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When I started writing the GatekeeperClub article I was not familiar with any of the people who I’d like to highlight in this article. There was about 20 names on the list when I managed to reach a group called Darkside Papers. This opened a lot of doors for me to understand the workings of gatekeepers and it helped me with a lot of research of my own. The group is run by Omar Jordan and also have some very sharp peeps that constantly dig around everywhere.

On the road I also came across other great chaps and their work is discussed below. It should be noted that although they all appear in the same article I by no means place them in the same category of information that they bring out. Some of them focus on completely different topics and cover other main ideas. They are included on the list because they do great work in unearthing the truth about the true intentions of some of the people that the masses see as a good source of information.

Omar Jordan

For anyone who want to have a good sound board as well as mountains of information on the subject of gatekeepers I would encourage you to join Omar’s group. It is the only one of its kind (which I know about). His group can be joined by clicking on the the below button.

Omar’s work include the following:

“PROJECT A119 – EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMSREQUIRE EXTRAORDINARY EVIDENCE by Omar Jordan One of my all time favorite quotes comes from Carl Saganin which he once proclaimed that “Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence.” As a matter of fact, I approach almost all information with this quote as a central principle in how I process information. Does the information I’m being asked to believe satisfy this simple principle?”

David Martin - IMDb
Meet Del Bigtree in Lansing on June 6, 2022
Robert W. Malone - IMDb
Semnal de alarmă tras de Dr. Peter McCullough: FDA a luat-o razna – Aceste  vaccinuri trebuie să fie retrase imediat de pe piață. VIDEO – Stirea Zilei
Michael Yeadon - IMDb
Dolores Cahill - IMDb
Anderson Cooper | Biography & Facts | Britannica
Why CNN reporter told this doctor, 'I think you're crazy' | CNN
NT Awards 2021: May Parsons spotlights 'pivotal role' of nurses during  pandemic | Nursing Times
My Son Was Harmed by the DPT Shot | Barbara Loe Fisher
The Corbett Report (TV Series 2007– ) - IMDb
Paul Offit - Wikipedia
Dr. Michael Baden says without coronavirus tests, medical professionals are  'working in the blind' | Fox News

Bill Huston

Although it is my goal to mostly show how gatekeepers operate I have not made a list of people recommended for the no virus subject. Bill has a list of people which he calls virus pushers against clot shots but he also has a list of people and groups who brings out good information on the no virus subject. You can find him at the following places:

  • Virus pushers against clot shots page – here
  • Team no virus – here
  • Will’s substack (Apocalyptic Yoga) – here


The first papers I reviewed exposing some of the gatekeepers in this space was one by Fakeologist. You can sign onto his webpage by following this link and his substack (although he does not actively post articles on it) can be accessed by clicking on the section heading.

Proton Magic

Proton Magic has also done some great work on placing some of the gategeepers and a summary of his work is copied from this article as seen below.

Deception Agents

Statisticians make the best liars:

Kingston works us up in a frenzy to worry about her:

Sasha Latypova and Sars as a chemical agent:

Sasha Latypova attacks the Proton Magic News for David Martin:

Corbett and Broze show their true colors:

Thousands of non-medical people know there’s no virus but not Dr. Yeadon, he won’t even read the Sars non-discovery paper:

Karen says, “COVID-19 is an AI Bioweapon, not a virus. SARS-CoV-2, which was made in a lab, can’t infect humans.”:

Steve Kirsch says that “paper debates take time” when asked for a paper proving Sars virus:

Some notes written by Proton Magic:


I will work on the list as I find new and interesting people. If you do have suggestions, please drop a comment. Also, please note that all information should be reviewed and handled with care (even mine). Although I promote these channels it is not to say we always agree on everything. Everyone needs to make up their own mind based on the best evidence presented.

Attributions: https://dpl003.substack.com/p/discussing-the-gatekeepers-others

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