Resources on Terrain from Dr. Amandha Vollmer of


Virus Mania by Torsten Englebrecht, Dr. Claus Köhnlein, Dr. Sam Bailey

The Contagion Myth by Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon-Morell

Breaking the Spell by Dr. Tom Cowan

What Really Makes You Ill? By Dawn Lester and David Parker

The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg

Goodbye Germ Theory by Dr William P Trebing

Bechamp vs. Pasteur by Ethel D Hume

Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk


The End of Germ Theory by Spacebusters

Monkeypox Mania: Debunking the Monkeybusiness of Virology

Addressing the Claims of Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Robert Malone, and Dr. Peter McCullough

HF4H: Virology’s Unproven Assumptions by Alec Zeck, Jordan Grant MD, Jacob Diaz, John Blaid, & Mike Donio

The Final Refutation of Virology by Kate Sugak

What Do You Mean “Viruses Don’t Exist”? by Alec Zeck

Dr. Kaufman responds to Jeremy Hammond: Is Virus Isolation Real?

HF4H: What Really Makes You Ill? Part 1 w/ Dawn Lester & David Parker

HF4H: What Really Makes You Ill? Part 2 w/ Dawn Lester & David Parker

HF4H: Diving Deep on Terrain Theory with Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andy Kaufman

Stefan Lanka control experiment phase 1

Stefan Lanka control experiment phase 2

Dr. Andrew Kaufman on The Way Forward: Germs, Disease, and the Science

Why the “Virus” Pandemic is a Farce featuring Dr. Cowan and Dr. Kaufman

HF4H: Dr. Tom Cowan, author of the Contagion Myth

HF4H: Dr. Robert O Young

Dr. Kaufman refutes Coronavirus Existence

Spacebusters: Virology Fraud in 19 Minutes

Amandha Vollmer breaks down virus Myth

Spacebusters: Coronavirus Debunked


Dr. Sam Bailey’s Youtube Channel

Dawn Lester & David Parker’s blog, What Really Makes You Ill?

ViroLIEgy: A resource covering all the lies of virology

Undercover Virologist on Instagram

Amandha Vollmer’s telegram

Humanely by Daniel Roytas

Mike Donio’s substack

Jon Rappoport’s No More Fake News

Jerm Warfare

Alec Zeck’s Substack


The Virus Misconception Part 1 by Stefan Lanka

The Virus Misconception Part 2 by Stefan Lanka

The Virus Misconception Part 3 by Stefan Lanka

The reason behind me knowing there is no existence of viruses by John Blaid

There is No Proof of SARS-CoV-2 by Alec Zeck

Rational Debate can be Respectful if we Stick to the Facts by Mike Donio


ADV – Amandha Vollmer:

Yummy.Doctor Terrain Video Category

Adrian Interviews ADV – Free Yourself from the False Germ Theory

Amandha Vollmer Interviewed by Sean Deodat – Scientism and Germ Theory

Monkeypox Mania – Summit to Debunk the Monkey Business of Virology

Myth of Contagion, What Makes People Sick, Antibiotics and DMSO

But Polio! Say the Hypnotic Repeaters of Propaganda

About Abundance PLUS Terrain Theory Simplified – GERMS DO NOT CAUSE DISEASE

The Flu? No Such Thing – ADV

Measles is Not A Virus {} The Myth of Contagion

Terrain vs. Germ Theory Debate Between Dr. Amandha Vollmer and MD Student Dr. Paul Cottrell Moderated by Jesse Hall

Germ Theory vs Terrain Debate Notes

Videos From the Bath Series – Part 1 Detoxing Prevents Flu – False Germ Theory of Disease

No Viruses Exist – Isopathy and the Terrain

Just a Quick Infectious Disease Rant with ADV


Breaking Down Virus Myth – With Amandha Vollmer on Found Conscious

Amandha Vollmer Live on Hanik Health Summit

KSCO Radio Tom Quinn Interviews Amandha Vollmer on Germ Theory

Amandha Vollmer & Tania The Herbalist – What Virus? What’s To Come? Handling the “law”

Liberty Talk With Odessa – I interview Amandha Vollmer Regarding Germ VS Terrain Theory

Amandha Vollmer Interviewed on Germ Theory by Fakeologist


A Light On – Episode 12 – Amandha Vollmer

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Colds and Flu are DETOX

The Big Virus Hoax

Holistic Health Education

Terrain vs. Germ Archives – Holistic Health Education

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