There is a Man who doesn’t want to be a Man by Jon Rappoport

This is what he says

He doesn’t like being a man. This is what he says.

He wants to be a woman.

Presumably, he wants to have sex with men. Because he’s gone to a doctor and told the doctor he wants to have his dick and balls cut off. And tissue from his dick reshaped into a vagina.

Should I care about this? Should anyone?

Even if I don’t care, do I need to support a parade of some kind?

I think everyone should care about the doctor who’s quite willing to cut the man’s dick and balls off.

This is called elective surgery. For backup, it’s based on the idea that there is a disorder called gender dysphoria. But that’s just gibberish, because there is no physical diagnostic test for it.

Furthermore, this man can say he’s not suffering from the disorder, he just wants the surgery. And the doctor will perform the operation.

If I go to a doctor and tell him I want my arm cut off and a mechanical lever and pulley installed, would he agree to handle the procedure? I don’t think so.

30 years ago, if a man told his friends, “I’m having my dick and balls cut off and tissue from my dick reshaped into a vagina,” I believe there would have been a stir. But now, those friends might be afraid to say anything.

That tells me a social shift has occurred, but nothing more. And the shift has a great deal to do with a social imperative jammed into people’s heads. With threats, mind you.

Because if an employee of a large corporation (that sports PRIDE banners and donates money to transgender causes and groups) stood up at a company meeting and said, “I don’t think a man getting his balls cut off is a good idea,” the employee would be fired post haste.

I’m not sensing good science or good medical practice is involved at all.

I want to ask a surgeon who cuts off a man’s dick and balls how he feels while he’s performing the operation. Is he pleased? Repulsed? Is he neutral? Is it just another day at the office?

“How was your day, honey?”

“Fine. I chopped off a man’s dick and balls and reshaped his dick into a vagina.”

“That’s nice. Do you want to go out for dinner tonight or should we eat in?”

Now if the organizers in my town were upfront and said, “This Sunday we’re having a big CUTTING OFF DICK AND BALLS parade on Main Street,” I think I’d tape the Raiders game and go down to Main Street and have a look at the floats.

— Jon Rappoport

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