Yesterday I posted an astonishingly brilliant article on quackery – the quacks sitting behind the closed doors among board of directors, head of departments, medical in-charges, medical superintendents with glazed glasses and spectacles oh about spectacles they only make them look more sober ( or superior over laymen ) and tight muzzles… The following is a short summary a sort of conclusion…


About the book – QUACKS and GRAFTERS
By EX-OSTEOPATH  printed in 1908 authored by G. Strohbach, M.D.

Published in the Year 1908 by
The Cincinnati Medical Book Company
Cincinnati, Ohio.


Honesty—Plain Dealing—Education. (Of which you’ll find nothing with quacks and quackery)

But I must close. I could multiply incidents, but it would grow monotonous. I believe I have told enough that is disgusting to the intelligent laity and medical men, and enough that is humiliating to the capable, honest Osteopath, who practices his “new science” as standing for all that is good in physio-therapy.

I hope I have told, or recalled, something that will help physicians to see that the way to clear up the turbidity existing in therapeutics to-day is by open, honest dealing with the laity, and by a campaign of education that shall impart to them enough of the scientific principles of medicine so that they may know when they are being imposed upon by quacks and grafters. I am encouraged to believe I am on the right track. After I had written this booklet I read, in a report of the convention of the American Medical Association held in Chicago, that one of the leaders of the Association told his brethren that the most important work before them as physicians was to conduct a campaign of education for the masses. It must be done not only to protect the people, but as well to protect the honest physician.

There is another fact that faces the medical profession, and I believe I have called attention to conditions that prove it. That is, that the hope of the profession of “doctoring” being placed on an honest rational basis lies in a broader and more thorough education of the physician. A broad, liberal general education to begin with, then all that can be known about medicine and surgery. Is that enough? No. Then all that there is in physio-therapy, under whatsoever name, that promises to aid in curing or preventing disease.
If this humble production aids but a little in any of this great work, then my object in writing will have been achieved.


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