Lawsuit Filed Against Denmark PM For COVID-19 Restrictions & Killing 17 Million Minks – Feb 2021

A major lawsuit has been filed against the PM of Denmark for strict COVID-19 restrictions and for killing almost 17 million minks. According to the lawsuit, authorities did not recommend a major shutdown, as the PM Mette Frederiksen claimed.

It was herself and Barbara Bertelsen, the Prime Minister’s Head of Department, who would send alarm emails with attached articles from the media to the heads of department, creating the panic.

Danish PM Accused Of Illegally Killing 17 Million Minks

The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has been accused by its citizens and advisory for strict COVID-19 restrictions which led to the killing of millions of minks related to the coronavirus mutation.

The strict lockdown measure which was implemented was also very unconstitutional and now she is under scanner for such tyrannical measures undertaken by her.

Advisory Response To Epidemic Act

The harsh measures of the Epidemic Act for killing all the minks in Denmark with no authorization from authorities for lockdowns and also the unconstitutional corona restrictions has led the Danish Prime Minister under severe crucial litigation.

At the request of the Ministry of Health and the Elderly, the advisory of the Joint Council of Freedom Movement submitted a response to the Epidemic Act stating that the Danish population has been led astray by the Minister of Health.

At the same time the Ministry of Health has removed the word “Coercion” from the new bill and convened a consultation response with the help of the Empowerment Act of March 2020, and implemented a second law containing all the “necessary” provisions on coercion; namely BEK 36, which entered into force on 15 January this year.

The Advisory concluded that this was an expression of boundless infidelity. In their opinion, this new law is contrary to the Constitution, the ECHR and several other conventions.

The advisory further reinstated that such actions have created an insurmountable gap in the population between those who want to live in a state governed by law, and those who, by different, mainly unknown causes want to leave the path of democracy and human rights.

Lawsuit Filed Against Denmark PM for COVID-19 Restrictions & Killing 17 Million Minks (

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