RFK Jr. takes disastrous position on child transgender issue

In a recent video interview1, Kennedy was pressed on children undergoing transgender treatments.

At first, Kennedy declared that children should not be allowed to receive these treatments without parents’ permission.

That seems to imply he would approve of the medical treatment as long as parents approve.

The interviewer jumps on the attack. Kennedy then says (amazingly, pleading ignorance) that he doesn’t know enough about the transgender drugs involved.

He repeats this for emphasis.


He is either lying, or he’s kept himself from knowing on purpose, because he wants to be able to plead ignorance and avoid the issue.

Either way, it’s a disaster.

Kennedy’s own website, Children’s Health Defense (CHD), was founded on the basis of protecting children from harm, especially medical harm.

As far as I can tell, CHD has never seriously explored the child transgender issue.

Why not? Why has the site avoided doing wall to wall coverage on this vitally important subject?

Surely, its writers are capable.

Clearly, some policy decision at the top has kept the issue on a very low flame, or no flame at all.

Kennedy himself, as we all know, has major knowledge about childhood vaccines and their catastrophic effects. And yet he “doesn’t know enough” about transgender drugs and hormones given to children—highly dangerous chemicals—to make a public statement about them?

I’m not buying his statement for a second.

Something is very wrong here. Kennedy seems to have adopted a know-nothing policy based on some sort of ideological “Progressivism.” As if children should have “the freedom to choose.”


What kind of madness is this?

Kennedy would also say he isn’t sure whether children change their minds every day about all sorts of notions? From wanting to be rocket pilots to wanting to President to wanting to be circus clowns?

Kennedy would say children having freedom implies they’re competent to make life-altering decisions about their sex—and take toxic drugs and powerful disrupting hormones to back up those decisions?

And parents going along with these decisions and chemicals would constitute a proper SEAL OF APPROVAL?

Would Kennedy dare to say the same thing, if a child decided he wanted to take the whole CDC schedule of vaccines, or eat food sprayed with toxic Atrazine, and the parents went along with their kids’ decisions?

Would he call THAT freedom and the right to choose?

Of course not. He’d call that: parents who aren’t defending their children, parents who are viciously attacking their children.

Ah, “but he doesn’t know enough about the catastrophic transgender drugs and hormones,” so he’s off the hook.

He’s a man with a very high medical IQ, but in this particular area, he’s dumb as wood.

I see.

So, Robert, when should we expect you to have done the research…and finally know enough about the transgender drugs to make a definitive public statement?

June? July? August? September? October? November, election month?


I’m betting on never.


Defend the children, Robert! Or cop to the fact that you’ve left a gigantic hole in that wall. On purpose. Because you don’t want to lose your Woke following of suburban soccer moms. Or for some other equally insane reason.

Wake the fuck up.

The clock is ticking. And I’m not talking about the oncoming Election Day. I’m talking about the ongoing mangling and destruction of children’s lives.

— Jon Rappoport

Attributions: https://jonrappoport.substack.com/p/rfk-jr-disastrous-position-child-trans-issue

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