6G Dawn Arrives

You can expect what madness is coming with new ‘G’.
Get lost you muzzled dog and all the criminals with their partners and associates in crime! -A

Excerpt…Ericsson and Telcaria have joined forces to improve the energy efficiency of 5G networks as part of the ‘6G DAWN’ project overseen by CTTC and funded under Spain’s government initiatives. Focused on optimizing private 5G networks for reduced energy consumption without compromising performance, the partnership adopts a public-private integrated network approach. Through advanced technologies like Network Digital Twin and Network Exposure deployed in the 5TONIC lab, the collaboration aims to validate these enhancements in a live environment. By leveraging the energy-efficient nature of 5G technology and exploring innovative solutions, the collaboration seeks to drive sustainability and cost savings for businesses across various sectors.

Article…Sweden..at the cutting edge of our favourite tech…