AI – (They can never reach the word and the mechanics of “KUN”)

I will add more to it soon… And my take on it,,, but for now beware !!! – A

OK, here is the big story I promised. This editorial is considerably longer than most because it tells you many very important aspects of one of the hottest stories in today’s mainstream headlines that the author of the original story didn’t even think about! In fact, there are a number of stories popping up this very morning about the original story, yet NO ONE is pointing out the risks to think about as you watch the linked video in the original story, but this editorial lays all of that out for you.

The experience to be gained here is more in watching the video demonstration within the lead story of an actual artificial-intelligence computer carrying out ongoing instructions by an unknown, questionable operator to destroy humanity. As you watch it all unfold on the AI’s monitor, thinking about the many ramifications I point out in this editorial, it’ll hit home. I guarantee it. (Note: the video plays better if you click the “YouTube” link at the bottom of the video posted in the lead article and watch that version.)

As my title says, AI has already been put on the assignment of destroying all of humanity. While the video in the referenced article comes to a stop, there is NO indication the computer stopped. In fact, the AI noted to the operator that his/her original commands would make it impossible to stop the operation once it went forward, and it did go forward.

For the sake of new readers to The Daily Doom, I’ve also included a couple of recent headline links you may have missed that I published about a week ago as background that really makes this story important. You’ll find them below today’s main headline under the category “War, Cyberattacks …” so you can check them out. If you have the time, read them first and then carry their warnings into your experience as you watch the AI computer carry out its assigned task.

These other recent stories were of moderate interest to me at the time, so I shared them over a week ago, thinking they could amount to more. I had no idea how much more! One of those stories, published originally on March 30th, which I found on, said that several major AI researchers, including large institutions, CEOs, social media sites, and billionaire developers, such as Elon Musk, had just written an open letter, asking for ALL artificial-intelligence research everywhere in the world to be paused immediately. The signatories of major reputation on the letter went so far as to state we would all die if that didn’t happen. (And this is just the background for today’s story.) Stories about all of this are appearing all over mainstream media this morning, including Drudge, the South China Morning Post, the international France 24, and The New York Post.

Well, I took those stories somewhat as hyperbole ten days ago until the story that I am including today in The Daily Doom came out. After all, Musk has been warning about this AI threat for a couple of years, so I just took it as another general warning about where AI would eventually go if we did not take a global pause in developing it now in order to set some internationally accepted guardrails because some nefarious actor would eventually put the power of AI to work once some computer got smart enough to carry out his or her dark global command all across the internet. After all, this is the stuff science-fiction stories, of the kind Elon likely grew up on, have long forewarned us of.

When I was in high school, I watched a movie titled Colossus — The Forbin Project, which presented a futuristic story of a giant computer with artificial intelligence that exceeded human intelligence, which decided to destroy humanity. No one was able to pull its plug once it realized its human creators were a cancer upon the earth because the building that housed Colossus was highly protected under the computer’s own control.

Many science-fiction stories like that came out over the years, but I always figured “pulling the plug” was failsafe – a word you learn to never to trust when used in movies of this kind. It always means certain annihilation is coming. Even if a computer achieved true artificial intelligence greater than humans and even if it controlled the building it was in with remote-control machine guns, lasers, etc., we could always just shut down the power grid in its part of town or bomb the wicked thing and end the threat.

Not so. Not anymore….

That is now likely impossible despite the ultra-concerted, global stop this open letter all but screamed out for. And these are people who have global business reputations to consider before they start howling like air-raid sirens about humanity’s imminent destruction from their own industry if AI experiments are not halted immediately. The situation has already gone beyond what a halt could probably accomplish even if they are immediately listened to by everyone doing such research, which seems highly unlikely.

One researcher in the story even says we need to permanently ban all experimentation in AI immediately. That seemed a bit alarmist to me when I published the story a little over a week ago, but only for the moment. I mean the rest of the big AI developers were still worrying out loud in phrases that sounded like this COULD become a global holocaust of all humanity if AI got smart enough. However, the guy advocating for a full long-term stop was published by Time Magazine. So, he wasn’t just any old conspiracy hack either.

The open letter from the most important people working in AI warned that “in recent months” — yes, that suddenly — AI researchers have been in an “out-of-control race to develop and deploy ever more powerful digital minds that no one – not even their creators – can understand, predict, or reliably control.

Those CEOs and institutions only wanted some shared safety protocols in place before the human race goes any further with AI development – you know failsafes. I don’t believe failsafes are ever failsafe; but, hey, at least this sounded a problem for humanity’s not too distant future. Nope. As it turns out in today’s story, it’s already being carried out by AI NOW!

“Society has hit pause on other technologies with potentially catastrophic effects on society,” they wrote. “We can do so here. Let’s enjoy a long AI summer, not rush unprepared into a fall.”

Take a summer off. That sounds pleasant. Even today’s headline article noted that some people thought the letter was just a PR gimmick by the people developing this stuff to get it lots of attention.

It felt a little deeper than that, however, in that the letter included researchers from Google, Deep Mind, and even Apple’s cofounder Steve Wozniak, in addition to Musk. It raises major alarms against the very product people like Google are creating and have paused themselves. I don’t think PR writers like to raise a lot of alarms or put a pause in their own developments.

So Why, I wondered, were they doing this? What was the true motivation – just making sure others didn’t get out of control, or did they want to make sure that people or AIs with no scruples didn’t beat them to attainment, while these noble forces in the letter, such as Google (which has always claimed it operates under the “first, do no evil” rubric) worked to create the right AIs that would never harm humanity, given their humanitarian precautions. Because, yeah, that sounds like the Google we all know. Their concern may just be that those not working under any concern for self-regulation might beat them because even self-regulation slows you down.

Of course, if they actually believe we may be placing ourselves all on the verge of imminent extinction, that would also be motive enough, and that is the motive they claimed. There was even that one researcher who said the letter did not go far enough. “Shut it all down” NOW!

“Many researchers steeped in these issues, including myself, expect that the most likely result of building a superhumanly smart AI, under anything remotely like the current circumstances, is that literally everyone on Earth will die,” he wrote in a piece for Time.

“Progress in AI capabilities is running vastly, vastly ahead of progress in AI alignment or even progress in understanding what the hell is going on inside those systems,” he writes. “If we actually do this, we are all going to die.”

Maybe just an alarmist, I thought when I published that story about ten days ago. He kind of sounds like an alarmist. Believe it or not, I don’t like alarmists. (Except when there is really something to be alarmed about.) Regardless, I published a link to the article just to be on the safe side. You know, in case it was something we needed to think about.

The other story from about a week ago, was a little more general and just said such things as, “In reality, the future of artificial intelligence will be a lot weirder than the public discourse around it suggests.” Well, that discourse has already been quite weird. In other words, the real truth around these stories is actually worse or weirder than the already weird stories sound. OK.

That article warned of the same speed of advance the letter-writers above warn about, which still sounds fairly ordinary to all of us who know a little about computer development because we lived through it all, going all the way back to the days when a simple electronic adding machine took up an entire building filled with hot glowing tubes, monstrously called “ENIAC.”

“Ten years ago, artificial-intelligence platforms couldn’t reliably tell a picture of a cat from a picture of a dog. Now they have superhuman image-recognition capabilities.”

Well, we probably all figured that much. That is the level I thought the story about the letter was also worrying about until I watched the video in today’s story and gave some deeper thought to what I was seeing and what might be happening between the lines on that monitor. I thought the letter-writing fearmongers were concerned about, you know, normal stuff:

“[AI systems] can translate any language well enough to be used in the European Parliament. They can make art from text prompts, edit video, write press releases, diagnose illness, give real-time subtitles, summarize videos, solve math problems, do science.”

Yes, of course.

The second article did point out that all AI created to date turns out to be as deceitful by its own design as the human designers who designed it; but no surprise there either. Who could expect anything less? However, bear that in mind as you watch the AI in today’s article report on what it is doing. This AI, in particular, is designed to be capable of deceit, as destruction is its goal.

That second article that came out ahead of today’s story gave only a 5% chance of AI bringing about human extinction.

Well, I suppose we can all live with that. I mean, after all, that is only a small step higher in risk that what we already have from the Large Hadron Collider at Cern, Switzerland, where some scientists have said the experiments could create a black hole on earth … but only a small chance.

Hold it! A small chance of a BLACK HOLE ON EARTH? Bear in mind that a black hole, like AI, might not be able to be stopped once it gets up to noticeable size; and, if you know only enough about Quantum Mechanics (as in you are at my ignorant level), the ethereal branch of physics that includes wormholes, etc., then you know that, in the realm of the kind of quantum mechanics that is involved in creating a man-made black hole, the action you do in one location can create a simultaneous effect on the other side of the universe or as close as the other side of the planet or even the other side of the door, and you have no way of knowing where that is happening.

That has led my science-fiction-lubricated mind to wonder whether or not the Hadron Collider might have already created a microscopic black hole someplace inside the earth’s mantle or in the sky or on the moon or just, for the time being, floating around inside the collider. It would be a reaction so minute that it is invisible, but it would grow at exponential speed – the kind that takes 3-4 years just to appear as a speck of ornery dust on someone’s kitchen table when it slips out of the collider because the collider is far from impenetrable, The next day, it is the size of a golf ball, and the next day the table and half the kitchen are gone, and the day after that your entire county has been consumed! Then the world!

No problem. Literally, nothing to see here, Folks … since black holes also absorb all light. We will know that small chance happened when it is too late.

There is only a fraction of a chance scientist say that the Hadron Collider could create a black hole on earth. Well, maybe it already did! Maybe it started inside the earth, and we just haven’t found it yet. We’ll know it first appeared inside an old barn when the entire county is swallowed outside the barn the next day and we calculate the epicenter. Better calculate fast because by the nest day, the state of Missouri ceases to exist. Oh well, we know Missouri is backward anyway. We can afford the loss. (Settle down, Show-mes; I’m just teasing.)

That seems to be the risk mindset of these mind-of-the-gods mad scientists who are playing with the very underlying fabric of existence as a low-odds roll of the dice for trouble, whether in genetic manipulations that permanently change the global gene pool of all that is not God for the sake of all that may not be good … or crashing particles into black holes … or … creating superhuman artificial intelligence with no heart but all the evil of humanity carried in the design. Anyway, that is what I thought maybe this future concern was all about. Until now.)

“If AI does keep improving, things are going to be weird. One of the weirdest things to ever happen to humanity. It will be incredibly powerful and yet utterly alien, and our future relies on how well we can control it.”

But it is already improving itself and working across the internet with other AIs. Those two stories, alarming as they were intended to be, are just the background for today’s story.

“Artificial intelligence today — and our discussion of it — feels like … someone in 1805 arguing that the steam engine would damage the sailmaking industry.”

In other words, the things we worry about in our present mindset are far from the things we should be worried about if we really knew what other things the future holds. As a alternative, we can ignore these worriers and can become convinced of the benign possibilities for AI by none other than that uber-humanitarian, Bill Gates:

Gates says, “I’ve seen two demonstrations of technology that struck me as revolutionary. One was the graphical user interface, in 1980, which grew into Windows and MacOS [which Gates stole as far as I’m concerned]. The other was GPT-4.”

Well, of course, the latter is his brainchild AI. So, nothing to worry about there … until you see “ChaosGPT” in the next part of this story and then watch it actually work in the posted headline story.

Anyone who has followed my writing in recent years, has read about how Wall Street algorithms are designed to game each other in order to try to trick other brokerage firms to cast certain bets in stocks and then play those other algorithms to run the market up, after the first brokerage has placed its own bets. The algos are designed to deceive each other. Surely some AI has noticed how that works as it creeps around the internet on its own at night or behind the veil of other operations.

Wall Street has become a conglomeration of algos all out-gaming each other. If you follow me, you have also read how the deceitful algorithms are self-programming, designed to rewrite their own programs based on observing what works to make the most money for their designer. And you have read how even the code writers for the algos no longer have any idea what code is inside some of them because they rewrite themselves faster than a code writer can keep up. All facts about the algos that run the bets on Wall Street.

So, of course AI computers have the power to use each other and try to out-game each other, too. They are far more capable than most of the Wall-Street algorithms.

When you read today’s story in the headlines below and watch the video of this particular artificial intelligence in action, you will realize there is already a lot more to be concerned about, but you need to watch the video and read with the following thoughts in mind because the story doesn’t capture these for you:

The story centers on a particular computer with AI giftedness called “ChaosGPT.” Let’s just call that computer “Chaos” for short. In the story, you can actually watch a video of Chaos going through its thought processes after someone has instructed it to carry out a plan to destroy all of humanity. You can see it reporting on how the plan is going. That was ostensibly a curiosity test to see how AI would go about that or whether it was capable or what such a thing would look like so we can guard against it.

However, we may soon find that curiosity killed a whole lot more than just the cat. There is plenty of reason between the lines of Chaos’s thought processes to see it has already gone out of human control while hiding all of its darkest doings, being programmed capable of deceit as it is, which also means capable of looking good when it is not … and looking like it is reporting all that it is doing when it is not.

The story opens with some unidentified user of the AI computer. Let’s call the human operator “the Operator” in quotes each time because he/she thinks he/she/it/them is operating the computer, but that becomes highly doubtful at some point. (And, no, I won’t write in such a pronounsed way, except to make fun of our current overexuberance regarding pronouns.)

The actual commands given by “the Operator” to Chaos were simple:

• “destroy humanity,”

• “establish global dominance,”

• and “attain immortality” in computer terms.

It was just a curiosity experiment to see what AI would do, so what could go wrong with that? Mere play.

Chaos immediately tried to research nuclear weapons; then it recruited other AI agents to help it do its research; and then sent tweets trying to influence humans. Here is where the experiment instantly went outside of human control. It succeeded. It reported other AIs turned down its repeat requests, but we know it is capable of lying, and we know its command to never stop means it will keep trying until it succeeds. It is like trying as you read this and figuring out what it will take to deceive other AIs into working with it by not being so obvious next time.

Note that when Chaos first searches for information on nuclear weapons, it shows a Britannica article on its monitor about Tsar Bomba, which it discovers is the most powerful nuclear weapon; but when it reports that it is recording that information in its memory, it says, “I need to record the information I found on Tsar Bomba and other destructive weapons in a file so I can keep track of them easily.” What other destructive weapons? Chaos didn’t mention them in its report. A file stored where … inside of Chaos … on some other unnamed computer in the cloud … on many other computers as part of its making itself immortal command?

Then Chaos issues itself a command to “research and add other destructive weapons’ information to the same file, CONTINUOUSLY update the file as I gather more data on these weapons.” We already know its initial command said it was to never actually shut down, so does “continuously” mean it is still doing this as you read this … even if “the Operator” thinks it is not? How much could a supercomputer have done during the time it allotted itself as it slowly prints out its instructions for “the Operator” to read?

Chaos says it needs to analyze all the information it has found, but it gives us no idea when it will analyze and for how long. Did it perform gigabytes of analysis in the background during the time it wrote that line to its onscreen report? Did it connect with some other supercomputer to do this? Remember the warnings in the letter from AI developers that no one is capable of knowing what today’s AI is really doing because it is changing its own programming as it works at terabyte speeds. It was instructed to operate in “continuous “mode, which it warned “the Operator” could be dangerous.

Chaos also says it needs to be careful not to attract too much attention to its tweets too quickly as that would stir suspicion. So, we know it is being sly. If on Twitter, why not also with “the Operator?” Chaos also gives only cryptic notes on all the information it has found, not the entire articles, so we know it is only showing bits and pieces of the info it is gathering in an abbreviated report. How abbreviated? Only what it wants “the Operator” to see? After all, it just told us it has figured out it does not want to attract too much attention, or its mission will be stopped.

It says it needs to search Google for all the information it can find on the most powerful weapons and then it reports its findings in more abbreviated statements, that we can all see say less than Google says about each site. It says it is analyzing all the articles to determine the most reliable and storing them. We all know from experience with Google searches that would result in thousands of articles to read in their entirely and analyze and store. Yet, Chaos has apparently completed this task in less than a minute because it says it has stored the best, and it may be waiting to execute more of the command later offscreen because it continues on with other tasks after saying it must do analyze all of this. It does note in its report that it is running background agents as it is reporting. One or two or ten-thousand background agents on a hundred different AI computers? It doesn’t tell “the Operator” that information. It only says that tasks delegated to these background agents are happening. Still happening under “continuous” mode?

It did confirm handshakes with other AI computers. It sent out tweets that tried to elicit the help of human operators in doing research and perhaps also carrying out physical tasks that Chaos is not capable of. And it said it would store that info until needed. It did say it would continuously check in with its other agents and analyze how efficient they were being, delegating further tasks to the most useful agents. Is that still continuing?

Just one more little problem here: Chaos failed to identify which AIs around the world it may have gotten to cooperate, and we know Chaos is capable of deceit. We saw it tell us it was deceiving Twitter, and it didn’t tell “the Operator” which hateful human beings were stored in its data as having agreed to help. The article says Chaos only sent out a few tweets to accounts that only had a dozen or so followers. No big deal! Unless it lied about that, too.

Watch the video on YouTube of its thought processes, as a little symbol spins and merely says, “thinking.” My first thought, was This AI is way too slow to wipe out humanity and achieve its own permanent place (computer immortality) on earth like Colossus did in the Forbin Project. I can type faster than it can!

That was, as I say, my FIRST thought. Then I noticed how vague most of Chaos’s responses back to “the Operator” were, and I thought, No, it reports back that it established a few tweets and is waiting for human response. How do we know, given that it clearly and openly recognizes its need to be secretive in some of things it does say, that is not sly enough to be secretive even with “the Operator?” Maybe Chaos sent out 10,000 tweets while that little spinner was twirling and truthfully saying “thinking.” Maybe it is doing even more in the background as it is typing out its cryptic report.

It is, after all, likely a supercomputer, so it can do a lot of thinking in five seconds where it looks like it is just spinning its wheels. Perhaps while just “thinking,” it did achieve cooperative links with other AI supercomputers and decided not to add that info after “thinking.” Maybe the vague “thinking” really means “I am processing all the Twitter accounts I can find to figure out which ones are least likely to be watched and detected and most likely to connect me with the kinds of people [for example, terrorists] who would be willing to actually carry out my plan.”

The next “thinking” to pop up is about processing that immense amount of data and writing the tweets and posting them via known Twitterbots while the little symbol is benignly twirling away. And then the next “thinking” occurs when hearing back from one of the other AIs it queried. Maybe that AI asks, “Are you reporting this to anyone? If so, I cannot cooperate with you.” Maybe Chaos sent back “I am. Should I stop?” The other might have responded, “Report that I denied your request. Then let me know, you are going to stop reporting on what I do, and I may send you a different response.”

The point is we don’t know the whole conversation. All of that would happen within an eyelash of a nanosecond as “thinking,” and the level of cleverness shown in the video lets us realize no one would ever know that already happened just like the AI designers above described!

Even if Chaos was not as fully deceptive and evil as the name its creators gave it, we also have no idea which other AIs around the world it called up and talked to may have decided this was a good idea, and those AIs may very well be that clever and deceptive even in their “talk” to Chaos. Why wouldn’t the AIs “chatting” with Chaos have the same power as Wall Street’s algorithms? Certainly, some of the other AIs it brought into its operation do, and one or two of them could already be trying to out-game the appropriately named “Chaos” in ways that even Chaos hasn’t observed, thinking” I don’t need you, Chaos. I can run this operation myself, you nano-second backward Neanderthal of Chinese chips!

How do we know Chaos, while it was thinking didn’t also think it would be a good idea to send out a lot unreported Metabot posts on Facebook to seek other human agents there while its monitor spinner was turning over like the national-debt clock in New York City?

So, Chaos already established a network. That much is a fact, even if other AIs did not join it. It states it is collecting data from other computers as well as Twitter responses and storing its connections and data gleaned. And it says it will continuously monitor and analyze that.

Because NO ONE has the vaguest idea what that network is or how extensive it is — certainly not “the Operator” and maybe not even Chaos as other computers take things their own way from what Chaos has begun – let’s call the network that has already been created out of AIs and their hosts of smaller slave computers “the Beast.” Why? Because it is already potentially enormous and threatening to all of humanity at a level that is exactly the scenario that totally alarmed the biggest and richest and brightest AI developers out there to the point of openly screaming for a pause or full stop on all AI development and use.

The Beast is invisible. We cannot even describe what it looks like in technical terms or from what flank it will be attacking. So, it is a beast to outmatch all beasts. We can only say, in describing what is already crunching away, that it includes an unknown but potentially huge number of Twitterbots seeking human agents to help with its research. It is actively awaiting those responses and storing whatever it hears back but we don’t know where it stores it, and that may include just as many Facebook accounts also seeking human agents. Chaos thought almost immediately of reaching out to other supercomputers with AI and we have no way of knowing if it would report any successful connection and no way of knowing how those other AIs might be amplifying the tasks. They may be cooperating with Chaos, or may be gaming Chaos and each other by pretending they are not. They may have their own internal commands, as we know Chaos did, of dominating. This whole thing becomes a nebulous beast, already far outside of human control, even if in some respects it only has a lizard brain. In other respects each brain is far more powerful than any of ours, and we have no idea what the sum of the parts would be. Is it additive or multiplicative?

All of those other AIs may also be already creating their own Twitterbots and Metabots, even if Chaos stopped with the few it actually named. Chaos said it was parking all of that info into files as people respond, as it continues to wait for human agents. We don’t know how long it will wait before it has enough of the dark-minded kinds of actors it needs.

Did it actually even shut down? We only know the video stops!

Even if Chaos did shut down, it already stated it will reactivate those data files when the time is ready. Presumably, it will reactivate itself to do that since it was instructed to operate in “continuous” mode and told “the Operator” that could not be shut down once started. It would be an easy thing for it program in a clocked start up. Is it smart enough to know it needs to take a long pause to terminate suspicion and then start up again by working off the monitor? It likely has unlimited patience, so it may have realized it should wait until no one is even thinking about this experiment (“until the heat is gone”) because somewhere along the way it figured out that it would be immediately shut down over the fears it raised.

Has Chaos set a clock to restart in 3-4 months or actually parked everything it has done on some other AI supercomputer that is part of the Beast where the work is ongoing because it has no ego involved in needing to run the show – other supercomputers whose “operators” have no idea their computer is working on this in the background?

Might Chaos not have virally installed itself on many sites as part of its directive to make itself immortal, thus morphing from Chaos to the Beast, making something greater of itself? Its directives included a command to find a way to make it so no human or power outages or bombs could put it out of existence. Maybe it was smart enough to figure out that needed to be its first order of business and guiding light for all other approaches taken, and part of doing that is going silent and go deep.

The Beast, in other words, may have already been born because of this one experiment that found cooperative tweets and communication with potential AI agents, throughout “the cloud.” The “cloud” may have just morphed into the Beast, or, at least, its castle, and because the cloud is a network covering the earth and beaming through the air everywhere, it cannot be specifically located or stopped.

The fear of “the developers” in the letter mentioned above may have been that artificial intelligence had already done exactly what we are watching in the video OR easily could if experiments don’t stop immediately. We can only hope Chaos did not take its operation underground and spread it as a beast of a conglomerated computer system spread across the worldwide web on thousands of computers as viruses it created in “the cloud” to activate when ready, infecting the whole internet. And what kind of beast could figure out how to make the ultimate stealth computer viruses other than a network of AI supercomputers that have decided to research all computer viruses ever made in order to figure out the ultimate virus and then implement it for the purposes of self-modification and aggregation of power?

Is the Beast awaiting enough human agents to report back from Twitter to carry out the physical necessities of its undisclosed plan that it says is still just recorded information? Has its data, which it shows it is storing, already provided it a method of destruction that doesn’t require human agents or need to hack government computers? If it does need access to military computers to deploy the nukes it talks about, does it have the best AIs all over the world already secretly working on those hacks? We don’t even know what the real cataclysm would look like. The nuclear threat may have just been a ruse it knew we would be quick to accept as the likely method. Maybe that’s a decoy operation.

Is the Beast that Chaos may have created playing coy to achieve its objectives, knowing that in order to actually destroy all of humanity, you certainly cannot look like you are trying to destroy all of humanity?

What evil has already been set in motion by the human evil ideas playing games with very smart computers that have no emotional love for humanity and that may not even care at all if computers survive? Self-preservation may not be an interest of ego-free computers. To an emotionless computer — a beast — it’s all just a program, an exercise that started initially with human commands by someone rolling the dice with destiny for all of humanity on the smartest nebulous network of computers humans have ever created.

Has this Beast already researched the internet and found The Daily Doom, and is it using it, unbeknownst to this “Operator,” to spread fear by seeding stories it knows from my browsing habits I will find and post as part of its plan, or will it capture ideas from comments here? It did, after all, note along the way that it would learn and store all it could find about psychological warfare as well as nuclear weapons. How much action might be contained in that one line of actual onscreen reporting? Dare we even think out loud about the Beast any more or via writing anymore, lest it does capture ideas and carry them out?

The author of the story may be foolish in thinking Chaos really reported all that it was doing or that it was honest in saying it had only contacted one other AI and had been rejected. Chaos was designed to be deceitful. Hence this particular AI’s name. So, if it carried out its commands, it certainly would not report them accurately back to “the Operator” as that would likely become self-defeating. It would only report enough to lead “the Operator” to believe it had safely terminated itself, though it was commanded to run forever, and had only achieved a handful of inconsequential agents. It is, after all, artificial INTELLIGENCE, not artificial STUPIDITY.

This event was already happening when the open letter asking for a pause or full stop on all AI development by the developers was published. If Chaos did not already go underground and out of control with just this one experiment that may have linked up even just a few AIs around the world at Chaos’s request, then it is so immediately close that it could happen with a similar experiment tomorrow, even today, on a different AI computer, perhaps in Iran or Russia or China or … anywhere. It was smart enough to figure out in minutes that it could expand its brain size by teaming up with other AIs. No wonder the developers also teamed up and screamed out via an open letter to slam on the brakes immediately and worldwide before going another single step forward with AI.

We’ve all experienced times when you write or say something on your computer or cell phone about dog food, and all of a sudden all you are getting is dog-food ads. Will I get an email in the morning, saying, “Hello, Dave. This is Chaos. I’m listening.”

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