Dear brothers and sisters,

I am Muhammad Anas Naeem, a software engineer in Lahore Pakistan who manages Dr Zaid’s online forum and website. Because I am willing, he has asked me to help him tie the camel of his legacy before he dies. May it please Allah to allow us to complete this task. At 70-plus, the old warrior is still churning out knowledge despite being disabled by Multiple Sclerosis and quadruple by-pass surgery. Between him and I, we have no expendable income for this work and need your help.

As you can imagine, he has limited access and time, yet makes himself as available as possible to his companions and students on our online forum. We invite you to join us there and enjoy our informal discussion group. We also invite you to sponsor our work with or without further benefit except that which accrues in your eternal account. However, for those interested in further insight and more intimate access to Dr Zaid on a more formal basis, arrangements can be made for interviews and even counselling with Dr Omar. And please feel free to sponsor a student.


Benefits of sponsorship are as follows.

  • Membership in our forum
  • Online Virtual Classrooms (negotiable)
  • Direct queries to Dr. Omar Zaid (preferred but still on a limited basis)
  • Medical, personal, group, or marriage counselling (negotiable)
  • Exclusive ‘members only’ area with access to undistributed media.


Fee structure for sponsorship is:

  • 70$ USD for 1 year registration.
  • 100$ USD for 18 months registration.
  • 150$ USD for 2 years registration. – Best Deal

Please email brother Muhammad Anas Naeem, GM  for zaidpub and Light on Light Publications ® at for further inquiries.

Jazak Allah