The true face of Atheism, Materialism, Evolution, Feminist and LGBTQIA+ movements…


If we have been able to bring them to such a pitch of stupid blindness is it not a proof, and an amazingly clear proof, of the degree to which the mind of the GOYIM is undeveloped in comparison with our mind? This it is, mainly, which guarantees our success. [Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Pro. 15 Par 7]

In this article I show you the true face of the material world, who is behind it, and his purpose from it, so use you remaining brain cells and read carefully.

Atheism in the scoop

If we traverse the world, it is possible to find cities without walls, without letters, without kings, without wealth, without coin, without schools and theatres; but a city without a temple, or that practiseth not worship, prayer, and the like, no one ever saw.[Greek historian Plutarch Source]

Religion had always been a part of humanity, and it is still a part of that, but if you say that to a modern atheist, he will be impressed, probably disagree and leaves, but how come Atheism come to exist?

Atheism has become a phenomenon among certain historical reasons that have prepared for its existence, and it will end with its end, and so we must be clear that Atheism didn’t come as a result of “human progress”, “growing rationality” or “human knowledge”, as Atheism tells us that we can not have human progress without transcending religion, and this can be disproved by looking at civilizations like: Islamic civilization, ancient Pharaonic civilization, Chinese civilization…, they are all civilizations that had a very major improvement in science and human progress, while being in different periods of history and most importantly not being atheistic civilizations.

History: The start of Atheism and the age of Renaissance

Historians state that the start of western modernity and the liberation from the Church with all its attendants irreligion and atheism began were in the Renaissance from the 14th to the 17th centuries AD

Were there atheists and was there atheism in the Renaissance and the Reformation? There are no clear records for self-professed atheists at the twilight of the period, yet it is largely at that time that the semantic field of atheism began to be assembled and articulated. [ Denis J.-J. Robichaud Paper]

Christianity played a major role in building up to this, as the continuous changes and characteristics of pagan religions, the contradictions and historical interruption, all of which are the effects of this distortion of that “religion” lead people to move from Church to Atheism.

As the corrupt Church would go and ruin people’s life, keeping knowledge for themselves, all of that under “God’s order”, Christians back then thought since the Church is body of Christianity, and popes are “God’s chosen”, and would never do anything wrong, but reality was different, soon people will found out that everything the Church was saying is false, like: the earth is flat, you eat Jesus body during Eucharist, Trinity makes no sense…

And with everything we said, people have learned the wrong lesson “Religion is the reason for ignorance, poor and such” while indeed it was Christianity that did all of that.

So thank you Christians, because of you we are suffering >=(

Modern world and Atheism

Ever since Renaissance, the number of Atheists kept increasing, history can not possibly be the only factor for such phenomenon, as even in Renaissance time, a new Christianity (Protestantism) was born and people followed it and not become atheist, so what are other factors that lead to Atheism existence?

Evolution theory

despite all its contradictions, lies, false hypothesis etc.., Evolution is taught today as a proven theory, and that’s even before today modern technology and advancement in gene knowledge, here is an example:

Remember this teeth from my evolution debunk:

And the quote from this site:

This Nebraska man tooth was the reason that evolution started to be taught in schools. Before Nebraska man evolution had a hard time getting taught in schools but such was the fanfare of Nebraska man that evolution became the excepted norm. Even so this embarrassing oversight due to the rabidness of evolutionists to “prove” their theory, only lasted a few years before it was found out as a “DUMB” mistake. The pig it belonged too is a species of pig called “prosthennops serus”, this pig was found still alive in Paraguay in 1972.

Now without even having enough knowledge about the theory, why forcing it to schools? and why after the tooth was proven wrong Evolution didn’t get removed?

Quote from Wikipedia:

Until the late 19th century, creation was taught in nearly all schools in the United States, often from the position that the literal interpretation of the Bible is inerrant. With the widespread acceptance of the scientific theory of evolution in the 1860s after being first introduced in 1859, and developments in other fields such as geology and astronomy, public schools began to teach science that was reconciled with Christianity by most people, but considered by a number of early fundamentalists to be directly at odds with the Bible.

Again Christianity plays the role for Atheism, and again why accept something with all such limited knowledge? But I know the answer = )

A war against Science and God

I quote from this article:

“Nearly all scientists (97%) say humans and other living things have evolved over time,”

Oh really =) lets see what you did to those scientists who disagree with it:


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is a documentary film that talks about scientists and researchers being expelled for going against evolution and with intelligence design (God), so lets talk about these cases one by one:

Dr. Richard Von Sternberg

Dr. Richard was an editor for a scientific journal (National Museum of Natural History), the released an article by Stephen C. Meyer that talks about the possibility of an intelligent design being the answer of the existence of life, and I quote from Sternberg:

The way the chair of the department put It is that I was viewed as an intellectual terrorist … Because of giving the topic of intelligent design some modicum of credibility.

Sternberg was kicked out of his job, his last paper was written in 2005, next:

Dr. Caroline Crocker

Dr. Caroline Crocker PhD. in Immunopharmacology, she mentioned intelligent design in her cell biology class at George Mason University, I quote from her:

My supervisor invited me into his office, He said:”I’m going to have to discipline you for teaching creationism” and I said: “I mentioned intelligent design on a couple of slides, but I did not teach creationism” He said: “nonetheless you have to be disciplined”

and lost her job, she couldn’t found another job (kinda like she were banned), evolutionist claim she did, but in both cases, she were damaged academically by that.

Dr. Michael Egnor

Dr. Michael Egnor neurosurgeon, wrote an article saying that doctors didn’t need to study evolution in order to practice medicine as a reply to another article by evolutionist, he was attacked everywhere by the evolutionist lobby, I quote from him:

There were a lot of very very nasty comments, other people suggested that people call the university I work at and suggest that perhaps it’s time for me to retire, I realized when I kind of went public with my doubts about the adequacy of darwin’s theory … that I would encounter criticism, what has amazed me is the viciousness and the sort of baseness of it.

Not only biology fields, check this one:

Professor Robert J. Marks II

Professor Robert J. Marks is an electrical engineer, his university research web site was shut down, forced to return grant money, once they discovered a link between his work and intelligent design, I quote from him:

So the fact that this was singled out, let alone shut down, is jaw-dropping, it’s astonishing, I have never been treated like this in my- about 30 years in academia.

Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez

Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez is an astronomer, (Even wikipedie page called him “a proponent of the pseudoscientific principle of intelligent design”, Nice objective right there), he is indeed a famous scientist with many papers in famous scientific journals like nature, he made a book titled “The Privileged Planet”, which argues that the universe is intelligently designed, he was kicked out of university of Iowa State University, he gave this tip to any scientists going to talk about intelligent design:

If they value their careers– they should keep quiet about their intelligent design views.

Despite being famous and such, he wasn’t accepted at any university after that, until Ball State University accepted him, and evolutionist moved to do something about it, but Gonzalez said:

I will not be discussing intelligent design (ID) in my classes

Scincemag used to have an article that was deleted, link, But it was deleted, I used the wayback machine to get this link, I quote:

At Ball State, through the involvement of “First Amendment watchdogs,” Gonzalez’s “lectures and writings will be subject to scrutiny throughout his probationary period lest unscientific views be presented as fact in science courses,”

Very well =) It’s people fault for being blind here.

This are just names from the Expelled film, in summary don’t talk against evolution =) do it and you will:

  • Get kicked from your university.
  • Get banned in all university.
  • Be called an intellectual terrorist.
  • Harassed.
  • No peer review for you.
  • Turns into a joke.
  • And best of all, fail to stop the theory. ^_^

You may say that the scientists I talked about aren’t enough to prove me right, oh well I saved the best for last.

The “Creator” disaster!!

Some time in 2016, a very well done paper was released in PLOS ONE journal, the paper is so detailed so well done that I would give it a Nobel price.

A Chinese team of researches made a paper talks about the human hand, and how its well made in a way that helps humans in their daily life, without any problems at all, the paper is full of images, experiments etc.., but the team overused their brains and wrote the word “Creator” 3 times in that paper, and they are:

The explicit functional link indicates that the biomechanical characteristic of tendinous connective architecture between muscles and articulations is the proper design by the Creator to perform a multitude of daily tasks in a comfortable way.

Hand coordination should indicate the mystery of the Creator’s invention.

our study can improve the understanding of the human hand and confirm that the mechanical architecture is the proper design by the Creator for dexterous performance of numerous functions following the evolutionary remodeling of the ancestral hand for millions of years.

So the team does not say that evolution is wrong, but evolution needed a creator for it to work (or to even make sense).

And so, after two months of that paper, a computational evolutionary biologist James O. McInerney Discovered this horrible killing mistake and tweeted this:

Huh, what’s wrong? is they are any scientific mistake in the paper? maybe a false experiment? what happened?

Oh, so the problem was never about science ^_^

The evolutionist started a hashtag called #CreatorGate which is like saying WaterGate (which is a scandal), the paper page was filled with joke comments, and demand to remove the paper, and everyone freaked out.

Nature journal talked with the team and released this article titled “Paper that says human hand was ‘designed by Creator’ sparks concern”, I quote:

Apparently creationist research prompts soul searching over process of editing and peer review.

How did they see that? are they blind or something? the “Creator” word is typed out 3 times, 3 TIMES!!! Nature journal called out Xiong the leader of the research team to explain what is going on, how did you write the word “Creator”, I quote:

“Indeed, we are not native speakers of English, and entirely lost the connotations of some words such as ‘Creator’. I am so sorry for that.”

Was a language mistake? Paul Myers an evolutionist commented saying:

“There’s nothing wrong with the data that I can see, but the authors do make a surprising leap in the abstract and conclusion,”

Not a single scientific mistake? I continue:

various people who referred to themselves as PLOS editors expressed dismay that the paper had been published and threatened action, including resignations, if it was not retracted

… if the paper isn’t retracted, my students, collaborators and I will have no choice but to refrain from considering (i.e., reading, reviewing and citing) papers published in PLOS ONE.”

So the scientific journal turned into pseudoscience journal? because of one paper and 3 words that happened because of a language mistake? .

Caihua Xiong the famous researcher with more then 85 published research, and PLOS ONE that won ALPSP Award of 2009 turned into a joke because of one paper that had 3 “Creator” words, ok but at least they are some good evolutionist that understood the problem like Marc Robinson Rechavi an evolutionary biologist at the University of Lausanne I quote:

He told Nature “I do agree with more or less everyone that it is inappropriate to mention the creator with a capital C in the paper.”

Yah, next time use a better keyboard,

But, says Robinson-Rechavi, who is an academic editor at PLoS ONE, journals that publish many papers inevitably make mistakes: “no human process is error free”. What matters now is how PLOS responds to this error, he says.

Yah, what an error they must seek forgiveness, PLOS ONE replied the same day after the storm started:

After the social-media storm, PLOS issued an initial statement to the media saying “PLOS has just been made aware of this issue and we are looking into it in depth. Our internal editors are reviewing the manuscript and will decide what course of action to take. The PLOS publishing team is also assessing its processes.”

Later, on 2 March, the journal added an online statement to the paper: “A number of readers have concerns about sentences in the article that make references to a ‘Creator’. The PLOS ONE editors apologize that this language was not addressed internally or by the Academic Editor during the evaluation of the manuscript. We are looking into the concerns raised about the article with priority and will take steps to correct the published record.”

And if you open up the Paper page you will read this:

Following publication, readers raised concerns about language in the article that makes references to a ‘Creator’, and about the overall rationale and findings of the study

Consequently, the PLOS ONE editors consider that the work cannot be relied upon and retract this publication.

The editors apologize to readers for the inappropriate language in the article and the errors during the evaluation process.

On 3 March:

On 3 March, the journal added in a further online statement that it would be retracting the article: “We have completed an evaluation of the history of the submission and received advice from two experts in our editorial board. Our internal review and the advice we have received have confirmed the concerns about the article and revealed that the peer review process did not adequately evaluate several aspects of the work.

In light of the concerns identified, the PLOS ONE editors have decided to retract the article, the retraction is being processed and will be posted as soon as possible. We apologize for the errors and oversight leading to the publication of this paper.”

I think you know what it means to take down a paper you made ^_^ from the wikiepdia page about this disaster we read:

responded by saying “Creator” is a poorly-translated idiom (造化(者), literally “(that which) creates or transforms”)[43] which means “nature” in the Chinese language. Despite the authors’ protests, the article was retracted.

Its not his fault its the translator, why take his paper down? I quote from this page:

… is a proper design by the NATURE (result of evolution) to perform a multitude of daily grasping tasks. We will change the Creator to nature in the revised manuscript. We apologize for any troubles may have caused by this misunderstanding. We have spent seven months doing the experiments, analysis, and write up. I hope this paper will not be discriminated only because of this misunderstanding of the word. Please could you read the paper before making a decision.

Now I feel sad, so the whole disaster is just because a word “Creator”, no scientific mistakes at all, could you know see that its not about science and evidences, its a war, and you are the target.

Evolutionist themselves write papers that disagree with it, or even throw it in the trash, but as long as the Creator isn’t involved you won’t be attacked like this paper list, (Note: As a Muslim there are many stuff I don’t agree with what the paper is trying to say about God and such.).

Back to scientists against evolution:

Michael Cremo

This video explains everything, the only thing I should note is that he talked about another researcher called “Virginia Steen-Mcintyre” who published a study that attacks evolution and confirm other studies that also attacks evolution, and there for was attacked by evolutionist and got kicked out of her university.

Phillip E Johnson

Pillip is just a lawyer who used to be atheist then left it in favor of religion, he answers our question “If Darwinian theory is such a poor theory why don’t more scientists reject it?” the answer in this video, I quote:

There are two reasons why more scientists don’t reject it, one is if they did they would lose all of their prestige within science they would never get another research grant and if they didn’t have academic tenure they’d get fired, there is a system of thought control over this… [Watch the video yourself]

James M. Tour, Ph.D.

James Tour is an American chemist and nanotechnologist. He is a Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Materials Science and NanoEngineering, he was ranked one of the top 10 chemists in the world over the past decade, by a Thomson Retuters citatuions per publication index survey, 2009 Source,

He attacked evolution and abiogenesis in many of his presentations and videos on YouTube, like this one, and just like the other he was attack by all sides, but him being so famous made it harder for him to fall, the rest is history, Next topic on evolution:

Schools and evolution

We must so direct the education of the GOYIM communities that whenever they come upon a matter requiring initiative they may drop their hands in despairing impotence. [Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Pro. 5 Par 11]

Here is a little war story between evolution and religion, Louisiana state in USA had a law that states: evolutionary science and creation science must be taught together (meaning two different views of life), in 1987 US supreme court toke down that law because “Freedom of thought”, which mean they considered evolution an idea/view/ideology/ and throw religion out of the equation as if it’s a joke.

Creationist surrendered to evolution, and changed the term “Creator” to “Intelligent design” which are two different thing, as one means God and the other means anything, aliens, nature, or anything else, and does it deserve to be worshiped or not? and does it even order us, see the problem?

A film titled “Judgment Day: Intelligent Design On Trial” Youtube link, a documentary made by evolutionist that explains what happened in city of Dover in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. A school board elected by parents of the students chose to add a book that has another view of like (Yah you guess it) the book titled “Of Pandas And People” (Note: Even the Wikipedia page states: “The textbook endorses the pseudoscientificconcept of intelligent design” You could see the level of objectivity here?), some teachers and families didn’t like this change, so they went to the USA court, the judge was John E. Jones III:

The case toke months and everyone was waiting, as this war will dictate what will happen to many schools after it, Jones issued a 139 page decision, I quote:

As stated, our conclusion today is that it is unconstitutional to teach ID as an alternative to evolution in a public school science classroom.

Didn’t we talk about “Freedom of thought”? Jones said in one of the interviews:

a scientific theory in an era where we’re trying to cure cancer, where we’re trying to prevent pandemics, where we’re trying to keep science and math education on the cutting edge in the united states to introduce and teach bad science to ninth grade students makes very little sense to me, you know garbage in garbage out and it doesn’t benefit any of us who benefit daily from scientific discoveries.

That’s explains it all, so you were biased? of course religion isn’t going to benefit YOU, we already know who you are and what’s you and your master’s target, religion doesn’t benefit you, but also harms you, lets continue for now and we will see about that =)

From the Wikipedia page I read:

FTE argued that a ruling that intelligent design was religious would have severe financial consequences, citing possible losses of approximately half a million dollars.

Ok so its about money? but:

On February 21, 2006, the newly elected Dover Area School Board voted, unanimously with one abstention, to pay $1,000,011 in legal fees and damages due to the parents and their lawyers as a result of the verdict in the case, a large sum of money for a small district.

Yah, and lets not forget that those were voted by the parents.

TIME magazine made John Jones one of the 100 most influential people in the world of 2006, that’s too expected when there is a full scale lobby to support evolution and destroy anyone who oppose it, in the same documentary they talked about an unknown figure who burned a painting that shows evolution as if its a unforgivable crime, so how teachers will now try to ever so slightly point out to a Creator.

It doesn’t end here, in the UK free schools are forced to teach evolution, that’s “Freedom”.

In the book titled Holt Biology 1994 they ask students :

Do you think humans are still evolving?

If you said No, then evolution existed and worked until human time, if you said Yes that mean evolution existed and still exist, in both cases evolution is present as a fact, you can’t answer with “Evolution is a joke“, and you can’t think critically (Even the questions title is “THINKING CRITICALLY”), the borders are already set for you and that’s how brain wash is done.

Money for evolution

Evolution lobby is ready to pay anyone who does anything in favor of evolution or any other theory that’s against religion, like this one from NASA, they start from the view that evolution is current theory that has no doubts, who would do the job and get $8,000,000, that’s a number that can make Christians believe in evolution very easily, scientists will write the word “evolution” as much as possible to make sure they win the price, oh that’s not the largest number, Sciencemag will make it a joke, with 8,700,000$ to “test controversial ideas that go beyond genes and natural selections” so they must create some new jokes to fill it up, I quote:

For many evolutionary biologists, northing gets their dander up faster than proposing that evolution is anything other than the process of natural selection, acting on random mutations.

Isn’t that evolution ^_^ I continue:

Suggestions that something is missing from that picture– for example, that evolution is somehow directed or that genetic changes can’t fully explain it– play into the hands of creationists, who leap on them as evidence against evolution itself.

Huh, yah we you it and you still didn’t found another joke to fill it up, the rest of the paper is history.

Now if a researcher want to disprove evolution as a whole, will he found any support, no he won’t, in fact what is this university that holds you, let me call evolution lobby so you end up just like the scientists above =)

Now so many scientists are being attacked like I explained, but I can’t talk about them all, most of the stuff happens in the shadow behind the walls, a website called Dissent From Darwin has a list that scientists sign their names on a list to show their disagreement with evolution, the problem is, I quote:

“We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged.”

No man we are not skeptical, we are sure that it’s the stupidest joke ever made by man kind that doesn’t even need to exist.

The war didn’t end

This war is going and researchers are still making so many papers that disagree and fights evolution, evolutionist on other hand are looking to strick any creationist act, Writing papers, mapping schools that teach creationism and call it “the roll of shame” and work to attack it and take it down:

Journals like Nature tracks countries that takes down evolution and calls that “surrendering”, some creationist prefer leaving their jobs over teaching evolution.

And countries stop the publish of books that talk about God or “Intelligent design” check this Video

And so to finish this and go back to our original topic, when evolution is forced into peoples mind, and whoever stands against will be attacked/kicked/harassed, when schools teach children evolution and never mentions a Creator, how do you expect for the atheist number to not rise?

To end this, now you know its not that “scientists” use evolution there for its true, that’s a logical mistake called “appeal to authority”, even if the whole world follows the wrong idea, it doesn’t become right, and we are not grass and sheep to accept anything without thinking.

Lets see another factor:

The war on religions

When we come into our Kingdom, it will be undesirable that there should exist any religion other than ours. We must therefore sweep away all other forms of belief . . .[Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Pro. 4 Par 14]

I could make a journal about this topic, but for the sake of time, we will take some examples for you to get the point of what kind of war is this:

Communism, Nazism, Fascism

You probably know what I will talk about, but for those who don’t, Communism is ideology that has no religion in it’s dictionary, countries that had this ideological system like Russia, China, North Korea etc.. would go and fight religion, check this textfrom Novaya Zhizn, No. 28, December 3, 1905 by Lenin, I quote:

Religion is one of the forms of spiritual oppression which everywhere weighs down heavily upon the masses of the people…

But those who live by the labour of others are taught by religion to practise charity while on earth, thus offering them a very cheap way of justifying their entire existence as exploiters and selling them at a moderate price tickets to well-being in heaven. Religion is opium for the people. Religion is a sort of spiritual booze, in which the slaves of capital drown their human image, their demand for a life more or less worthy of man.

As if justifying existence by saying its all random and came out of nowhere, evolution of nonsense and such is any better then what religion say (and I mean only Islam), what a stupid claim, continue:

But a slave who has become conscious of his slavery and has risen to struggle for his emancipation has already half ceased to be a slave.

As a Muslim I am only a slave for Allah, and not anything else, so if I raised against you doesn’t mean I am not a slave anymore, continue:

Religion must be declared a private affair. In these words socialists usually express their attitude towards religion. But the meaning of these words should be accurately defined to prevent any misunderstanding. We demand that religion be held a private affair so far as the state is concerned. But by no means can we consider religion a private affair so far as our Party is concerned. Religion must be of no concern to the state, and religious societies must have no connection with governmental authority. Everyone must be absolutely free to profess any religion he pleases, or no religion whatever, i.e., to be an atheist, which every socialist is, as a rule.

Aka religion people must leave others to be misguided and burn in hell, very nice joke you got there, makes me feel you haven’t read about any religion at all, continue:

Discrimination among citizens on account of their religious convictions is wholly intolerable. Even the bare mention of a citizen’s religion in official documents should unquestionably be eliminated. No subsidies should be granted to the established church nor state allowances made to ecclesiastical and religious societies.

These should become absolutely free associations of like-minded citizens, associations independent of the state. Only the complete fulfilment of these demands can put an end to the shameful and accursed past when the church lived in feudal dependence on the state, and Russian citizens lived in feudal dependence on the established church…

Again stupid Christianity is the reason for the chaos in this world, Its not a surprise for me, continue:

We demand complete disestablishment of the Church so as to be able to combat the religious fog with purely ideological and solely ideological weapons…

Yah that’s a good thing to do, but just leave Islam untouched as you got no evidence that it effected you in a bad way historically, continue:

If that is so, why do we not declare in our Programme that we are atheists? Why do we not forbid Christians and other believers in God to join our Party?

Our Programme is based entirely on the scientific, and moreover the materialist, world-outlook. An explanation of our Programme, therefore, necessarily includes an explanation of the true historical and economic roots of the religious fog.

Again evolution plays a role here, because what “scientific” explanation you got to deny God? even evolution alone can’t explain this world without God, so that alone doesn’t support your claims, continue:

Our propaganda necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism; the publication of the appropriate scientific literature, which the autocratic feudal government has hitherto strictly forbidden and persecuted, must now form one of the fields of our Party work. We shall now probably have to follow the advice Engels once gave to the German Socialists: to translate and widely disseminate the literature of the eighteenth-century French Enlighteners and atheists.

So people will read it and become atheist, kids will read it and grow atheist, and thus spread atheism, that’s basically true for every communist country, a war against religion in all its forms

Nazism and Fascism share the same view about religion as Communism, and fight it aggressively, but to look at it from world view, almost half of the world had once been controlled by one of these ideologies, and still even today, communist China is still fighting religion in its region, you can search about Uyghurs Muslims in china, or to make it easy for you, just check this Video, and let that sink in…

Games, Fun, Passions you name it

we further distract them with amusements, games, pas-times, passions, people’s palaces …. soon we shall begin through the press to propose competitions in art, in sport in all kinds: these interests will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them.[Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Pro. 13 Par 3]

All the pleasures that this life gave, has blinded people, and give birth to a new kind of atheism called Apatheism, apathists do not care about religion, or God, or any of that, they just live their lives as if they got no target, no objective, or anything, the difference between them and animals are just the non existent brain they got.

In the past they were people who toke God as a joke, some Arabe Paganist for example will go and make a “god” from dates to worship him, and when he gets hungry he eats his god (Kinda like Christian’s Eucharist ^_^), but to get to the level of not caring about God as a whole, this was not been mentioned anywhere in history (as far as I know), just like atheism never been in history until 18th century.

The details about this topic are kept for another article, but what you must know now, is that its one of the reasons atheism exist today.

“Logical” attacks on religion

our philosophers will discuss all the shortcomings of the various beliefs of the “goyim,” but no one will ever bring under discussion our faith from its true point of view since this will be fully learned by none save ours who will never dare to betray its secrets. [Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Pro. 14 Par. 4]

The attacks on religion using logic/philosophy etc.. give birth to a new kind of atheism called Agnosticism, an agnostic guy doesn’t know which religion is right, or if God exist, or if he exist can we know it? etc..

Agnosticism isn’t knew, indeed back at a time people will have problem looking into the true religion, since there are many liars who use facts to give legitimacy to what they are saying about God etc.. I have already stated that Islam is the only religion and there is no claim against it that managed to last until Muslim scholars debunk it.

The details about this topic are kept for another article, but what you must know now, is that its one of the reasons atheism exist today


Humanism state that humans don’t need religion to live, they can do the right things themselves, and discover truth themselves, I could debunk it right now, if humans can do right things themselves then why in today atheist world is ruled in chaos? and if they can discover truth themselves then why there is so many false faiths that contradict each other? this argument makes no sense, but atheist takes it as argument against religion.

At the end of this article you will know more, We are done with why atheism is spread in today world, we will know explain the material world view.

Material world view

it is indispensable for us to undermine all faith, to tear out of the mind of the “goyim” the very principle of god-head and the spirit, and to put in its place arithmetical calculations and material needs.[Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Pro. 4 Par 3]

That’s the atheists view of the world, its material, no spirituality at all, testable observable science can explain everything, consciousness is physical and chemical reactions that happen in our brain that makes us feel consciousness, same for emotion, value, logic, etc..

The famous atheist Sam Harris, wrote a book titled “Free Will” and I quote from the book:

Free will is an illusion. Our wills are simply not of our own making. Thoughts and intentions emerge from background causes of which we are unaware and over which we have exert no conscious control. We do not have the freedom we think we have.

Before we talk about the effects of this view, we will debunk it here:

Debunking Libet experiment

An experiment done by Benjamin Libet in which, I quote from the Wikipedia page:

in which he asked each subject to choose a random moment to flick their wrist while he measured the associated activity in their brain (in particular, the build-up of electrical signal called the Bereitschaftspotential (BP), which was discovered by Kornhuber & Deecke in 1965). Although it was well known that the “readiness potential” (German: Bereitschaftspotential) preceded the physical action, Libet asked how it corresponded to the felt intention to move. To determine when the subjects felt the intention to move, he asked them to watch the second hand of a clock and report its position when they felt that they had felt the conscious will to move.

You could read more about it yourself, but in short, that experiment was criticized so much that even the Wikipedia page say that, from this study I quote:

There was no evidence of stronger electrophysiological signs before a decision to move than before a decision not to move, so these signs clearly are not specific to movement preparation. We conclude that Libet’s results do not provide evidence that voluntary movements are initiated unconsciously.

This paper simply state that such field is too wide for those experiment to explain it, and this paper states, I quote:

In this view, early neural markers of decision outcome are not unconscious but simply reflect conscious goal evaluation stages which are not final yet and therefore not reported with the clock method.

So the mind makes more conscious decisions that are not reported until the final stage (or not reported at all, or reported but not easy to capture it), so the topic is more complex and there are many stages before you make your final decision.

This is spouse to be the most famous experiment to support materialism, but as we can see, it failed ^_^ , I will end this with a quote from this paper from Nature:

It is not clear how any physical process, such as natural activity, can give rise to a subjective phenomenon such as awareness. Indeed even the possibility of such a causal relationship remains controversial among philosophers.

Scientific experiments explains: Brain and Consciousness (Mind)

The field of brain study is wide, and can not be explain here, but a simple knowledge will help:

The human brain is composed of millions of neuron or nerve cell, transforming ions between the borders of the cell:

So the brain doesn’t give value, and doesn’t have emotion, or do any orders, the responsible for that is the Mind (IT’S YOU), the brain just execute your orders, So when you see someone you don’t like the Cortisol hormone level rises up, its not because the Cortisol raised up and so you hated that guy, in other hand when you see someone you love the Endorphins hormone level rises up, the hormone isn’t the cause of love, its the indication of love, and so the changes in brain mental activity doesn’t have relation with the mind order (Consciousness), the first scientists to notice this difference was Wilder Penfield.

Wilder in some surgeries he did without anesthesia would go and fire electrode to the brain, causing (for example) the arm to go up, Wilder then will go and ask the patient to put his arm back, the patient tries but fails, and that’s the key, the brain is causing to arm to be in a state, and the patient (mind, his freewill) is trying to make it in another state, and here we can notice the difference between Mind/Consciousness/Free Will and Brain/Muscle activity/Mental activity, and just like that Wilder say in his book “The mystery of the mind a critical study of consciousness”:

There is no place in the cerebral cortex where electrical stimulation will cause of patient to believe or to decide. [Page 77]

Now into the Nobel price winner Roger Wolcott Sperry, I won’t be able to explain what he did better then this Video, supprting articles include this from Epilepsy foundation, I quote:

The interictal personality disorder has generated a great deal of controversy.(3) There has been little evidence of any specific link between these behavioral features and epilepsy itself.

And this, I quote:

The interictal personality disorder has generated a great deal of controversy.(3) There has been little evidence of any specific link between these behavioral features and epilepsy itself.

it seems to me that the evidence for hyper-religiosity in TLE isn’t terribly compelling. The widely-cited Slater and Beard study suffers from the fact that the individual cases described were cherry-picked by the authors

Another Noble winner John Eccles wrote a book titled “The Self and Its Brain” that talks about this topic.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the lake of time and resources on the internet I couldn’t confirm some quotes from scientists like: Karl Lashley, Karl H. Pribram, If I found them I will update this article to have them.

Now lets talk about what these ideologies has cost the world:

The chaos that atheism has caused

Atheism strips human meaning and value, you are the same as a stone:

only certain laws and constants of nature are consistent with our kind of life. But essentially the same laws and constants are required to make a rock.[ Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space]

The only difference between you and a rock is the slight chemical reactions that you have.

The human race is just a chemical scum on a moderate-sized planet.. [Stephen Hawking]

And just like that, genocides began with this concept, since humans have no value, killing them is just a normal act.

Remember when we talked about China being the largest atheist country? atheist number grow up during 1920, and they start acting, and one responsible for all of this is this atheist movement was this atheist “Mao Zedong

This atheist spread atheism using force, he led a series of battles in China in the 1930s and 1940s, after these battles, China completely surrendered to atheism, Mao Zedong is the greatest historical criminal (During my research I couldn’t found an accurate number of people that this criminal killed, and due to the lake of time, I toke these two links as a resource : Link 1, Link 2, but in general you will found out what he did, and you come out with the conclusion.), I quote:

“People who try to commit suicide-don’t attempt to save them! … China is such a populous nation, it is not as if we cannot do without a few people.” [From Moe, book “Mao’s Last Revolution page 110”]

We will see what is “few” for him, Mao Zedong saw humans as gears in a machine, by that he destroyed the meaning of human, this atheist abolished the concept of family, as once you have a child, the atheist party will take him and enroll him in a kindergarten, and you, thank you, now go back to “People’s commune” to work for non stop, just like a gear in a machine

The Great Famine is another event that happen from 1958-1962 during Mao rule, from Wikipedia about 15-55 Million man women and children died from it (But the reality at least 36 Million died as minimum), what did Mao materialist view say? well:

“When there is not enough to eat, people starve to death. It is better to let half the people die so that others can eat their fill.” [Mao, Hungry Ghosts: Mao’s Secret Famine]

You may think that Mao couldn’t do anything, as if he tried, but the fact is, he knew about this famine, and his strategy was to use it and sacrifice the rural population to feed the population of cities and industrial and political centers, Mao could of asked for help to feed his people, but because in atheism, there is no problem that all humans perish, Mao didn’t only not asked for help, but he kept the famine news from the world, so the rural people would die silently, and not be saved.

One of the tricks the China system under Mao rule did, was to show western journalists that there is no famine in China by filling stores with food, making people ware nice cloths and such, and when those journalists go back they write that China has no famine and such.

People of china back then were scared to move under skyscrapers, you know why? here is why:

In shanghai, suicide by jumping from tall buildings became so commonplace that residents avoided walking on the pavement near skyscrapers for fear that suicides might land on them. [50 Great Military Leaders of All Time, Check Source]

You may say that Mao was a communist atheist criminal, but if you are an atheist (Materialist), you will be wrong, as they are no right or wrong in atheism, no purpose, no evil and no good, that’s what atheist Richard Dawkins right:

The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference. [River Out Of The Eden, p.131-132]

Atheist materialist view made Mao kill more then 80 Million person, and if we count the people he was responsible for killing after his death, we can pass 100 million, and he didn’t felt a single drop of moral conscience, but you reading this have it, you have that “Do good and don’t do bad” thing inside you, something that would never exist with the materialism view, and if you think that’s not the case, then you don’t understand atheism, and the problem you have was never about denying God or religion, as atheism fought the stupid dumb and useless Christianity ever since the 18th century, and using that knowledge against the true religion Islam won’t work, as we will show in future articles.

After Mao’s death, China was still ruled by atheism, it is the largest in that number, It need a large effort to guide it out, I hope any Muslim who is reading this, and know how to write in Chinese, to translate this page, and I will be happy to add it to the site, lets move to another chaos:

The chaos that Evolution has caused

Remember what Natural selection is about? any living creature who doesn’t evolve to adapt to his environment is considered a problem for his kind, that’s for all kinds including humans, so undeveloped humans who are still alive are considered unfit and should die, doesn’t that what “Natural Selection” claim? I quote from the book “The Decent of man” by Darwin:

At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races.[Page 193]

I quote from the documentary “Human zoos” :

According to Darwin human beings developed through a long and cruel process of natural selection or survival of the fittest, less fit organisms died leaving more capable organisms to reproduce and flourish, It was this ruthless process of elimination. Not the foresight of a designer, that had propelled human beings to the top of the evolutionary ladder.

But Darwin worried that modern society was now doing its best to undermine natural selection

I quote from documentary “The Biology of the Second Reich: Social Darwinism and the Origins of World War 1” (I recommend to watch it) :

Darwin had claimed that humans and other mammals were the product of what he called natural selection a blind struggle for existence where the fittest survived and reproduced and the less fit died off, in his book The Descent of Man, Darwin made clear that his idea of natural selection had implications for human society.

Richard Weikart, Ph.D. said :”Charles Darwin clearly was a social Darwinist he was not as rabid as social Darwinist as some of his followers later on but he clearly did believe that Darwinism should be applied to human societies.

Darwin worried that civilized societies were harming humanity by helping the poor caring for the sick and otherwise and otherwise saving those who Nature would have killed off.

Darwin feared that such humanitarianism could eventually destroy the human race.

That’s the guy behind evolution, believe that helping those in need is wrong and could destroy the human race, and thus give rise to genocides to clear “superior race” from those “inferior races”, that’s WW2 in short.

I could make a journal for the crimes that were done because of evolution, you could do your own research to know more, but I just one close this topic with one more crime:

Aktion T4 was a campaign of mass murder in Nazi Germany from 275,000–300,000 died because of it, the motive behind it was killing everybody considered “Unfit to live”.

the war of annihilation… is a natural law without which the organic world… could not continue to exist at all. [German zoologist Gustav Jaeger (1870)]

The chaos that materialism is causing

In order to distract people who may be too troublesome from discussions of questions of the political we are now putting forward what we allege to be new questions of the political, namely, questions of industry. In this sphere let them discuss themselves silly! The masses are agreed to remain inactive, to take a rest from what they suppose to be political [Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Pro. 13 Par 3]

Since the materialist view state that there is no God, no day of judgment or any thing like that, the only thing left for humans is to care about themselves, and have all the material and possible pleasures, and in short enjoy life as much as possible, because its only one life, and after death it will be like black void, like sleeping for ever.

But what are the possible effects of this act in human society? well lets check this map:

I got this map from the world population review site, just by looking at the map we could notice that north Africa countries + Indonesia and its surrounding + Afghanistan which has the strongest religion ever (Islam) have lower suicide rate then European and American countries + Asian countries which atheism is ruled there, I read :

To lower the rates of deaths resulting from suicide, countries need to address many common underlying factors that add up and make someone more likely to choose suicide as an outlet.

Ok what are these factors.

Depression rates are one factor that holds serious importance.

I guess knowing that you are a chemical scum won’t cause depression, same if you think you are random, or just developed monkey, and the same physics applied to rock applies to you, continue:

but other factors to take into consideration are:

  • Academic performance [Countries with no universities at all have lower suicide rate then developed one.]
  • Physical condition [If you mean being disabled can lead you to suicide, just know that religions people (especially Muslims) wont suicide because of that. ]
  • Mental health and well-being
  • Economic standing [Same as Academic performance, poor countries have less suicide rate then developed one, see the map]
  • Financial struggles [Same as before, poor people don’t suicide if they are religious especially Muslims as struggling in life has its own rewards in the afterlife in Islam]
  • Workplace performance
  • Overall life satisfaction [We will see what this has to do with pleasure]

The only western European nation with an exceptionally high suicide rate is Belgium, which ranks at number eleven with 18.3 suicides per 100k. However, it is worth noting that Belgium has some of the world’s most liberal laws on doctor-assisted suicide, also known as euthanasia, which is likely to be a factor in its statistics.

If euthanasia was the reason for suicide, then I want ask: Why have it in the first place? why do you let people die? well don’t answer, its materialistic view right? ^_^ they don’t care about you.

Perhaps surprisingly, many of the most troubled nations in the world have comparatively low suicide rates. Afghanistan has 4.1 suicides per 100k; Iraq has 3.6, and Syria has just 2.0. It is not clear if the suicide statistics for these countries reflect suicides committed due to mental health problems and terminal illnesses (which are the primary reasons for suicide in most of the world) or include suicides committed as part of the ongoing conflicts in these countries.

Just like I commented in the list above, that list has nothing to do with why someone would suicide, Afghanistan (Until 2021), Iraq, Syria are all in war state, thus its people don’t have anything like : “Academic performance” or “life satisfaction” and they live in “Financial struggles” with “Bad economy” and “Bad physical condition” due to the lake of food and have no “Workspace” because there is no job, the only thing left is “Mental health and well-being” which is indeed the reason why they are strong, Islam is the reason, Islam is giving them HOPE, and despite all the struggles they still believe in it, and live it with, and follow its order of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the Hadith:

Abu Huraira reported God’s Messenger as saying, “He who throws himself from a mountain and kills himself will be thrown down in the fire of jahannam and remain in it for ever and ever; he who sips poison and kills himself will have his poison in his hand and sip it for ever and ever in the fire of jahannam; and he who kills himself with a piece of iron will have his piece of iron in his hand and will be stabbed with it in his belly in the fire of jahannam for ever and ever.” [Mishkat al-Masabih 3453 Book 16, Hadith 7]

Lets continue form the site:

According to the World Health Organization, the suicide rate in South Korea is the fourth highest in the world. One factor in its high suicide rate is suicides among the elderly. Traditionally, children have been expected to care for their aging parents; however, because this system has mostly disappeared in the twenty-first century, many older adults commit suicide, rather than feel like they are a financial burden on their families.

Again Materialism play the role here, humans can not be replaced by any “financial value”, and again this problem doesn’t exist with strong amazing and clear religion like Islam, in which in the Quran:

We have charged the human to be kind to his parents. With much pain his mother bore him, and with much pain she gave birth to him; his bearing and weaning are thirty months. When he grows to manhood and attains his fortieth year, he says: ‘Make me so disposed My Lord, so that I give thanks for the favors with which You have blessed me, my father and mother, and that I will do good deeds that will please You. And, make me righteous and also my descendants. To You I repent, and I am among those who surrender.’ [Quran C 46 V 15]

Your Lord has ordered you to worship none except Him, and to be good to your parents. If either or both of them attain old age with you, do not say: “Fie on you”, nor rebuke them, but speak to them with words of respect. [Quran C 17 V 23]

I could make a journal about parents in Islam, caring about those who have cared about you when you were young and baby? isn’t that the most basic act of humanity, the act of slightest drop of clear heart? but its normal to not see this in materialistic world, lets continue:

In addition to the elderly, students have higher-than-average suicide rates, at least partly because they feel high levels of pressure to succeed academically. When they do not achieve their goals, they may feel that they have dishonored their families.

Again Materialism, when you think you are just here for the sake of being here, and there is no objective you have, losing in this life is considered the end for you… just like we talked about before, there are people whom their life is ruined because of wars, and still not suicide, ending your life because you failed in a test that was made specifically to be hard so they can filter out students is just dumb, and I only expect it from an atheist.

Alcohol use, sleep deprivation, stress, and poor social relationships can put students at increased risk of suicide.

Here there is a little funny thing, first if a student was drinking Alcohol that disables his brain and expect to get good academically is just dumb, and lets say he did that after he gain stress, if this mean something it means that Alcohol isn’t as useful as some people say “because it relax them”, and lastly Alcohol just breaks social relationships, and I know you know why, Alcohol unlike many religions, is prohibited in Islam, In the Quran I read:

O you who believe! intoxicants and games of chance, and alters set up for false deities and divining arrows are only abominations, some of satan’s handiworks, therefore shun each one (of these abominations) so that you may attain your goal. [Quran C 5 V 90]

Along with many Hadiths, lets continue:

The government of South Korea is making efforts to curb the suicide epidemic. It strives to increase mental healthcare access, a necessity as 90% of suicide victims in South Korea may have a diagnosable and treatable mental health condition. It is also providing education to community leaders to help prevent suicides at a local level.

Oh well here is a tip for South Korea government, the problem is not mental health, its heart health, their hearts are empty and want anything to fill it, don’t just fill it with trash things, just fill it with the Islam, the only right thing ^_^.

Japanese men are twice as likely to commit suicide as their female counterparts, particularly after a divorce. Of particular concern is suicide among men who have recently lost their jobs and are no longer able to provide for their families. People are expected to stay married to a single person and stay on a single job for their entire life, and the pressure of this expectation can make a divorce or job loss feel like a failure.

What a “expectation” they got, I won’t comment on that right know, lets continue:

In 2019, Sweden had 14.7 suicides per 100,000 people. Historically, Sweden has had a high suicide rate, with the most suicides in the developed world during the 1960s. That may have been due, at least in part, to cultural attitudes regarding suicide and long, dark winters, particularly in the northern regions.

I don’t know what “dark winters” have to do with suicide, I had heard this from a Swedish friend (May Allah guide him), for me I found darkness and cold with wind and such an amazing thing, feels deep and such ^_^, in both cases, this can be the dumbest reason to suicide.

The government responded to the crisis with social welfare and mental health services, and the numbers have dropped dramatically. Today, Scandinavian countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland – have very high happiness rates and relatively low suicide rates. However, the dark winters – 20 hours of darkness or more in each day in some areas – causes seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression, which has been known to correlate with higher rates of suicide.

Still we need to drop it more, as these rates are “relatively” lower then they used to be, but is still more then normal:

Euthanasia, or physician-assisted suicide, is still illegal in Sweden but is accepted in some instances. A physician may not administer lethal drugs to a terminally ill patient, but he or she may end life support of the patient requests doing so and demonstrates that they understand the consequences. This form of physician-assisted suicide, known as passive euthanasia, is not included in suicide statistics. Active euthanasia, when a physician administers lethal drugs to a terminally ill patient with the patient and family’s consent, may soon become legal in Sweden, as it is becoming more accepted in European countries.

Wait what? why make it legal? it harms people, why make it legal because it is “accepted” in other countries? are you blindly following what those does? Stupid

In China, suicide is the fifth leading cause of death and accounts for over one-quarter of suicides worldwide. In contrast with many Western countries, in which men are more likely to commit suicide, most suicide victims in China are women.

Just like we explained before, China is the largest atheist state in the world, lets continue:

China’s economic boom has led to greater independence for women, who are now much more able to get divorced as a means of dealing with domestic violence. However, the strain of divorce means that they must work long hours while raising their children, often without family support that the culture has traditionally relied on in the past.

I want to save that for the feminist section.

People in rural parts of China are five times more likely to commit suicide than people in cities. This notion may be attributed to a lack of mental healthcare, the stigma associated with mental illnesses (such as schizophrenia), poverty, and poor education. However, exact statistics are hard to come by because the Chinese government has carried out few to no epidemiological studies on suicide.

Remember Mao Zedong? the site text has ended, we will return to the topic of suicide when we talk about the feminist movement.

Lets talk about how materialistic view look like, there is nothing better to show this then “Black Friday“, for those who don’t know what this day is, its a day in which some stores/shops offer highly promoted sales, materialistic people wait for this day so they can strick and get all the pleasures they want, you may ask what’s the problem? well watch this Video and come back…

Ok welcome, now let me explain, since those product are expansive (there for limited) and black Friday is just a single day, those materialistic sheep would go and fight each other for who will have those products, in the best animal documentary you can ever see.

That’s what new slavery look like, you didn’t accept to be the slaves of God, so you became a slave of materials and you are still slaves of God, go figure =)

This article is was not about debunking materialism, I will leave the details for another article, but what I just said is enough to expose it for those who have eyes to see.

LGBTQA+ and the end of the world

The mob is savage, and displays its savagery at every opportunity. The moment the mob seizes freedom in its hands it quickly turns to anarchy, which in itself is the highest degree of savagery.[Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Pro. 1 Par 21]

Now this topic makes me sick, and just show that today age is its final stage before it ends.

Now lets talk a little history and some logic:

History and logic of gay in religion (Islam)

In the Quran there is a full story about Lot’s people, the Quran shows us that these people were the first gays (or to kept homo sex) in the history of man kind:

And Lot, who said to his nation: ‘Do you commit such indecency (sodomy) in a way that no one has preceded you in the worlds? [Quran C 7 P 80]

The Arabes before knowing about Lot’s story, have never though that there is such thing as being gay, how would they?

Men naturally is interactive to women, that’s the normal and natural way he was created with, and not being interactive to women is in fact a health problem or mental problem, but gays men jumped this normal thing and become (somehow) interactive to men, in which there is no benefit (not even pleasure) to this other then having the worst punishment that human can ever have.

Now lets see:

The true face of gay

A survey was done back in 2013 for “LGBT Americans”, I read:

Religion is a difficult terrain for many LGBT adults. Lopsided majorities describe the Muslim religion (84%), the Mormon Church (83%), the Catholic Church (79%) and evangelical churches (73%) as unfriendly toward people who are LGBT.

And that’s the only thing keeping the world from ending, remember.

Lets continue:

The survey finds that LGBT adults are less religious than the general public. Roughly half (48%) say they have no religious affiliation, compared with 20% of the public at large.

Keep that in mind, so LGBT adults are less religious (atheist) then others, and this survey is from 2013, who knows what is going on 8 years after it, now lets take a little time to debunk some claims about homosexuality.

Debunk the gay gene joke

Lets shorten this out, the American Psychological Association in its article about sexual orientation I quote:

Although much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors.

In another word, they want that =) that article was created in 2008, we are in 2021 and it is still not changed, and lets not forget that this organization protects “gay rights”, and such.

From a book titled “Exploring the Dimensions of Human Sexuality” I quote:

Research into genetic factors affecting homosexuality has been inconclusive. No specific gene has been identified.

Research into hormonal imbalances (either prenatal or postnatal) as a factor driving homosexuality has proved inconclusive. No specific hormonal factors have been identified.

The best book about this topic of “gay gene” is a book titled “My Genes Made Me Do It!” (Cool title) by Neil Whitehead, who in his book debunked the relation between Twins and sexual orientation and such.

There is no way you can talk about topic that cause chaos in the world without adding evolution to it, remember when we talked about natural selection keeping the one who fit to live? and has the traits that help it and its kind stay? now tell me does homosexuality help humans keeps the human kind? homos can’t give birth to new individual, so people who were “developed” to have this non existence gene, must of been extinct long ago.

The war to add gays into our world

Just like evolution and atheist wars I talked about, this war has no difference between it other then no use of guns here, now lets talk a little about the use of words here: just like anyone opposes the new world order is called “terrorist”, and who opposes Jews is called ” anti-semitic “, so do who opposes gays and called “homophobic” as if being gay is normal and is human right and so, and so just like they fight “terrorist” and “anti-semstics” they fight for “gay rights” against “homophobic” and that’s what the united nations is doing, and they even put the first independent investigator to protect LGBT people from violence.

Now lets talk about science and start with Robert Spitzer who made a study about a cure for homosexuality and called it “Reparative” and doesn’t need any substance and such, in his study he succeeded using this cure with 200 homos, but “Health Organizations” got mad, and attacked his study, and keep in mind that Spitzer is a pro-gay and support “gay rights”, and even worked to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders of United states.

In 2012 Spitzer apologist about this cure (the article called him Psychiatry Giant), he said, and I quote:

“I believe,” it concludes, “I owe the gay community an apology.”

So what happened? The two Giant : Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization together attacked his cure, with this article titled:

“Therapies” to change sexual orientation lack medical justification and threaten health

The title itself makes you feel like he made a poison, lets read:

Twenty two years ago, on May 17, the World Health Assembly removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders when it approved a new version of the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10).

Wrong I will prove that It is still a mental disorder, lets continue:

The document notes that no rigorous scientific studies demonstrate any efficacy of efforts to change sexual orientation.

Ahuh continue:

there are many testimonies about the severe harm to mental and physical health that such “services” can cause. Repression of sexual orientation has been associated with feelings of guilt and shame, depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

Woow, impressive, yay science, don’t forget to add this to the list of suicide factors and causes of depression, I quote from this site (Recommended to read):

LGB youth seriously contemplate suicide at almost three times the rate of heterosexual youth.2

LGB youth are almost five times as likely to have attempted suicide compared to heterosexual youth.2

Back to our article lets read:

To address the problem, PAHO makes a series of recommendations for governments, academic institutions, professional associations, the media, and civil society, including:

“Conversion” or “reparative” therapies and the clinics offering them should be denounced and subject to adequate sanctions.

O_O I will get jailed for that? Huh come get me, I will make articles about gays as much as I pleased, and treat anyone having such problem, go figure, lets read:

Public institutions responsible for training health professionals should include courses on human sexuality and sexual health in their curricula, with a focus on respect for diversity and the elimination of attitudes of pathologization, rejection, and hate toward non-heterosexual persons.

Huh, good luck with Muslims tho, in other words we must accept the mental disorder as normal thing and shouldn’t focus on curing it, no thanks, lets continue:

Professional associations should disseminate documents and resolutions by national and international institutions and agencies that call for the de-psychopathologization of sexual diversity and the prevention of interventions aimed at changing sexual orientation.

Not even writing a scientific paper? ^_^ that’s why we don’t have much of these, lets read:

In the media, homophobia in any of its manifestations and expressed by any person should be exposed as a public health problem and a threat to human dignity and human rights.

Civil society organizations can develop mechanisms of civil vigilance to detect violations of the human rights of non-heterosexual persons and report them to the relevant authorities. They can also help to identify and report people and institutions involved in the administration of “reparative” or “conversion therapies.”

All of this protection for gays? dude this would make people turn gays even if they don’t want, for the sake of having such protection, that’s another Dogma thrown to sheep, remember when I talk about evolution lobby fighting scientific papers that disagree with it? its same here, the gay lobby, both act like the Catholic church when they will burn to death anyone who say “earth is round”.

Debunking Dean Hamer paper 1993

Dean Hamer released this paper stating that there maybe a link between sexual orientation and the markers on Xq28, before we talk about the paper, lets talk about Hamer himself, he is the one responsible for “god gene” joke and made a book about it without any proof or scientific study (I might talk about it in future articles), now lets talk about the paper, a study won’t be considered “trusted” until its reproducible, and so other scientists who try the same experiment must have the same result, otherwise any scientist could say whatever he want.

And so researchers have tried Hamer study with larger number of gays, but didn’t get the same result until today, this is a famous paper that states that,I quote:

It is unclear why our results are so dis- crepant from Hamer’s original study (6 ). Be- cause our study was larger than that of Hamer et al., we certainly had adequate power to detect a genetic effect as large as was report- ed in that study. Nonetheless, our data do not support the presence of a gene of large effect influencing sexual orientation at position Xq28.

Another study state, and I quote:

The results of this original study were never replicated

and that the critique of its very existence has been diminished. Latterly, the gay gene has entered into the online biomedical databases of the 21st century with the same pattern of persistence and diminishing critique

No comment.

Also, this paper from Nature, states that body features are hard to connect to a single gene, or a group of genes, so how could it be any easier to link it with mental features, so Hamer gene think is non existence both theoretically and experimentally by Science mag and Nature, the most known scientistic magazines.

So lets end this with this article by Telegraph titled : “The latest ‘gay gene’ study gives no comfort to homophobes”, I quote:

The likes of Vladimir Putin might welcome a study which finds sexual orientation may not be fixed from birth. But they are ignoring the science

Oh really? show me your science:

But how much influence is still unclear. We already have plenty of previous research that points to major biological influences on sexual orientation. This includes “gay gene” studies that have identified the Xq28 marker on the X chromosome as associated with homosexuality.

Huh, you mean the one no one managed to replicate? I think you are the one ignoring science here.

Gay parenting

Today, many US states are making it legal for gays to adopt a child, and this child sees their gay relation 24/7, while doing so they ask for scientistic papers that shows the effect of this action for children, David Benkof have read all these papers, and his conclusion was: All the gay parenting studies are flawed, after he read those paper he found out, and I quote:

My survey of the publicly available information about the sexual orientations of the researchers on gay parenting suggests at least 60 percent are LGBT themselves. Another 15 percent or so are straight-identified or in opposite-sex relationships, and I could find no data about the sexualities of the others.

So they are biased, another proof for them being biased is the fact that they didn’t write anything in the “Conflict of interest” section, in which you write what could weaken the impartiality of his research.

Scientists can not make papers against this chaos, as they will be called “homophobic” and being attacked just like evolution lobby did, but this time more aggressively, as evolution lobby work in the dark, while these work straight up and strick without any resistance, and so it is normal to see so many studies that say it is normal, and it is also normal for a study done by a Lesbian that says: “sons of lesbian mothers were rated significantly higher in social, school/academic.“, I am not joking, here I quote:

Results: According to their mothers’ reports, the 17-year-old daughters and sons of lesbian mothers were rated significantly higher in social, school/academic, and total competence and significantly lower in social problems, rule-breaking, aggressive, and externalizing problem behavior than their age-matched counterparts in Achenbach’s normative sample of American youth. Within the lesbian family sample, no Child Behavior Checklist differences were found among adolescent offspring who were conceived by known, as-yet-unknown, and permanently unknown donors or between offspring whose mothers were still together and offspring whose mothers had separated.

Lets not talk about this paper titled “Children of homosexuals and transsexuals more apt to be homosexual”, lets not link this to evolution please, homosexual people can’t give birth, and so this child could of been a result of unlawful sex, in which he was thrown away, and was collected by those homosexuals, that’s liberal civilization in short, a total chaos in all of its forms.

Scientists don’t see a problem with that we said above, but when you talk to your children about God (and I mean Allah) and how he created everything is “abusing (cheating) their emotions” like Richard Dawkins say in his book “The God Delusion”, isn’t that what he meant by saying:

Do not indoctrinate your children. Teach them how to think for themselves, how to evaluate evidence, and how to disagree with you.

Sorry Dawkins, I won’t teach them how to disagree with me, and I will make sure they know all the evidence I present in this site, and how dumb you are. (Insha a Allah)

Based on what we said early from the WHO and PAHO article, even if those children felt that they are wrong, they won’t found anything to help them, because those organizations doesn’t allow any attempt to change or help change “sexual orientation” to anyone, so he must stay like that, is that “freedom”, let that sink in.

Who fund this?

the universities, by re-educating them in a new direction. their officials and professors will be prepared for their business by detailed secret programs of action from which they will not with immunity diverge, not by one iota. they will be appointed with especial precaution, and will be so placed as to be wholly dependent upon the government.[Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Pro. 16 Par 1]

Lets go back to this article, I quote:

Judge Friedman’s decision repeats a frequently lodged complaint that Regnerus was funded by outsiders who expected him to reinforce traditional ideas about marriage and the family: “The funder clearly wanted a certain result, and Regnerus obliged.”

In scientific community there is something known as sponsorship bias or funding bias, Imagine a gay organization funding a group of scientists and ask “Do research to found if we are doing good or bad”, base don the article we talk about, there is around 150 studies, each may consume thousands or millions of dollars to make, and so most of them are financed by the US federal government and LGBT community, but here we must pause and look, what if a scientists want some funds to make a study that debunks homosexuality, or maybe a study that shows the benefit of polygamy (just ask any Muslims who has 4 wives and you will understand), now would this scientist get fund? nope, in fact he will have to deal with evolution lobby, gay lobby, USA government, WHO and PAHO, LGBT community, the feminist movement, Freemasons, sheep and Publication Bias as if the study shows something that the financiers don’t like, and the scientific magazines don’t like, will he release it, or hide it?

Warrior gene, First time ^_^

I won’t talk about it, but I am just going to show you that its not the only gene joke that controls people to do something, this paper titled :”The ‘warrior gene’ and the Mãori people: the responsibility of the geneticists”, the title alone is enough for you to understand that the materialistic/atheist view of the world means there is no freewill, and no emotion or choose, there for no one must be blamed since its not up to them, their genes/chemical reactions did that, and so you must no jail them, you can read it yourself.

Or the book titled “A Natural History Of RAPE”, a book that talks how rape is natural genetic influenced thing.

LGBTQA+ ⬧︎♏︎♋︎❒︎♍︎♒︎ ✋︎⬧︎●︎♋︎❍︎

Once the LGBT community was just called “LGBT”, now it is called “LGBTQIA+” so it includes more mental disorder, to explain here is what each later means:

  • L : Lesbian
  • G : Gay
  • B : Bisexual
  • T : Transgender
  • Q : Queer or Questioning
  • I : Intersex
  • A : Asexual
  • + : any of the following 48 gender list:
  • AFAB
  • Agender
  • Aliagender
  • AMAB
  • Androgyne
  • Aporagender
  • Bigender
  • Binarism
  • Body dysphoria
  • Boi
  • Butch
  • Cisgender
  • Demiboy
  • Demigender
  • Demigirl
  • Dynadic
  • Feminine-of-center
  • Feminine-presenting
  • Femme
  • Female-to-male (FTM)
  • Gender apathetic
  • Gender questioning
  • Gender variant
  • Genderfluid
  • Genderfuck
  • Graygender
  • Intersex
  • Masculine-of-cente
  • Masculine-presenting
  • Marverique
  • Male-to-female (MTF)
  • Multi-gender
  • Neutrois
  • Nonbinary
  • Novigender
  • Pangender
  • Polygender
  • Soft butch
  • Stone butch
  • Third gender
  • Transfeminine
  • Transgender or trans
  • Transmasculine
  • Transsexual
  • Trigender
  • Two-spirit

Who knows what other “genders” did I type, and now I want ask, does this need any debunking article to be proven stupid? if you think so, I am sorry I can’t help you at all now, you have reached level of blindness I have not imagined I will meet.

My target about showing you all of this stupid list of genders isn’t to make fun of LGBT, but to:

The war against Children

As if didn’t reach the breaking point already, lets talk about “sex education”, and start with Planned Parenthood, The UN alont with UNIVEF, UNESCO, and WHO supported PlannedP.

So lets see what which of these evil organizations truly do:

This linkLink will take you to PDF file of “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe” approved by WHO, I read:

Page 38: Sexuality for 0-4 years old:

      • enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation.
      • discovery of own body and own genitals.
      • the fact that enjoyment of physical closeness is a normal part of everyone’s life.
      • tenderness and physical closeness as an expression of love and affection.
      • gain an awareness of gender identity.
      • talk about (un)pleasurable feelings in one’s own body.
      • express own needs, wishes and boundaries, for examplein the context of “playing doctor”.

Page 39: Sexuality, health and well-being for 0-4 years old:

    • if the experience/feeling is not good, you do not always have to comply

When I said that the end is near, I truly mean it, remember the story of lot’s people? their end was that their city was turned upside down and a rain of rocks was dropped into them killing everyone, but I think that today world is has passed the level of Lot’s people, we are now in a stage no one has ever reached, who knows what chaos will happen?

The devil succeeded in building a world in which anyone who born is going to be evil, this is not the first time its done, Noah’s people also give birth to only evil non-believer, and the result was the flood that covered the whole world and killed every human but the one with Noah, with these two information, we can clearly see from Islamic view, that something big is coming, and Allah knows.

Also It doesn’t end here:

This topic doesn’t end here, it is worst then anything you can ever imagine, it is just me (being a Muslim) who is sensitive when it comes to those topics, if you have read through this section and still think that LGBT isn’t bad, then please leave my website and don’t come back.

And now your question maybe : who is behind it? what is his goal? and why? I will talk about that in another article, but for now, lets finish this article with our last section.

The feminist movement

Some history

Lets go back to the 18th century again, and from this article from the History website, I quote:

Between the 17th and 19th centuries, divorce was prohibitively expensive. So some lower-class British people didn’t get them—they sold their wives instead.

This act -wife selling- was common and you can search it yourself, and now have you heard about Scold’s bridle? I guess you didn’t but in case here is a quote from Wikipedia:

This device was overwhelmingly used on female victims and functioned to silence the victim from speaking entirely. It caused extreme pain and also physiological trauma in order to scare and intimidate the wearer into submission.

The device was an iron muzzle in an iron framework that enclosed the head (although some bridles were masks that depicted suffering). A bridle-bit (or curb-plate), about 2 in × 1 in (5.1 cm × 2.5 cm) in size, was slid into the mouth and pressed down on top of the tongue, often with a spike on the tongue, as a compress.[3] This prevented speaking and resulted in many unpleasant side effects for the wearer, including excessive salivation and fatigue in the mouth.

You could watch this short Video for more information, and when women were tired and it was time to look into the religion and get their right, because “Christianity” is “religion” of “peace” and “love” and “equality” and she read:

To the woman he said, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” [Genesis 3:16 New International Version]

(Is they are any disaster that Christianity isn’t involved in??)

And just like that Women’s liberation movement started, with a lot of “Feminism” and stereotyping.

And now it is time to:

The true face of the feminist movement

The true goal of the feminist movement is to destroy the concept of family and families in general, by dragging and removing the role of women in family because “it is source of unjust” and “men force us” and a lot of nonsense as we will see, I quote from this article:

Minnesota radical feminists Helen Sullinger and Nancy Lehmann released a manifesto that declared: “Male society has sold us the idea of marriage…. Now we know it is the institution that has failed us and we must work to destroy it….”

From this article titled “Why Feminism Wants to Dismantle the Family (long)” I quote:

Gloria Steinem described marriage as “an arrangement for one and a half people.”

Andrea Dworkin wrote, “How can anyone love someone who is less than a full person, unless love itself is domination per se?”

Kate Millett wrote, “so long as every female, simply by virtue of her anatomy, is obliged, even forced, to be the sole or primary caretaker of childhood, she is prevented from being a free human being.”

Betty Friedan wrote, “women who ‘adjust’ as housewives, who grow up wanting to be ‘just a housewife,’ are in as much danger as the millions who walked to their own death in the concentration camps… they are suffering a slow death of mind and spirit.”

Linda Gordon said, “the nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process.”

Robin Morgan said “We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.”

Mary Jo Bane said, “in order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them.”

Vivian Gornick said, “being a housewife is an illegitimate profession… The choice to serve and be protected and plan towards being a family maker is a choice that shouldn’t be. The heart of radical feminism is to change that.”

Helen Sullinger said, “We must work to destroy [marriage]… The end of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition for the liberation of women. Therefore it is important for us to encourage women to leave their husbands and not to live individually with men… All of history must be rewritten in terms of oppression of women.”

The funny is, this doesn’t even do what the feminist say it will, in fact this makes them slaves and slaves to men even more, and they even admit it, like this article titled “How feminism became capitalism’s handmaiden – and how to reclaim it” by the feminist Nancy Fraser, or this Video that shows famous feminist Gloria Steinem talking about her time working as CIA operative and the funds she and other people got, I quote from the Wikipedia page:

it was acknowledged that Steinem in fact served as the leader of the Independent Research Service when it was receiving money from the CIA.

It is worth noting that she is the co-founder of Ms. magazine, a magazine that almost talk about “super women”.

The capitalism was the one to benefit the most, as when women isn’t a housewife, she will go and work, and there for get taxed, and also it will work with cheaper price then men, meanwhile she will spend her money on useless pleasures like expensive cosmetics and such (Materialistic view of cause), and that’s also benefits materialistic capitalism.

Another dangerous effect is the split of family, since women isn’t in house, and out like sheep, who will rise the children? who will teach them? of caurse the government will, and we already saw some of what the government put in the education system, in another word, the nuclear family is melting, Remember this quote from above?

Mary Jo Bane said, “in order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them.”

The destruction of family means the destruction of society, read this article titled “Child Homelessness in U.S. Reaches Historic High, Report Says”, and its an old article (2014), I quote:

One out of every 30 children in the U.S. experienced homelessness last year. That makes nearly 2.5 million children who, in 2013, lived in shelters, on the streets, in cars, on campgrounds or doubled up with other families in tight quarters, often moving from one temporary solution to another, according to “America’s Youngest Outcasts,” a report published Monday by the the National Center on Family Homelessness at the American Institutes for Research.

I quote form this article (2014):

But these kids are often invisible, crashing with their families on friends’ couches, sleeping in all-night diners or hopping from motel to motel from week to week.

To confirm that it is the work of the feminist, I quote from this article:

One problem teenagers have at home these days is that both parents may be working. Mom and Dad aren’t around much. They spend little time as a family. Often, an older sibling may have to take care of younger ones. So they have little free time to spend with their friends. Absence of a parent does not make the heart grow fonder. Oftentimes a runaway will complain that he or she is not loved any more.

That’s what the feminist movement want, both parents are working, possibly damaging the children physically and mentally, and when they end up homeless, who knows what will happen to them, and by who?

This problem is wide spread that even the U.S. Department of Justice has an office for it.

The numbers didn’t stop, and they are rising

IMPORTANT NOTE: As a Muslim It is prohibited to see and show naked women, there for I won’t link to any website that has this from now one, and if you want confirm what I said here, do your own research and I am not to blame for anything you see, thanks for understanding.

Also, in case I didn’t say it, I don’t like or agree with anything I am telling you here, nor what I have told you above.

Now lets go back to women, did the feminist succeeded at giving it “freedom” from male? short answer: No, long answer:

Today some women have no problem selling herself (or her body to be accurate) to a male who will enjoy her and take her as his decoration, in what’s known as “Sugar Daddies” or “Sugar Babies” (Dirty terms), and there are hundreds of websites that offer this, with different prices and services, that’s the value of women now, a dirty guy said:

when you walk into a room and you have a beautiful woman with you it’s a compliment to you as a male it’s like pulling up in a really nice or something you know, I hate to compare it that way but it is.

That’s what women has became in the west, a survey to see what Americans value for men and women, for men it was “33% Honesty/Morality” for women it was “35% Physical attractiveness”, that’s what they value the most, this will lead to sexual objectification of women, in which:

Self-objectification is when people view themselves as objects for use instead of as human beings. Self-objectification is a result of objectification, and is commonly discussed in the topic of sex and gender.[1] Both men and women struggle with self-objectification, but it is most commonly seen among women.[2] According to Calogero, self-objectification explains the psychological process by which women internalise people’s objectification of their bodies, resulting in them constantly criticizing their own bodies.

Scientific papers that study this phenomenon talks about it if its a normal thing, and states that women see herself as product for male, and everything from the media, video games, society, all work to make it the case, that also made women feel shame to her body because that’s what give it value in this sick society, and that without talking about other mental problems, and the race to “improve” the body with surgeries (“Plastic_surgery”), and such…

Now if the feminist goal was to protect and help women, why don’t they talk about these:

I quote from this PDF file:

The survey determined that the prevalence of female undergraduates who experienced crude behavior and nonassault forms of unwanted sexual attention in the 2014–2015 academic year ranged from 14 percent to ashigh as 46 percent in some universities

Female medical students were 149 percent more likely than not in science, engineering, and medicine (non-SEM) majors to experience crude harassment by faculty or staff

And so those students graduate, according to this artice from 2002 I quote: <

At least one in four women has had a sexual relationship with a work colleague, according to a new survey.

This article is newer, I quote:

…has recently revealed that over half of women in the UK have experienced sexual harassment while at work

almost 20% of women reporting that the person harassing them was their manager or someone in a position of authority.

From this study I quote:

Based on more than 86,000 respondents from 55 probability samples, on average, 58% of women report having experienced potentially harassing behaviors and 24% report having experienced sexual harassment at work.

Another paper titled “Sexual assault and harassment of doctors, by doctors: a qualitative study”, another paper state:

In this survey, sexual harassment by male patients and coworkers was reported by greater than 70% of the female staff nurses surveyed.

And all of this without talking about prostitutes, from this article from 2013 I quote:

The best guess is that Germany has about 400,000 prostitutes catering to 1m men a day

All those numbers are rising, and we didn’t count the women that didn’t talk or do the surveys, you may think they found being harassed a normal thing, I quote from this page by OVC:

4. Women secretly want to be raped.

There is a difference between romantic fantasy and brutal, violent reality. There also is a difference between the fundamental right of choice in one’s fantasy and the loss of control as a victim of sexual assault.

The consequences of sexual assault for victims and their families and friends are profound. While any form of victimization is stressful, rape takes a particularly devastating toll on the self image, sense of independence, and overall emotional well-being of its victims long after any physical injuries have healed.

The Rape Trauma Syndrome describes the emotional, psychological, and social impact of sexual assault:

  • In the period immediately following a sexual assault, victims may respond by expressing fear, anger, and outrage or by adopting a controlled style of response, exhibiting little visible reaction. Despite outward appearances, this latter coping style does not reflect the victim’s inner turmoil in the wake of the assault.
  • During the first few days and weeks after a sexual assault, the victim may also experience acute physical symptoms. These include soreness, especially in the stomach, throat, arms and legs. Muscle tension often results in disturbances in sleep patterns, including problems getting to sleep, crying out at night, and mumbling during sleep. Generally victims feel distressed, irritable and jumpy. Loss of appetite is also common.
  • Initially, victims experience a sense of disorganization in which their lifestyles are disrupted by the rape crisis. Emotionally, fear dominates, but shame, humiliation, degradation, guilt, anger, self-blame and revenge are common. Given the intensity of these feelings, victims may be susceptible to mood swings.
  • Long-term emotional symptoms, ranging from mild to severe and beginning anywhere from a few days to a few weeks after the rape, involve reorganization of the life shattered by the assault. One of the primary characteristics of this stage is difficulty in returning to daily schedule of activities. Victims often express and may act upon a strong desire to change jobs/schools.
  • General sleeplessness may continue, marked by dreams and nightmares. Fears and phobias may develop. Sexual concerns are widespread; it may be some time before victims resume their normal sexual patterns.

I quote from this article:

Worryingly, around 80% of the women affected by sexual harassment did not report it, with only 1% reporting it to a union rep which begs the question, why?

The women surveyed in the report cited various reasons for not wanting to report sexual harassment. Many feared that it would have a negative impact on their career and working relationships, others were worried they wouldn’t be believed or taken seriously, and feelings of shame, anxiety and embarrassment also stood in the way of women seeking justice.

Let me add more links without commenting:

I quote from the survey we showed:

Women more likely than men to say women feel pressured to breadwinners, have career success and be attractive

I quote from this :

UCLA researchers posed similar questions to teens. A high percentage of the male teens felt that forced sex was acceptable if the woman said yes and then changed her mind (54%), if he spent a lot of money on her (39%), if she “led him on” (54%), and if he is so turned on that he thinks he can’t stop (36%). (5)

I start to feel like this world will be ruled by the law of jungle if not stopped.

You may now think that I were biased and only used articles that shows what I want, fair enough, lets see what women relation with the “Intimate partner”:

The US Department of Justice have an office to deal with “Domestic Violence” and “Dating Violence” and what’s know as Battered woman syndrome, I quote from Wikipedia page (Read more):

Battered woman syndrome (BWS) is a pattern of signs and symptoms displayed by a woman who has suffered persistent intimate partner violence: whether psychological, physical, or sexual, from her male partner.

Don’t ever think this is a normal beating, the word “Battered” means “injured by repeated blows” Source, the outcome of this phenomenon looks like this:

And there is a number you can’t imagine, I quote from NCADV:

1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have been victims of severe physical violence (e.g. beating, burning, strangling) by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

Those doesn’t count the beating happen by a stranger, but only by “intimate partner”, this is wide sprade phenomenon that, and I quote from this old page by NCJRS (1996):

Twenty-two to 35 percent of women who visit emergency departments in the United States are there for symptoms related to on-going abuse.

When it comes to strength men overpower women, that’s why, and I quote from this paper:

Most patients were female (93%) with a mean age of 35 years.

And this can get even result in death cases, I quote from this article:

More than 100 women in France have been killed by a current or former partner this year

Several thousand people marched in France on Saturday to protest against alarming levels of deadly domestic violence against women, which the president, Emmanuel Macron, has called “France’s shame”.

On average, a woman is killed in France every three days by a partner or former partner

I quote from NCJRS:

approximately 53 percent of domestic violence victims present to physicians repeatedly (i.e., six or more times) with trauma-related injuries

So it repeatedly getting beaten, one of the solution the west thought of is battered women’s shelter, I quote:

is a place of temporary protection and support for women escaping domestic violence and intimate partner violence of all forms.

Now I must open another topic that I can not leave untouched:


NOTE: This topic is so sensitive that I have made another link to talk about it so this article can stay safe.

If you are sensitive or a Muslim or you just know that abortion is bad, please do not go to the article I am going to link.

I am not responsible for any mental problems or things you will see in the following article, you have been warned.

Abortion article


Now tell me after reading all of this, did this movement bring any benefit? because I only see chaos.

Meanwhile, there are women that doesn’t listen to music because they think it’s prohibited, PC and computer and laptop is also prohibited, covering the body including with a black colored cloths is a must, birth control is not allowed, and the study of philosophy and linguistics is prohibited, non of them should pick up any job or role in politic (if that shows them as challenger for men), and they can’t even educate, they are nothing but a “machine to give birth”, and they got no choice when it comes to divorce or their husband, many of them don’t get educated because the teacher is a man.

The feminist will say that Islam is killing freedom, it is horrible for women!!

HUH, oh well the picture and the description above aren’t for Muslim women, they are for a group of Jews that follow Haredi Judaism, GO FIGURE =)

Ok to talk about Muslim women, they don’t even know about the above problems I talked about, because the source of the problem doesn’t exist in the first place, Muslim women doesn’t go to work outside (Unless she really need to, and under many conditions), and if she went outside she fully cover herself and no one will manage to mess with her, and she doesn’t even talk to men unless she need to (Also under conditions), for this reason they are safest women in the world.

And for the talk about “freedom”, freedom can go to hell when it comes to bringing chaos to life, I am asking what have women get from being “free”? some useless amount of money? to spend and to fill the ego and arrogant in a materialistic world? for what reason you left your important role in society for that sake?

Enough said for this topic, I will make another articles with the topic of women in the future. (Insha a Allah)

Divide And Conquer

And so we have:

  • Christianity the source of all today problems.
  • Evolution dividing people into superior and inferior races causing genocides like WW1 and WW2.
  • Atheism with Materialistic view removing the value of humans, and making people see themselves and each other as nothing but atoms that somehow have consciousness.
  • LGBT dividing people into genders that don’t exist, causing confusion amount children, higher suicide rate, and chaos.
  • The feminist movement bringing chaos to women life, causing children homelessness, and millions of human murdering.

All of these factors and more, shape today’s world, and if we keep moving like this, the law of the jungle will rule, go figure…

Closing world

The darkness in this world has reached a level it never reached through out human history, we are at the final stage of the end, and only those Muslims with clear heart will survive, if you aren’t a Muslim for whatever the reason is, go and search it and see what Muslims say about it, I want you to go to a Muslim scholar face to face and talk to him, not just google and read some anti-Islam sites that spread lies as like I proved here.

See you in another article.

Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea on account of what the hands of men have wrought, that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, so that they may return. [Quran 30:41]


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