The global world order is centralized at levels above the nation-state

The illusions of a transition from a “unipolar” U.S. to “multi-polar” BRICS order

Until you know who has lent what to whom, you know nothing whatever of politics, you know nothing whatever of history, you know nothing of international wrangles. – Ezra Pound

In the 2022 Brazil presidential election Brazil’s version of the deep state successfully rigged the election against popular populist Bolsonaro, running the same strategy that they had deployed against Trump in America. Protesters had their funds stolen from their bank accounts and they were held down and forcibly COVID vaccinated against their will and then jailed. Lula, the globohomo candidate, immediately announced that Brazil would begin de-dollarization efforts. Lawfare efforts commenced against Bolsonaro and he fled the country.

During the 2022 Canadian Freedom Convoy protests against COVID vaccine mandates, Justin Trudeau and one of his top ministers announced that they would steal the funds out of the bank accounts of the protesters. The next day, chagrined, they reversed themselves – they had received a reprimand from above; it was not yet time to roll it out in Canada. Meanwhile, all new trucks by 2025 will have remote kill-switches installed in them, preventing such protests from fomenting in the future.

In 2022 Pakistan’s National Assembly and Supreme Court ousted populist leader Imran Khan and lawfare efforts were then initiated to imprison him. Khan was ousted because he was neutral in the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

In 2022 Romania arrested populist clown-figure Andrew Tate because Tate was upsetting globohomo with his pro-masculinity takes. Romania had little to no interest in investigating or imprisoning Tate but did so on orders from above.

In 2020-2021 the CIA attempted to overthrow Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus, repeating what they accomplished against a democratically elected leader in Ukraine, which was thwarted.

In mid-2023 Russian nationalist Igor Strelkov and many others were arrested and thrown in prison by authorities with little to no justification offered during the ongoing globohomo-sponsored Ukraine war.

I could go on as these are just a handful of examples. These events are viewed as disparate events by most people, but I see them as a connected conspiracy, orchestrated from the owners of the world central banks who use the political actors of their nation-state subjects to crush populism wherever it is found.

Look, all one has to do is observe the worldwide coordinated efforts during COVID to see how global this monster is. Every country in the world worked in lockstep on economic shutdowns and forced untested, deadly vaccinations, including the so-called independent states of China, Russia, Iran, Brazil, Saudi etc. Only Africa was exempt from these forced measures and Sweden feebly resisted to a very limited extent. Dissenters worldwide to this process were banned from the public realm, lost their jobs or worse. Of course the creator of the PCR test, the gold standard of COVID testing, believed the PCR test was wildly inappropriate for testing for COVID (and he curiously died right before the start of COVID), but this was seen as a benefit by globohomo because they could get any result they wanted from the tests depending on the number of cycles they used for amplification (amplifying tests more than 25x would come back positive for anything, and there are reports COVID tests were amplified at varying rates over time but as high as 40x) — in other words, globohomo could create surges of COVID waves at their will depending on political needs.

See this great post by Iain Davis
where he breaks the argument down further:

All governments in all major economies are avid enthusiasts of SDGs, biosecurity, digitalisation, tokenisation, the censorship of "disinformation," CBDC (digital money), population surveillance and, most crucially, global governance under the auspices of the United Nations (UN)….This suggests oligarch control external of international relations and conflicts. There is evidence of supranational sovereignty and political authority being exercised, right now, by a global network that operates beyond the reach of national governments”…

Quite evidently, there is very real and bitter conflict between nations and it is causing immense suffering. In fact, one of our chief concerns is that the transition to a MWO will cause significantly more suffering.

What we are saying is that there is no disagreement on the pillars from any quarter. But this is no claim that national governments are “all in it together.” On the contrary, the fact that there is both conflict and, at the same time, global agreement on the pillars, suggests a “geopolitical reality” that no member of the multipolar fan club seemingly wants to discuss.

Agreement on the pillars does not suggest all national governments are of one, single hive mind. It suggests that governments do not control the global governance system. They are subject to it, just like the rest of us. The best they can achieve is "partner" status. And they are not senior partners.

The pillars did not originate with national governments. The pillars were mapped out by public-private globalist think tanks and international organisations that serve the interests of oligarchs.

The cabal structure is represented as follows from here:

The BIS is the coordinating entity of the world central banks and is based in Basil, Switzerland. It is not subject to the laws of Switzerland and has its own police force. The BIS itself is owned by a very small number of families although the exact details are of course closely guarded and not released for public consumption. See this link which explains how most of the layers above the Policy Subject level are exempted from paying taxes. In other words, this system is a worldwide parasitical system that extracts wealth from the public for its own consumption.

The private owners of the world central banks are seemingly animated by a malevolent Demiurgic spirit which seeks a total inversion of human values and quite possibly an end to humanity itself, as Tree of Woe
points out here. While they may not be literally inspired by an actual Demon, their actions are indistinguishable from it.

As Ezra Pound said, “Wars in old times were made to get slaves. The modern implement of imposing slavery is debt.” The central banks of the world print funds out of thin air and then loan those funds to governments at interest. If you think U.S. debt is bad now, look at what is being projected by the Treasury:

Debt held by the public is a measure of all federal debt that the federal government owes to those outside of the federal government. It includes debt held by individuals, businesses, banks, insurance companies, state and local governments, pension funds, mutual funds, foreign governments, foreign businesses and individuals, and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. An increase in government borrowing reduces the amount of money available to other borrowers, putting upward pressure on interest rates and reducing private investment.

I had previously posted a representation of this neoliberal feudal structure as follows:

One of the last things that Julian Assange had tweeted was a subset of this structure before he was silenced. I previously covered Assange’s story here.

Many of you reading this are well educated; most have spent a lot of time following political developments. Why do so few know about this structure even though it is both hierarchical and simple to understand? The answer is they make every attempt to conceal it from the public; even the far right basically just focuses on the World Economic Forum or the Federal Reserve or Jews (the relationship between the Jewish people and the central bank owners I covered previously here). The propaganda outlets would never discuss the actual structure of the world, nor academics or anyone who receives benefits from this system. As the Rothschild firm of London wrote to associates in New York, 1863:

“The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” 

A system designed like this must stay in the shadows and must keep the world’s population focused on distractions. It is more akin to a parasite on a host than anything else. It is a closed feedback system: it prints unlimited money out of thin air via their privately owned central banks then it feeds the media, academic, intelligence community and political systems which then push values and laws that increase the power of the central banks further and impoverish the general population via increased crime, illegal immigration, etc. It is a closed system so the ability to impact it from the outside is very low (the limited extent it can influence the system is finding ways to decrease the system’s legitimacy, such as via the Canadian trucker protest during COVID), and the #1 priority of the system is to oppress political threats to its continued propagation – hence, it crushes, viciously, any organized opposition. It is basically like the mafia. And this is very dispiriting for those outside the system who want to have an impact: dissident energies and funds are quite limited without any institutional or foreign support, and when this closed system simply ignores them and doubles down on egalitarianism and open borders the energies of dissidents get depressed and then dissolve…

With that said they are few in number and we are many; hence populism is what the system is most afraid of, because if enough people wake up to how this worked they would be furious and overthrow it. This is why free speech is de-facto banned and any attempts at organizing are immediately infiltrated with federal provocateurs.
CDN media
A man painting the Federal Reserve on fire

Now, this is a train with no brakes: every system carries momentum within it, and if a system is not striving toward something then it could easily break up amidst squabbling and lack of control. This is what European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde means when she says CBDCs are required or else they will lose control (even this Substack is tiny evidence of populist attacks on their control; people are slowly, ever so slowly, waking up): they need to push forward with instituting total, permanent control over the masses via a slave CBDC system or their criminal enterprise could fall apart. They need to further weaken and destroy the host (even though a dead host could kill the parasite) because not doing so entails certain destruction. This is why the EU wants to import 75 million more illegal migrants in furtherance of the Kalergi plan.

As part of this strategy the central bank owners could issue a transition from a unipolar to a multi-polar world as is currently being publicly hinted at in a number of ways and as argued by bloggers like The Dissident Writer
with a surface level analysis here, but such a transition would not change the structure of the above hierarchy, especially the upper layers and hence it is false and a lie, even if it ends up in dramatically lowering U.S. quality of living by BRICS de-dollarizing and shifting off the petrodollar system. The negative inflationary effects of unlimited monetary printing pushing more and more people into poverty was recently covered by Theodore Atkinson
here; it will get much worse.
Note the intentional demarcation within this pseudo-”multi-polar world” between Europe and Russia in accordance with Mackinder’s still-highly relevant 1904 Heartland Theory, as discussed here

How did this system arise?

This system originally arose due to carveouts which gave Jewish families the exclusive right to money lend to the masses during the European Middle Ages; see this post and the second half of this post for details on this process. A small, highly successful sub-set came to understand how money is the primary driver for most people and that by manipulating the money supply one could manipulate human behavior for their own ends. There was no competition; no one else understood what money really represented at its core, and it was not the ability to trade, consume or wage war but the ability to shape belief. It wasn’t usually done as crudely as direct bribery; rather, money was printed out of thin air via the Bank of England (established in 1694) and then funneled to favored causes and organizations that would increase its power and destroy their enemies. As Mayer Amschel Rothschild famously stated, ″Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who establishes its laws.″ His lovely wife also supposedly said, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

There has been a flat zero significant1 opposition to this system since the end of World War 2 where Germany was set up for failure by the world’s financial forces. Before that globohomo conquered America in 1913 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve and conquered Russia by overthrowing the Tsar and brutally murdering him and his entire family. China has been owned by globohomo for a long time and their project concluded with the country’s induction into the WTO with US patronage, while Iran has always been a globohomo plaything, first by toppling Mossadegh (1953) and then by handing Iran to Khomeini (1979) who was living in Britain before the handover, much as the British handed Russia to the Bolsheviks (and Lenin was also living in the West beforehand). Rurik Skywalker
touches on some of these ideas about Iran in his recent post here.

Again, there was not significant competition because the Tsar, kings and emperors were operating on a different, lower plane; they saw the use of money incorrectly for tapping its full potential. These kings pursued a personal power maximization strategy, risking their lives and thrones jostling in battles against other kings for territorial changes to improve their reputations. But they were always controlled by the funding that they relied on, and by controlling the money supply the central bank owners could make or break kings (the latter by funding their opposition2) while setting the incentives in place for societal changes as a whole. They had no need to put their own necks on the line or to be identified as the source of power to the public. The central bank owners were five steps ahead and their vision so much greater.
An illustration of the European balance of power. Who do you think was doing the balancing?

The understanding of the globohomo structure is critical to understanding the Russia/Ukraine war from the proper perspective. It is easy otherwise to get fooled by governmental, media or alternative (usually CIA backed) propaganda like from Larry Johnson, Scott Ritter or otherwise, or by bloggers like Simplicius. Both Russia and Ukraine are mere “Policy Enforcers” of this system and both are beholden to the forces at the layers above them.

This is a big reason why both garden-variety civic nationalism and far-right white nationalism is a dead end: putting aside that the West is rapidly turning brown and black and that the Germans who elected the Nazis had a 98% white country (i.e. it was an easy Schelling point at the time), and that the white world population has shrunk from 25% of the world population in 1900 to 6.5% today, it doesn’t understand that their globohomo opposition suppresses nationalism everywhere, therefore resistance to it needs to take place on a global basis from a position of populism and nationalism everywhere. Everyone in the world other than the tiny number of central bank owning families and their underlings is a slave to this system, therefore everyone has an incentive to upend it. Even if the end goal is nationalism, it cannot be accomplished while this global system is in force. A focus on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. is a distraction given the scope of the problem, except perhaps to understand the complicated relationship between the central bankers and the Jewish people as a whole. Indeed, encouraging the populations of the world to fight amongst each other, rooted in the egalitarian ratchet effect, is one of globohomo’s chief methods of control to keep people from discovering their ongoing theft. Any objective of self-sovereignty must begin with the identification of this system as it structurally exists and then fought locally and worldwide with the conviction that globohomo’s national “leaders” are mere powerless figureheads for global forces. In other words, the North Star when viewing “new political or social developments” should be with the structure and motivations of the world’s central bank owners in mind. And as OGRE
points out, the more knowledge of truth spreads the weaker globohomo becomes.

Thanks for reading.

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