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Best Royalty, Contract and Copyright Packages under an Umbrella.

Providing you the best royalty pacakges with vivid contracts and a number of copyright avenues to choose from plus subtle planning methodologies to help you making the entire publishing process & lifecycle easy than ever before – With quality as our top priority ! And no Ripping-off with hidden terms & charges !

Providing Quality Consulting Services.

We provide professional editing, formatting, custom book design, printing and publishing as well as consultancy services to make your work look as per the best available standards quality and content wise. All of that and much more at a very reasonable cost. Whether a written essay, short story, or an entire book or else a professional documentary we promise to get it published timely so you can stop worrying about all the nitty gritty details.


Our 3 – easy – step approach begins with planning as the most crucial aspect of any business we too consider it to be the utmost investment before you actually begin with.

Typesetting/ Custom Design

After the planning comes the nitty gritty details of editing formatting and customizing your book, magazines etc needs. These are the nuts & bolts to market a quality work.


The final nail to be ground before marketing is to print the right amount and ofcourse in the right order with top quality print materials available to best reach the masses. You can choose from bulk print and Print On-Demand.


We put in level best efforts to publicize and market your work. Although a whole other avenue to be considered we take into account that your work reaches the best-sellers.


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