Work of “MainStream” doctors/quacks will soon be removed from my website

The practitioners of the conventional medical specialties are listed below: physicians, virologists, quacks, and many more. I will disregard all facets of their work. The reason to remove such sections from the website is that the entire medical/mafia industry is flawed, and so are its foundations — Germ theory, Koch’s Postulates, etc.; Virology is completely fraudulent; Molecular Genetics, also known as neo-eugenics, is anything but truth; additionally, all of this misleads my readers. I apologize to my readers for not being able to delete it sooner! Since telling lies are significantly more damaging than telling the whole truth, doing so would be equivalent to removing a bulk of my website’s posts. Allah will multiply me, so don’t worry.

Dr Judy Mikovits (Stop behaving like a cry child)

Dr Robert Malone

Dr Carrie Madej

James Corbett, I will remove partial work of Corbett (Wake the fuck up bro ! You have done a lot good but now is the time for you to share the actual truth after you accept it whole heartedly)

Robert J.F. Kennedy Jr. and entire team (Sadly his documentary and book promote contagion, virus and germ myth, absolute shame, at times I’m unable to convince myself that a few people who do share the real truth how could they be at your side and moderate your conferences while you stay unconvinced)

Stew Peter

Dr. Vernon Coleman

Dr Jospeh Mercola (I do not care about his cure for cancer using GCMAF as far as his foundations are based on corrupt “germ theory”)

Del Bigtree

Dr Mike Yeadon

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and entire team of lawyers aka liars (Though he appeased a little to Lanka and Kaufman, still he is way behind from actual truth and off the track – and I do not support any Nuremberg 2.0 as Nuremberg 1.0 was initated to give safe heaven to many Nazi Jews)

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (My God the way he twisted and turned while being in session with Lanka and Kaufman, you are a shame to your profession)

Dr. Simone Melissa Gold (America’s Frontline Doctors)

Dr. Jeff Barke

Dr. Peter A McCullough

Mike Adams from Natural News

Catherine Austin Fitts

Dr. Brian Hooker

Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Dr Mary Rolland

Dr. David Martin

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar

So on and so forth…

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