TRICKSTER FAUCI: moves goal posts AGAIN, now says 90% vaccination is necessary to reach covid “herd immunity”

After claiming for the longest time that only 70 percent of Americans needed to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) in order to “stop the spread,” fake television “doctor” Tony Fauci is now insisting that the true figure is more like 90 percent. Speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies the other day, Fauci rewrote the plandemic script once again by claiming that once the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) grants full approval for the Trump Vaccines from “Operation Warp Speed,” businesses, colleges and other institutions will be free to start mandating the shots as a condition of employment and participation in society. Fauci says that about 70 percent of adults in America are now vaccinated, but that 20 more percent will need to roll up their sleeves in order to “flatten the curve” in the coming weeks and months. “I’d settle for 70 percent of 80 percent, but I’d love to see 90 percent,” Fauci stated, suggesting that a 90 percent compliance rate is the best way to keep everyone “safe” against the alleged infestation of Chinese Germs that just will not relent from occupying mainstream media headlines. According to Fauci, official FDA approval will be a “game-changer” in terms of the medical fascists getting away with trying to force the injections on people who do not consent to them. It is Fauci’s desire and hope that unwilling Americans will be medically raped with his shots in order to buy and sell. This is Fauci’s vision for the future of America under his and Pedo Joe’s rule.

Fauci is a medical fascist who wants you to be genetically raped with his deadly syringes

Keep in mind that the Biden regime used to claim that it supported freedom of choice when it came to Chinese Virus injections. Now, Hunter’s dad and his handlers are changing their tune and demanding total compliance with the Wuhan Flu shot agenda, or else. The only way to avoid continued lockdowns, mask mandates and other forms of government tyranny, Fauci says, is for every last American to modify their DNA permanently with experimental gene therapy. Then, and only then, will the world be able to “evolve” into the “new normal.” “To get to the 93 million unvaccinated people, we are going to need local mandates,” Fauci says. I think you’re going to see more people get vaccinated and you’re also going to see enterprises feeling much more confident in local mandates for the vaccines … you’re going to see more universities…places of businesses, once they get the cover of the mandate … you’ll start seeing more vaccines. Because if you get the majority of the people vaccinated, we wouldn’t be having this conversation now.” Fauci further griped about the handful of state governors across America who have signed executive orders or helped pass legislation prohibiting employers, businesses and schools from requiring face masks or vaccination as a condition of employment and participation in society. If it were up to Fauci, every last anti-vaxxer would be lined up like cattle and injected by force – to keep them “safe,” of course. “How does an injection that provides no immunity create herd immunity?” asked one critical thinker at Zero Hedge about Fauci’s erroneous claims about his Fauci Flu shots. “Have we flattened the curve yet?” asked another. “They have a time-sensitive agenda; on this I am sure,” speculated another as to the mad rush among certain government figureheads to get everyone mass vaccinated at ‘warp speed.’ “Now, why would they need a much smaller population? Answer that and you are coming close to the truth.” To keep up with the latest news about Fauci’s plans for America, check out Sources for this article include:

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