The Satanic Minds of Software Engineers/Developers and how they influence the software regularly – Mark Passio

His research directly coincides with mine own,,, I have been warning developers across the globe for more than a decade now… All of them went deaf when confronted with this sane, outstanding and brilliant research… Although Mark is not a pure software engineer… but still he managed brilliantly and paid attention to the overall holistic picture of what goes inside those midget brains but I will be covering more on this in weeks followed by months to come about the esoteric nature of mainstream software development and the way the programming languages paradigm is designed plus a very very important factor that people at times either knowingly, unknowingly or at will ignore about this plague of corruption which is highly influential called as “Jesuit intervention” in this field…

Thank you Mark !! Peace and Salam from Pakistan – A

Part – 1

Part – 2

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