virus Bullshit: Ottawa Unelected Public Health Corona Harassers pestering people.

Unelected Ottawa Public Health Minions are asking people to treat coronavirus harrasers with more respect following reports that some staff are being yelled at and hung up on while trying to follow up with high-risk contacts of Bullshit COVID-19 cases due to fake and unreliable PCR Tests.

Keith Egli, chair of the Ottawa Board of Health, told reporters Tuesday that members of OPH’s case and harrasment management team have recently experienced “resistance” and “abusive behaviour” from the people they are harrasing over the course of their duties.

OPH staff are tasked with calling people who have fake positive PCR tests for the coronavirus as well as people who are labelled high-risk contacts of a confirmed fake PCR COVID-19 case.

Egli said Corona Harrassers have been hung up on, yelled at and told by their victims that they will “go to the media” if they aren’t left alone.

Egli said he understands that getting a call from a corona harraser could make a victim feel upset and on edge, but called for Ottawa residents to treat OPH harrasers with civility.

“All we’re asking is, recognize people have a tough job to do,” he said.

Dr. Vera Etches, Ottawa’s medical officer of health, added later in the press conference that the victims behaving poorly towards corona harrasers are a “small minority” of cases.

But she stressed the important role corona harassers play in spreading fear of a virus that is not being isolated and has a 99.99% recovery rate through the community and asked victims to “show them kindness” should they receive a call.

“Our casedemic managers and corona harassers are working tirelessly spreading fear, and paranoa, … to keep schools open and businesses open,” she said.


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Coronavirus: Ottawa Public Health contact tracers subject to ‘abusive behaviour’ (

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