Faith & Face value.

Allah clearly warns in Quran to not call any associates against Him, do not hijack His divine attributes, and associate those attributes with Gods and Godesses, the ancient pagan mystery religions were doing the same, their temples were not only reserved for the worship of false deities and Gods, rather they were political head quarters to carry out and practice tyranny and authoritarianism in it’s most crude framework and schema.

From the point of view of proletariat he was worshiping tyrants in disguise due to the fact of his wilful ignorance of commonsense and giving up his freedom in the process inch by inch to the point accepting tyranny willingly. Just like calling clear poison as healing water at face value!

From the point of view of the tyrants (Gods/Godesses) they were allowed to do so because to them God intended it and they must complete the Incomplete task that God left to them, how blasphemous and blatant lie to place on Allah!

The old religion order never disappeared it still is in practice to this day only that it changed it’s wrapper one can’t state that its not there you have to be conscious and have to break free from the system, matrix and magic carved by these Magi.

Else stay like an ignorant foolish farmer, who doesn’t cares who’s grazing his pastures. Do not make yourself count among the arrogant disbelievers ! THE PUNISHMENT IN HEREAFTER IS BEYOND COMPREHENSION. Your support and willful ignorance make them arrogant!



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