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What is the extent of your due diligence when deciding what information to trust?

At this point I probably get an eye roll every time I mention how important it is that everyone should be aware of the significant influence gatekeepers have on our individual realities. In fact, I believe it is so important that I am going to ignore the eye rolls and draw some attention to this subject once again.

Gatekeepers will mold and shape your reality if you allow them to. If the information you are consuming about reality is distorted your perception of reality is going to be distorted. As simple as that.

Managing your perception is the sole aim of a gatekeeper and, unfortunately, a very small portion of the masses seem to get it. Managing perception is not just a profit game… it is the best and easiest way to control everyone.

To get the point across, let’s consider one way in which this is done. Refer to the below video detailing how people are controlled through eliciting an emotional response through entertainment and sports (link to bitchute here)

One thing this video points out is that a lot of the advantage is taken of the fact that we are susceptible to taking on board narratives solely based on the emotions they trigger. Without taking into consideration the logical and factual information concerning that narrative.

We have been encouraged since birth through entertainment and sports to make decisions based only on information that triggers a certain emotion within us. Which, if you think about it, is actually a brilliant form of control.

We are emotional beings, and this is a trait of man that is often exploited by gatekeepers for profits and control, and it works like a charm on the masses.

Most people get emotionally attached to their heroes, those people who “showed them the truth”, and as a result they easily dismiss any shortcomings in the information these gatekeepers present.

On the topic of no virus, I have tried to highlight how at some point it becomes impossible to ignore the fact that there are so many gatekeepers singing the same song. Who Controls the Information Centers of the World? is an article where I attempted to highlight how the gatekeepers all have an excuse for why the existence of viruses is not on their radar.

In the introduction of Mike Yeadon – Another Case of Lee Merritt? I explained how easy it is to come to the conclusion that viruses do not exist. Once you do your own research to see this for yourself it is really not something there can be any doubt about. Particularly for people doing a lot of research and especially for people who are familiar with the terminology. Also refer to the below two articles for more information:

Consider a recent example of someone who would like you to base your decisions on emotions. Recently, MISTERKEL wrote a piece attempting to discredit the Gatekeepersclub article – an article where the majority of people have been named as gatekeepers because they maintain that viruses exist. Despite this being the case, MISTERKEL fails to produce a single logical or factual argument which counters the facts referred to in the Gatekeepersclub article.

The sole argument put forward by MISTERKEL when it comes to whether viruses exist was “don’t know, don’t care”. That’s it. There is not a single thing mentioned about the easily accessible facts online that will allow you to make this decision for yourself.

For MISTERKEL it is far more important to treat everyone nicely and if they aren’t telling the truth, you know what? Just leave them alone. You know, so they can go lie to someone else. Don’t call them out on their bullshit, no that’s not decent. Rather just let them be, let them take naive people’s money and monopolize alternate media unhindered and without any push back. Allow them to continue misdirecting a big group of people by encouraging them to believe in dangerous lies that will lead them to make harmful decisions for themselves and their loved ones. For MISTERKEL, that is a far better way of dealing with gatekeepers – in a manner that hurts no body’s feelings, and all conflict is avoided (refer to his sob story here). Highlight of the best joke can be seen below.

Essentially, MISTERKEL’s bottom line was don’t look at the Gatekeepers club article and the information provided therein because it’s not that important and it is “hateful”. Ignore all of the facts referred to in that article because it hurts people’s feelings. Don’t read for yourself the logical arguments the article references because it is going to divide our “freedom movement”. Ignore facts and logic in favor of feelings.

It’s unclear at this stage what MISTERKEL’s agenda is or whether he/she is just a useful idiot. In any event, his/her influence seems to be minimal for now and it is thus unnecessary to decide either way. MISTERKEL’s article was just too perfect of an example of a common gatekeeper tactic to not point out and learn from.

Now that I have made that point, what I would like to draw your attention to, and the actual purpose of this article, is the research done by the late Matthew North on Alex Jones and Joe Rogan.

Matthew North re: Alex Jones and Joe Rogan

Consider Matthew’s presentation below. It gives you a good idea of the depth to which these gatekeeper operations go. It should also give you an idea of how badly you are handicapping in this war of information if you base your decisions solely on emotions without due consideration for logic or facts (link to the video on bitchute here).

Some further things to pay attention to in the above presentation:

  • Mathew often makes reference to the “Brave New World” this is a reference to the book written in 1931 by Aldous Huxley (another much earlier agent). If you watched the first video in this article you would have heard a snippet of an interview with Huxley where he explains what he was describing in his “fictional novel” – the “ultimate scientific / technology revolution” aimed to directly modify man and make him love his slavery (see also 1:33:50 of Mathews video too). By referring to this title Mathew alerts you to the fact that this agenda (transhumanist / 4th industrial revolution) has been in the works for almost 100 years already. For over 100 years they have been striving to create chaos in whatever way possible so that we surrender to their Brave New World which promises to save us and make order from that orchestrated chaos.
  • Notice how, besides the obvious places like government and mainstream media, these corporations/institutions have their tentacles (money and/or corporate assets) everywhere – alternative media, DNA genealogy tests, sports, alternative / holistic health, technology, “illegal” drugs, research programs and computer games. Their influence is pervasive, there is nothing that is mass consumed that these people do not have a majority control in. They want to ensure chaos comes at us from every imaginable angle. Also see the below video available on bitchute here.
  • A good follow-up interview between Matthew North and Jan Irvin can be viewed here.


Hats off to the young man, Matthew North, for showing that age is irrelevant when it comes to relying on facts and logic for discerning the truth. He was an example that people can learn from, the tip of the spear.

Attributions: https://dpl003.substack.com/p/matthew-north-a-great-example-of

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