The most respected doctor in the world by Jon Rappoport (Substack)

The word “doctor” has magic.

Information supplied by one of these critters makes an immediate impact.

The subject doesn’t really matter. Compare “launched missile falls into the sea” with “doctor testifies launched missile fell into the sea.”

Or you get an email with the subject line, “Must watch: doctor reveals secrets about alligators in Florida.” Well, if it’s a doctor, I should watch the video.

“Doctor explains how protein 4V-3 triggers gene Y-5rg, leading to activation of the virus…”


So for certain purposes, I’m adopting a new name: “The Most Respected Doctor in the World.”

As a journalist, I need every advantage I can muster.

I’ll be able to headline an article, “The Most Respected Doctor in the World Analyzes Pfizer’s New Clinical Trial.” It has juice.

“The Most Respected Doctor in the World Leaves New York for Texas.” Well, if HE moved, people want to know why.

“The Most Respected Doctor in the World Eats Steak Made from Recycled Garbage and Reports.”

It’s not my fault if people’s brains are tuned to “doctor.” I didn’t make that happen. I’m just injecting myself into the mental and emotional programming.

Again, compare: “I support Glenn Greenwald’s attack on censorship”; “The Most Respected Doctor in the World Supports Glenn Greenwald’s Attack on Censorship.” I mean, come on. I’d be a fool to ignore this strategy.

If I’d thought of it 20 years ago, who knows where I’d be today?

“Most Respected Doctor amasses huge pile of campaign cash in run for Senate seat.”

“Most Respected Doctor, from his position on the board of the Gates Foundation, diverts $10 billion for his own use, sets up charity in non-extradition nation.”

The doctor knows best.

How about this? “In addition to reading my articles, you can send me your list of symptoms and I’ll make a diagnosis.”

Are you kidding? I’ll have 10,000 emails within two hours. “I disagree with what you wrote about Trump, but anyway I have headaches two or three times a week, I can’t eat green vegetables because I start singing in the subway, my left foot hurts when the temperature falls below 52.7, and for some reason I think I’m going to die when I watch drug ads on TV.”

“Hi Phil. You have a rare genetic disorder called Revatnatis 4. A glass of warm milk before bedtime will alleviate the symptoms, but the cure is 100000000000000000 grams of Vitamin C three times a day…”

Then my blog will move into this area: “Globalist agenda closing in, protein synthesis of Japanese soy and why your flu lasts longer than it should.”

“Soros admits horrific crimes, eliminate these six foods and live longer, four prescription drugs that trigger astonishing Neanderthal strength genes in Mediterranean men over 60.”

“Dear Dr. Jon, you probably know Dr. Fortunato says you’re wrong about the flu. Your comments?”

“Mary, I’m familiar with Fortunato. Several years ago, he was indicted for stealing morphine from his hospital pharmacy. Through the hospital’s political connections, the charge was dropped. Fortunato is unaware of my research, which demonstrates that currently circulating flu viruses attack the pineal gland and deposit nano-sized capsid particles in the bloodstream. A whole new kind of vaccine must be developed. When I worked at the CDC, before my personal awakening, I was developing that vaccine, but my funding was cut off by the people I call “the wrecking crew.” I’ll be writing about that episode in my life soon. I’m not against vaccines per se. I’m only against the dangerous ones…”

Your friend, The Most Respected Doctor in the World.

— Jon Rappoport



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