Sky News Interview Cut Short After Mention of Zelensky Posting Soldier With SS Insignia

This further confirms that Zelensky is a murderer and a puppet on the string played by the Jesuits and the Nazis ! I posted a brilliant article about this sometime ago search for Ukraine, Nazi on my website… – A

A Sky News interview with Russian First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyanskiy was cut short after mention was made of President Zelensky posting an image of a soldier wearing SS insignia.

Zelensky posted his Victory Day statement along with a collection of images of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.

However, after it was revealed that one of the Ukrainian soldiers was wearing a symbol of the Totenkopf division of the SS, the post was hastily deleted.

During the interview, Polyanskiy made reference to the controversy, but was quickly cut off after bringing it up.

“Do you know what it is? It’s an emblem of a German SS division in the Second World War. So he published on the Victory Day an emblem of a fighter of Right Sector [banned in Russia] with this emblem, saying that this is a symbol of [the] fight against Nazism as he sees it,” Polyanskiy said.

“This was deleted after half an hour but, of course, we have a copy of this… It means that [the] UK now is covering Ukrainian authorities, which display Nazi symbols during the Victory Day,” he added.

The host of the show seemed eager to prevent Polyanskiy from elaborating any further.

“And there you have it, the famous freedom of speech in the West,” Polyanskiy subsequently joked on Telegram.

“Now they think 100 times before inviting Russian diplomats on live broadcast,” he concluded.

Yes, they may be Nazis, but they’re our Nazis!

In case they delete the video which they would soon !



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