Salam to everyone reading,

For the last couple of weeks I was severely ill due to an adverse reaction of a medication, which was a stupid move initially by myself,,, but later it was multiplied exponentially by foolishness of mainstream doctors,,, although long ago once a brilliant teacher taught me to not visit these bastards but only in extreme emergency,,, he was right!!! He too was a medical doctor a very learned human-being,,, Apart from all the hustle and bustle of my medications and current health condition I am feeling much better than before,,, I am grateful to Almighty Allah S.W.T that I wasn’t hospitalized!!! Alhumdulilah,,, and I have no intentions whatsoever in future for the remaining portion of my lifetime and my family’s lifetime,,, I am extremely cautious of the way the western medicine works,,, that is why I’d suggest the same to all of my readers,,, focus on your lifestyle and nutrition and overall health,,, one can say that I have been given life once again by Allah S.W.T provided the medical emergency of health was extremely vulnerable,,, anyhow most of it is gone,,, the remaining too shall pass and I will be fit once again soon In sha Allah with the grace of Almighty,,, for those who are interested to know what happened to me exactly was the poisoning due to multiple western medicines with doctors being extremely ignorant of what exactly was running inside my gut which led to extreme case of piles for over a week I was put on heavy medication of Diclofenac Sodium twice a day which resulted in what got worse with my gut as one of it’s extreme adverse events/reactions/effects,,, little to anyone’s knowledge once it all got potentially out of control only then I was able to know,,, the mistake on my part was over dose of black coffee on empty stomach but even if it’s the case those in the know the so called experts should’ve told me that what was coming ahead…

Thanks once again to Almighty that I reverted back to Homoeopathic and herbal treatment by which most of my ailment has disappeared!!!

I will continue posting regularly from now on… Pray for my health!!!

Jazak Allah!!!

May Allah bless me with utmost health and well-being Ameen…

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