Now: Stop FDA authorization of COVID shot for kids Stand at the gates of Hell – Jon Rappoport

A faceless Nazi bureaucracy is poised, waiting for the FDA’s signal to advance on small children and infants, with needles of death.
You can find all the government contact info and talking points in Toby Rogers’ article posted on his substack, yesterday, Wednesday, March 30th — headlined “Urgent Call to Action [number] 3: Contact your legislators to tell them that the FDA & CDC must REJECT the Pfizer & Moderna applications to inject mRNA into kids under 5.” 
Also read Celia Farber’s stunning article posted on her substack on Saturday, March 26th — headlined “The Final Frontier: Pfizer Takes Aim At Green Light For Covid Shots For Babies As Young As Six Months, Despite Devastating Data.”
[Reader note: at the bottom on this email-blast is my link which will get you to their links.]
And then raise the Alarm on all fronts. Raise holy hell.
The FDA is taking another run at authorizing the horrific COVID vaccine for children, ages 6 months to 4 years. This is murder and maiming right out in the open.
Even from a conventional medical position, it’s senseless: It’s trying to prevent a disease that doesn’t happen in children. It’s straight-out slaughter.
The federal database contains well over a million reports of injuries from the COVID vaccine. And that figure represents vast UNDER-reporting.
The medical apparatus that administers these shots is remorseless. It doesn’t think. It just acts under orders. It doesn’t stop and wonder about the little children and infants. It has no conscience. It doesn’t need to explain itself. It only has to say, “The vaccine was authorized.”
And the body that authorizes it only has to say, “We weighed the benefits against the risks, and came to the conclusion we did.”
And then the new death march begins.
Evidence for the FDA’s decision? There is no evidence. There is only cooked data and hidden data. There is only the FDA hand in glove with Pfizer and Moderna. Partners.
There is only money and greed and control and destruction of life.
The slaughter of the innocents.
Do what they’ve been telling you to do: see something, say something.
THEY are the insurrectionists. THEY are the terrorists.

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