a bacteriophage virus. It means that it enters the bacteria and replicates its RNA from there as well. We finally have the scientific evidence, complete with photos of the virus colonizing the bacterium. This means that we are following procedures to be integrated. To eradicate it it takes more than classic viruses. Not only are closures needed, you need to disinfect and prevent. And now there is the scientific rationale for which antibiotics work. We will also need a vaccine against the toxins that we have found and our bacteria produce, much like the mechanism of diphtheria. Current vaccines will not be enough. In a while we will have many more variants: the Lombard, Venetian, Milan and Rome variant ”.

The discovery made by Carlo Brogna, Simone Cristoni and the other doctors of the research group with the lead partner Craniomed, founded in 2018 to study proteins, is sensational. Brogna anticipated everything, in a completely emergency way, in his book, for sale online, “Sars Cov 2, The Complete Truth”, created to communicate to people who do not have a medical culture all the new major evidence on the virus. Which among other things is immortalized together with toxins while also replicating in bacteria. For the whole group that collaborated with Brogna it was a real surprise: “before having this scientific evidence, which is being approved in international journals to which we are providing additions to the research presented, I too was following the classical route”.

Q: What does it mean that Sars Cov 2 is also bacteriophage, i.e. it replicates its RNA through bacteria?

It means that he injects his own genetic content into the bacterium and from there it is replicated. We have absolute and indisputable evidence of this with the many experimental tests we have performed. We are also collecting electron microscope photos. Let me explain. A virus normally attacks our cells, i.e. the epithelium and mucous membranes. It tries to enter and replicate and this induces an immune response in the host. It triggers a series of biochemical events to which the body responds with inflammation proteins. But above our cells is the microbiome, which is a layer of “good” bacteria that live with us. In the case of a bacteriophage virus, it does not pass without first interfacing with the microbiome, but also enters the bacteria. We were tied to the classic concept that the problem is that phages are usually ten times smaller than a coronavirus! Diphtheria, for example, is also a disease caused by a bacterium that produces toxins because it has been colonized by a phage virus.


Q: How did you understand this?

We at Craniomed do research on proteins. The absence of taste and smell in Covid patients was the subject of study and we used a very fine method, mass spectrometry, to find some abnormal proteins, which interfere with the nerve transmission of the two senses mentioned above. We have found such abnormal proteins in the blood and urine in people affected by COVID-19. Well, we have observed the same toxins several times in the same person but each time with different amino acids and this has made us go back to a concept of classical biology: when there are defects in the production of amino acids in the person, the origin of the problem is of type bacterial.

Q: Can you explain exactly how the evidence was reached that Sars Cov 2 replicates its RNA in bacteria?

I will try to explain it in a simple way. We did this by culturing bacteria from our microbiome and the virus. First, we took the fecal swab of some COVID-19 patients and cultured it for up to 7.14 and 30 days, seeing that the virus increased RNA production. Then, we took the virus and cultured it with bacteria from the fecal swab of a non-sick person, seeing that it was replicating here too. Finally, we took the bacteria from the first experiment and separated them from the virus! We grew them on their own and at 30 days they kept producing virions. The evidence was clear and we were incredulous at what we observed.



Q: What consequences does this discovery have on all that is being done to contain it?

Huge. First of all, since it is also a bacteriophage, we must accept the evidence that it is everywhere. Colonize sewers, waters, seas. Everything (that’s why there was news of the virus in the papaya or in the fridge, in the Dutch or Milan sewers, ed). I do not think that it is enough to close everything periodically without continuously disinfecting schools, public places, means of transport, the streets, as they did in China. Periodic disinfestation should be done with pre-established and coordinated protocols. Sure, the mask is protection, but not enough. Contact and orofecal transmission is another explanation for the continuous increases in positives. Furthermore, being ubiquitous and replicating quickly, it is reductive to speak of the Brazilian or English variant: soon we will have many variants, the Lombard, Lazio, then the Milanese and Roman ones and then the individual ones! In short, we will all have it within a few years. The good thing is that we now have the rationale on how to treat it early and the time factor is very important. It can be treated with antibiotics and avoiding some drugs but at “time zero”.

Q: What antibiotics? And also here what evidence do you have?

We tested 18 antibiotics and treated 115 symptomatic infected with previous pathologies. Azithromycin, amoxicillin, metronidazole and vancomycin work great. We gave these antibiotics and probiotics immediately and at “time zero”. The problem with this virus is toxins. Some enhance the drugs normally taken by people being treated for other previous diseases. For example, anti-inflammatories such as ibufrofen and even paracetamol cause many problems. Let’s take an example. We have the rationale that bacteria produce a protein very similar to phospholipase A 2, which acts on inflammation and enhances pneumonia and coagulation of the vascular microcirculation. If we administer an anti-inflammatory NSAID we will amplify this effect. That is, we make pneumonia more severe. Increases in coagulation, neurological problems and pneumonia have resulted from this toxin-drug synergy. The toxin similar to conotoxin is the one that is most deleterious and is the one that acts on our autonomic nervous system and increases the effect of our neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, therefore all people who take drugs such as to name a few are at greater risk. ace inhibitors, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, drugs for Parkinson’s, and other similar diseases


Q: Do the ministerial guidelines need to be modified?

They certainly need to be integrated and updated in the light of this new evidence. Public places must be disinfected frequently because the mask alone is not enough. Care protocols for general practitioners who manage the sick in the area need to be reformulated

Q: How many waves does it foresee?

It is difficult to say. The bacteriophage nature of the virus does not tend well. We will have, perhaps, three a year with many mutations. It would also be normal since the bacteria themselves do not want to encounter the virus a second time. Since last September we have been recommending the swab in the feces and now even the Chinese have noticed it: the oro-nose-pharyngeal swab can give false negatives. A fecal swab will give fewer fakes. They speak of Brazilian and English variant but it is very likely that we will have the Lombard one, the Lazio one, the Milanese one, the Roman one and ad personam in short. The virus mutates very quickly and it is natural to do so considering its bacteriophage nature as well. However, hospitalizations can be treated and contained much better.

Q: What about current vaccines? Do they serve in the light of this evidence?

We need other vaccines, in addition to these already present. Since Sars Cov 2 also replicates in bacteria, current vaccines will have partially sufficient efficacy. For RNA vaccines that derive from gene therapies, we do not yet know if there are any long-term positive effects in terms of efficacy. Instead, the vaccine solution against toxins will certainly also be considered in addition. I clarify, they are pro vaccines but they must be the right ones, it cannot be ignored that the virus is also a bacteriophage and that above all powerful toxins are released! Something is needed here to fight the toxins. I remember that the diphtheria vaccine did exactly that.

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