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Let’s expose some gatekeepers. You know… just so your little naïve reality can get some depth. What you will find below is a list of people we have made as gatekeepers or useful idiots as well as short descriptions or links to information/ videos that assisted us in reaching our decision.

You can refer to this post as an update as to why the exposure of gatekeepers is an important exercise: Quality Over Quantity.

Note this list will always be a work in progress and will continuously be updated as time goes on and as new gatekeepers reveal themselves. Should any gatekeepers already listed act in a way that makes their true intentions clearer such information will also be added as and when it comes up. If you have info not included, please drop a comment.

As with all things, the more you study the easier it will become for you to spot and see these people for who they really are. One of the aims of this list is therefor to show you how to discern these characters on your own and make you less reliant in lists like these.

You will do well to remember that gatekeepers do expose some lies in order to hook you and get their foot in the door. So while many of. The people listed may seem to be saying a lot right things, most of these people will only bring you to a specific point in a narrative and then attempt to keep you there indefinitely. Thereby preventing you from uncovering the entire truth or from seeing the true purpose behind the narrative in question.

One of the ways they do this is by making it appear that there is a line on the other side of which are people who should be considered crazy conspiracy theorists or lunatics. They will repeatedly refer to these people disparagingly in order to discourage you from listening to what they have to say with an open mind. Another way they keep you from reaching the truth is by leading you down false rabbit holes in a effort to keep you running in circles for ever.

A great example of somebody who employs these tactics is Robert F Kennedy (more detail on him in the post) and what you need to know is that he has been on this journey for a long time. A while back I posted a tweet to this effect and attached an article discussing the tactics used by the controlled opposition. It is a great post to consider before jumping into the names below especially if you are unfamiliar with the role played by gatekeepers (please note that my twitter account was terminated, and you cannot click on the twitter post anymore, but the article is still up and can be accessed here):

dpl @Fckelonmusk1

Anyone doubting that RFK is controlled opposition has not looked at how long he has been busy on the vaccine topic. His legal approach to the problem is set to cement its use. Below a great piece on people like him. natureofhealing.orgControlled Opposition In The Truth Movement“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” ― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Ever wonder why nothing ever changes? Two words: Controlled Opposition. Herd of sheep Controlled opposition is counterintelligence propaganda and is carried out today, legally, under the Smith-Mundt Moderni…5:29 AM ∙ Feb 22, 2023

Given that I have already lost more than a couple of twitter accounts, I thought it would probably be best to have alternative place where I can inform people of updates to the list. As such I started the Gatekeepers Club telegram group, which you can join by clicking the below button.

The Gatekeepers Club

Some final important, and perhaps controversial, points that I want to highlight before jumping into the list. The first relates to the promotion of ivermectin, methylene blue and synthetic vitamin supplements. It is our view, that any person recommending and / or selling these products are either useful idiots or gatekeepers.

This is because ivermectin, methylene blue and synthetic vitamin supplements are not very different from vaccines in that they are touted as essential to restoring health but in reality are toxic substances that do nothing but undermine your health. Consuming these products might very well stop certain symptoms but once you better understand what is a dis-eased state you will realize that treating symptoms is not helping you at all, especially not in the long run. The below links have a lot more information on the subject:

  • Tim Truth reviewed a number of studies to show the toxicity of Ivermectin (index of his work in this article). Also refer to an Odysee playlist here.
  • Also see Bill’s work on Ivermectin here and here.
  • The vitamin scam here with a recent update here.
  • A short list of the products we conside toxic include:
    • Ivermectin (the big one).
    • Methylene Blue.
    • Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) and other so called “vitamins.”
    • Various nanoparticles whether on their own or added to supplements or preventive medicines (refer to this article).

A very short teaser on the petrochemical industry and the history of pharmaceuticals can be viewed here.

The second point is that one should always keep in mind what the ultimate purpose of the pandemic was, namely, the ushering in of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). By inciting fear and panic into the populace by making it appear as if everyone and their loved ones was vulnerable to a deadly virus, those on top are trying to corral people into accepting increasingly invasive gorvening measures. Things like digital currencies, wearable detection devices, vaccinations passports and social credit scores.

Some perfect examples which will be explained in detail in this article are people pushing the following weaponized narratives:

  • This past pandemic was mismanaged, and the next one can be managed better.
  • Focus should be on early treatment to prevent infection or prevent severe illness.
  • Other more easily spotted include:
    • Bioweapon.
    • Lab leaked virus.
    • Engineered virus.
    • Gain of function.
    • And anyone spreading the message that a real infectious virus is circulating and infecting people.

A great flow infographic to sum all of this up as shown below (also available in pdf online here).

Finally, if you have missed the subtle hints in the introduction so far, we would like to make it abundantly clear that we are of the view that viruses have never been isolated nor demonstrated to exist as claimed and there is no such thing as a safe vaccine.

Vaccinations are therefore completely unnecessary as their supposed purpose is to provide protection against a virus. They do nothing but cause harm by bypassing the body’s natural defenses against poisons and delivering toxins directly inside the body. Their actual purpose is to make you sick and keep you reliant on big pharma. Anyone advocating for safe vaccines or the development of vaccines that are tailor-made for the individual (like RFK Jr) is a gatekeeper.


– Judy Mikovits

Judy Mikovits is taken down by Andrew Kaufman in two brutal interviews. It is appropriate that we start with the takedown of Mikovits as the interviews simultaneously set out the reasons why it is beyond doubt that no virus has ever been isolated.

Once you understand this fact and realise how easy it is to come to this understanding, it becomes obvious that anyone who says otherwise must either be a useful idiot or a gatekeeper. In other words, a person’s stance on this issue is a good tell when it comes to determining whether a person’s content is worth your time.

Anyone speaking out in a public space, telling the public that they know the truth while pushing the narrative of a dangerous infectious virus, whether it be lab-grown or a biological weapon (or even snake venom, LOL) can be written off. I have written about this to some length in this post:

dpl’s Newsletter

Virus Lie – The Result of 4 Years of Study.

Introduction My journey started more or less at the same time as discovering the steemit platform. I also felt the excitement when opening my account on steemit and wanted to share in the cool concept of distributing knowledge and having the opportunity to be compensated for it if someone found value in my work. Quickly realizing it would not be as easy …

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– David E Martin

The best takedown of Dave Martin was compiled by Stephers which can be found here. The article makes an attempt of explaining how we are being fooled by the new age movement to believe that we are currently experiencing the ascent of man and how it instead it is a decent of man into a technological slavery. Some highlights from the article:

“My sincere concern is that this rupture may tear apart the very biological fabric that keeps us in harmony and balance with the sacredness of Nature. The fast and furious futurists’ techno-color fabric may seem glitzy and glittery to the unsuspecting masses now, but this revamped version seems off-the-hinges, and may ultimately, leave humanity chained in digital bondage—naked in a fully synthetic, cybernetic, bioengineered Garden of Eden—subjugated to a data-hoarding AI God.”

Martin has also been expertly taken down in a well-researched and referenced article by Omar Jordan. The video format discussing the article can be viewed here but if you have some time I would highly recommend reading the article and going through all the links carefully to gain an understanding of how these people operate in groups (The article can be viewed here).

I have also written a post on this to better describe the group dynamics of gatekeepers and how they try and help each other stay relevant even after one of them has been taken down. Also included in the post is a timeline of events to demonstrate how gatekeepers will in some interviews mislead people but in others be totally on point with the truth. This is known as filp-flopping. That post can be viewed below:

dpl’s Newsletter

The Gatekeepers Club Taking on New Members or Perhaps They’re Old Ones We Have Never Noticed

Introduction I started out this journey like most believing the utter nonsense of a gatekeeper (Judy Mikovits) and this had me on the wrong path for months. Eventually our little research group, who also does some interviews every now and then, decided that we will chase down the no virus topic. The first talk that we actually paid attention to was that …

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– Mikki Willis

Mikki Willis is best exposed in the article written by Omar Jordan but if you want a short list of videos that will also do the job here is an extract from an online post:

This man has been at it for years and he is one of the best at it. Redirecting people is his main objective and anyone linked closely to him can be seen as the same. Here are 3 videos that paints the picture:

1 – Part 1 – Mikki Willis Shares His 911 Experience

2 – Part 2 – The Virus Was Intentionally Released

3 – Part 3 – Mikki Willis Standing Behind Rodney King At His Famous Speech

Perhaps one of the most important things to understand about how gatekeepers operate and which most people don’t seem to appreciate, is the fact that they already know the truth underlying a narrative before they start pushing their propaganda.

One of the best examples of this is the part 2 video of Mikki Willis. How could Willis possibly know that this is a lab leaked virus? There is no way he could have been made aware of this, and when taken with what we already know of viruses, it is easy to see that he brought out this video for the sole purpose of driving the lab leaked virus narrative. The same goes for Dr. Rashid Buttar who is included in this article below.

Willis is also a promoter of the petrochemical based poison (pharmaceutical) Ivermectin. His promotion of the substance can be viewed here (please take note of all the other gatekeepers in this video that are also listed in this post promoting the drug, Peter McCullough and Robert Malone specifically). Others in this video include Michael Yeadon, Joe Rogan, Pierre Kory and Richard Bartlett (perhaps also someone to look into in the future).

Another thing to take note about regarding Willis is shown in the below tweet which is his behind the scenes video. It shows the length to which these blockbuster movie producers go to make material to influence their viewers. Note one of the quotes in his videos “Those who tells the stories rule society ~ Plato”.

PLANDEMIC @Plandemic3Movie

Plandemic 3 – Behind the Scenes (Part 1 of 2) Thank you all so much for watching, sharing and following! Visit for more updates as we draw very close to the launch of the monumental 3rd installment of the groundbreaking Plandemic series.

12:16 AM ∙ May 27, 2022


To finish off, Willis’ mind grinding reverse psychology will have the normies not knowing whether they are coming or going. Talk about hiding the truth in plain sight, that video can be viewed here.

– The Vigilant Fox

The placing of this channel underneath Mikki Willis is deliberate because it also seems to be in the show business. It is difficult to dig up more information on exactly who sits behind and operates this channel. But from what could be gathered, this is either one highly organized individual who spends an inordinate amount of time keeping his accounts in order across various social media and video hosting platforms or it is a team of people working together. The vigilant fox has a presence on almost every platform as shown below.

Follow the Fox





Minds: https://minds.comVigilantFox


The channel has a combined following of more than half a million subscribers across all the platforms listed above. Even though the number of followers are not a clear indication that someone or a group are gatekeepers it it nevertheless something to take note of.

What does makes it obvious, however, is when one looks at who the channel promotes and who it does not. No one who talks to the non existence of viruses has ever been promoted by the Vigilant fox.

This channel brings to mind the lord of the rings and it would only be fitting to change the popular phrase of “one ring to rule them all” to “one channel to promote them all”. If you scroll through The Vigilant Fox twitter feed it will be difficult to find someone who is not in this article.

A dead give away is the promotion of Mikki Willes and David E Martin. No one, and I mean no one! Will promote these two people if they have done a simple check on who they are and what history they have, as we have discussed in detail earlier in this article. Pinned to The Vigilant Fox profile on twitter is the following blockbuster (not only for entertainment purposes as described at the start of this article).

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 @VigilantFox

Ivermectin: The Truth – From Legendary Filmmaker Mikki Willis (@Plandemic3Movie) “There’s a little-known federal law that says, ‘You cannot give an emergency use authorization to a vaccine if there is any medication approved for any purpose that is shown effective against the…

11:41 PM ∙ Mar 10, 2023


The only reason The Vigilant Fox has not been added earlier on this list is because the difficulty in finding information on them. They are however gaining a lot of traction on twitter having grown more than 30k subscribers in less than two weeks.

Even though we find it amusing that they thought it was a good idea to promote Mikki Willis and David Martin it is not for this reason they have been name included. Rather it is because of their relentless promotion of Robert Malone, Peter McCullougn and last but certainly not least Robert F Kennedy jr all of whom are discussed in detail further on in this article .

Another individual who The Vigilant Fox promotes is Tucker Carlson. Why people are still watching the news after the pandemic is beyond me. I will start a section on Tucker Carlson in this article even though I really did not think that it would be necessary. Here is just one example of what Tucker is like behind the screens (calling people who question the 911 attacks official story “parasites”)

2nd Smartest Guy in the World

As pointed out by Proton Magic in his post: 2nd Smartest Guy in the World Bans Proton Magic for Outing His Belief in Viruses it is clear that this group or person is not open to discussing the virus lie.

Also, something very interesting to note is the fact that Vigilant Vox is subscribed to this channel as seen below. As we have shown so many times in the past, everyone who has ever been promoted by Vigilant Vox has turned out to be gatekeepers after a careful investigation.

– Team Enigma

Omar Jordan has written a detailed article on Team Enigma, the creators of the ‘How bad is may batch’ website, which can be review here. The team consist of:

  • Dr Mike Yeadon – Ex-head of Pfizer Respiratory Research
  • Alexandra Latypova – CEO – Biotech
  • Craig Paardekooper – Researcher
  • Walter Wagner – Lawyer
  • Jessica Rose – Statistician

In his article, Omar outlines the true purpose behind the dangerous vaccine narrative, how the above listed people are involved, as well how this narrative will add the ushering in of the 4IR.

– Dolores Cahill

Omar Jordan did another great job with an article on Dolores Cahill which can be viewed here.

A further article on Dolores Cahill which also covers the bigger plan for the world, can be viewed here (by Stephers). The first video in the article that has a broken link can be viewed here.

A final article for your consideration is that of Proton Magic which can be viewed here.

– Dr Roger Hodkinson

My introduction to this chap in a YouTube video will show you that he pushes the mainstream medical model and makes an attempt with fancy words to fool people into thinking that what he is doing is ground breaking (see the video here).

It should however be noted he is one of the first people to claim identification, not even “isolation”, of a corona virus and his findings together with the other authors can be reviewed here.

More information about him can be viewed in the comments under one of Stephers’s articles here (please see the other comments under this article for more information on Roger Hodkinson).

Some additional notes and red flags : Hodkinson was the CEO of Western Medical Assessments, and has been the Company’s Medical Director for over 20 years. This has since been scrubbed from their page but his profile can still be seen on The WayBack Machine here. Below is a picture from his achieved profile.

– Dr Stanislaw Burzynski

This is a man who at first I actually thought was doing a good job. However, this was only because at the time I have not done the required research to unearth the stuff that he is up to. Being targeted by the FDA and authorities does not always make you a good person or a someone who is telling truth. Health Wyze Report did a podcast on him that can be listened to here.

– Dr Bryan Ardis

It would be more fitting to have Ardis underneath Stew Peters to understand how he made his name but lets keep him here with all the other people who claim they are doctors.

Bryan was put on the map with an interview called Watch the Waters which is am emotional roller-coaster as Bryan tells his story. It is important to keep in mind what was said in the introduction of this article, that not everything these people say is false. It’s a tactic that gets them followers but it also a tactic that can be used to bury the truth . This is because once a gatekeeper has garnered a certain amount of attention he or she can self-destruct and take the truth down with them. They do this by either allowing themselves to be made or by doing something so outrageous that he or she completely looses credibility and the faith of their followers. Once this has occurred all information put forward by this person including the truth tends to looses it’s credibility in the exact same way. This tati is known as the lob and slam technique.

With that in mind, a truth that Bryan does discuss and which should not be disregard as a result of him being made as gatekeeper is the truth related to Remdesivir. In particular, how Remdesivir was used as treatment for “Covid” but it was actually killing people. We know drugs like this were used excessively in old age homes together with Midazolam to help create the numbers they needed to claim a pandemic. This is solid information which should not be written off in the same way Bryan should.

There are more than a few takedown of Bryan all of which can be found here:

  • Amandha Vollmer takes down Stew Peters but discuss the nonsense promoted by Bryan and her video on this can be viewed here.
  • Another takedown was done by Fakeologist and Mike Stone (from Viroliegy) and can be viewed here.
  • Also see a post by Viroliegy on snake venom here.

– Dr Pierre Kory

The ivermectin doctor obviously needs to make this list. More detail to follow but is there really more needed with someone promoting the use of ivermectin?

It’s a big club and you ain’t in it. While associating with known gatekeepers is not a definite tell it is definitely a red flag and should be taken note of. Here is Pierre and his wife out having a great time with Robert Malone (link to tweet here).


– Dr Sheri Tenpenny (pathogenic virus pusher)

Tenpenny is added to the list for her continued promotion of the virus lie. She has also promoted the nano Zeolite product that is discussed in detailed in a separate article that can be reviewed here.

Also, Proton Magic outlines her ridiculousness in pushing this narrative here.

– Larry Kook

Larry has such a small following but he has been added to the list due to some outlandish claims, mainly related to the nano Zeolite product which he promotes. The article exposing him can be reviewed here.

– Joseph Mercola

Mercola has on more than one occasion talked about and completely rejected the fact that there are no viruses. He also advertises a whole list of toxic substances. Refer to these articles here and here.

– Dr Carrie Madej

More information pending (will be updated in future).

– Dr Christiane Northrup

Christiane Northrup is closely linked to Lee Merritt who is an obvious gatekeeper trying to mislead people. We have done a detailed post on Lee Merritt here.

Christiane is also part of the 5 Doc group of gatekeepers which is explained in the below video. Links to her post pushing the dangerous rat poison (Cholecalciferol) can be seen here and her commentary and post is also shown in the below video.

– Dr Jane Ruby

More information pending (will be updated in future).

– Dr Lee Merritt

This woman is actually a piece of work and it took some head-scratching to figure out what she was up to but I eventually managed to pen it down in the below article.

dpl’s Newsletter

The Gatekeepers Club Taking on New Members or Perhaps They’re Old Ones We Have Never Noticed

Introduction I started out this journey like most believing the utter nonsense of a gatekeeper (Judy Mikovits) and this had me on the wrong path for months. Eventually our little research group, who also does some interviews every now and then, decided that we will chase down the no virus topic. The first talk that we actually paid attention to was that …

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– Greg Reese

Proton Magic has been on Greg’s trail for ages and has exposed Reese every time he tries to flip flop and change his message. Gatekeepers often change their message in an attempt to stay relevant and catch as much of the market as possible or simplyto muddy the waters. Proton Magic’s work on Reese can be summarized in a recent substack note:

What is Reese doing with his spin-on-a-dime no-virus push finally 4 years after the pandemic was called almost to the day, and >3 yrs since the deadly vax was rolled out-ergo most everyone got it so it’s a bit late? Well I’ve been telling him for a few years there was no virus and usually get a nasty reply like, “don’t tell me how to run my reports!”.

We know that Reese, and where he contracts at Info Wars have specific reporting strategies that often seem strange and unhelpful to the common man.

So these are some of the choices of what is going on:

1) His prior post last week was a big parasite push and anti-parasitic drug sales post here. Maybe he knows that was too much too fast and wants to gain more no-virus credibility before edging to the parasites again?

2) Is there a plan to someday say, “the no-virus people are crazy radicals, I know I was one of them.”?

3) Is he planning to foment the virus-as-bioweapon people to start arguing with the no-virus people? This would be a good way to discredit the no-virus people.

4) A combo of the above choices

5) He has honestly come around to no-virus? I don’t think so, he has been so aggressive to myself and other no-virus people up to recently as shown here, never showing inquisitiveness to the rational, and pushed parasites on his first venture into no-virus reporting.

Sudden flip-flopping is a common tool of elite propaganda, beware and see this article here.

For more on Greg Reese refer to Proton Magics work:

Full articles:


– Poornima Wagh

This was a particularly interesting case of someone wanting to break into the trusted circle of people who the community listen to. It was almost like a attempt in desperation because it blew up quicker than what Poornima could make name for herself.

I’ve cut parts from two different interview sto show the most logical (illogical if you still believe she is legit) sequence of events that completely destroys any credibility Poornima might have build up for herself at the time. The video can be viewed here.

Another thing to consider in this case is the mountains of information in the video description to links of other articles which even describe how Poornima’s case is much similar to someone else’s who tried to pull the exact same stunt. A further interesting note is that Charlie Ward and Lee Merritt was one of the first people to break the Poornima story. There is a piece on Lee Merritt in this post but I have not added anything about Charlie yet, only because I never view his material. Perhaps something that should be considered in the future…

In addition to the above, Fakeologist uploaded a podcast which is a great breakdown of events over the period Poornima was on the air. That podcast can be accessed here.

– Dr. Rashid Buttar

Dr. Rashid Buttar has already been investigated by Omar from Darkside Papers and his work on Buttar can be viewed here.

An update to Butter was done by us after we managed to get hold of his CV and how he disclosed his service in the 5th Special Forces Group. The article can be reviewed below.

The Curious Case of Rashid Buttar



May 27, 2023

The Curious Case of Rashid Buttar

Introduction We already had Buttar listed on the Gatekeeper Club even before the list turned into an article on Substack (it started out as a post on Minds). He was one of the first people to go on the list because his unprecedented coverage for someone controversial is almost unheard of. He even managed to get airtime on CNN of all places, which can be …

Read full story

– Dr Tau Braun

Linked to Buttar and also selling the virus lie with a twist. Tua on the AMC conference talking to Buttar in a video that can be viewed here. Tua explains how what he thinks has been released is replicating venom. From the video it sounds like Tua is building on the fairytale that Ardis came up with.

– Dr. Paul Marik

It is not difficult to see that Dr Marik is another proponent of early treatment medicines (like Steve Kirsch he also promotes the use of Ivermectin) and also spreads the idea of a pathogenic virus.

In the very first interview we looked at of Dr Marika discussing the pandemic, (which can be viewed here) he talks about how long covid should be treated and how the plandemic was mismanaged.

This is the same line that is being pushed by RFK as described further down in this article. No one has explained it better than Alison McDowell where she exposed RFK and his book on Fauci which is important enough to provide a link to it here also.

– Dr Sabine Hazan

Dr Hazan is the founder and CEO of progenabiome and here you can see her talking to Sasha Latypova pushing the “Covid” is real narrative. Dr Hazan’s husband is Alon Abraham Steinberg and his CV can be reviewed here. Her stance on “Covid” is made clear again in this tweet as she explains that “discovering the loss of Bifidobacteria in severe covid patients would have hit mainstream media”.

Peter McCullough is also on her companies advisery board which can be reviewed here.

– Dr Kevin McCairn

Probably one of the best takedowns on this list is Kevin McCairn. He tried his best to stand up to Mark Bailey and although we take our hats off to his courage to try and defend the position of virology he was a miserable failure.

The way in which he conducted himself during the debate and how he finished off the debate is also a true show of his character (but who can blame the man for trying to defend a fallacy). The debate can be seen here.

Also refer to the emails that McCairn sent that was captured by Christine Massey here (search for “And a couple of days later” in the article).

– Stephanie Seneff

Seneff’s spike protein paper here. There can be no spike protein for a virus that has never been isolated and the best meme to describe this fallacy is shown below.

A major sponsor of her work is Barry Lam, Chairman and Founder of Quanta Computer, Inc., and Ted Chang, its CTO (who she claims sponsors her work since 2005 up to the date of publication of her book, Toxic Legacy). See page 209 in her book, second paragraph on the page. Other links to Barry Lam as follows:

  1. Barry Lam funds Stephanie Seneff (her spike protein research).
  2. Barry Lam serves on the Advisory Council at CERS.
  3. The Chairman of CERS is Dr. William Fung.
  4. William Fung is Chairman of Li and Fung Group.
  5. Temasek (in Singapore) invests in Li and Fung – involving LF Logistics.
  6. LF Logistics: “We manage GDP-compliant, temperature-controlled healthcare supply chains for customers across the industry – pharmaceutical, medical devices, vaccines, consumer healthcare, vision care, active pharmaceutical ingredients, nutrition…”
  7. Temasek owns millions of shares in BioNTech.
  8. BioNTech partnered with Pfizer to develop and implement the mRNA vaccine

– Michael Yeadon

I wrote a separate post on Michael Yeadon detailing his latest interviews and articles that discuss his stance on the topic of no virus. The article make reference to great work that was also done by others and can be viewed by following the below link.

dpl’s Newsletter

Mike Yeadon – Another Case of Lee Merrit?

Introduction In this post, I again want to highlight the importance of understanding why we know, for a fact, that no virus has ever been isolated. This is extremely important to understand, not just why we say it but also how easy it is to understand…

Read more

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We have recently done an update on Yeadon after a very sporty tap dance session he had with us in the comment section underneath the first article on him. The updated article can be viewed here. Perhaps the funniest of all the comments was Mike telling me that I should GFY (link to comment here) as shown in the below snip.

Proton Magic also wrote a few good articles on Yeadon as follows:

– Sasha Latypova

Alexandra Sasha Latypova, her husband (Mikael/Mike Totterman), business partner (Wayne H. Knox) and her daughter here (also refer to the video description for more information on her circles).

On a substack, which can be viewed here, Latypova takes the position that if graphene is in the jabs, it’s an unintended contaminant. Claiming that there are micro-structures being observed in the jabs, and that they can only be there to induce harm (no other purpose). The article and comments to the article distract from the bigger picture which is that graphene (and other frontier nanomaterials) and the self-assembling microstructures seem to have photonic properties and are most likely intended for optogenetic control (aligned with the 4IR agenda, or bio-digital convergence).

What is optogenetics? See here.

See more here on her Clerio Vision partner Wayne H. Knox and his work in photonics and biomedical optics.

Latypova’s husband Totterman, and Wayne Knox is listed here at Clerio Vision (which includes application of hydrogels).

Her 4 main companies include the following:

  • Clerio Vision – View more information about this here.
  • iCardiac – View more information about this here and here.
  • VirtualScopics is now Philips BioTelemetry – View more information about this here.
  • Innovocracy – View more information about this here (she and her husband on the board).

Also refer to this presentation: Ep 191.1: ICardiac Technologies – Whose heart can handle the (personalized) medicine? It describes the following:

  • Latypova’s very intimate business relationship with Pfizer (related specifically to heart issues)
  • It also connects the dots between Latypova’s company iCardiac and WCCT Global, where Robert Malone was Vice President of Research, Governmental and Scientific Affairs. Around the 50 minute timestamp, it is noted that both WCCT Global and Latypova’s iCardiac were members of the Cardiac Safety Research Consortium (CSRC).*It should be noted that although I give credit to Housatonic Live that I do not support all his statements.

Malone’s (also discussed separately in this article) connection to WCCT can be viewed here. The company was later bought out as detailed here.

Latypova’s cardiac-related patent can be viewed here.

And last but certainly not least here is an interview that RFK did with Alexandra Sasha Latypova. Do we really need any more added?

Also refer to Proton Magic’s post on Sasha titled: Its a bird! It’s a Plane! It’s SuperChem!

It should also be noted that Latypova is the greatest flip-flopper of them all, she simply cannot get her story straight and pushes contradictory narratives in every second interview she conducts or features in.

– Jason Shurka

Jason Shurka seems to be a cheap spinoff of Mikki Willis. His recent TLS update is so comical you cannot help but burst out in laughter as he sells the virus lie. It is nothing but astonishing to hear him say that he did not make this update to instill fear in people (saying this without blinking).

Shurka also pushes the gain of function, the man made virus narratives and even, very bravely if I might add, encourages everyone not to eat meat because it might be infected with the man made virus.

To round it off, and don’t ask me how he knows this, he claims that even the dolphins are contracting this dangerous virus. Please have a look at his update here (backup here).

– Simon Goddek, John Campbell and Ivor Cummins

Simone Goddek has been discussed in detail in a separate post that can be viewed below. John Campbell and Ivor Cummins were also discussed in this same article.

The Casual Snake Oil Salesman – A Good Gatekeeper Tell



April 30, 2023

The Casual Snake Oil Salesman - A Good Gatekeeper Tell

Introduction Preventative medicine has already been highlighted in one of my previous posts titled The Gatekeepers Club. This mainly includes Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, and I am sure by now that most people have come to realize this obvious fraud being promoted. On a “lighter” note, however, I’d like to highlight two additional substances and poi…

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– Steve Kirsch

It is just fitting to have Steve above Kevin McKernan on this list because I actually did not even know about Kevin until he was recommended to me by Steve. I held back from adding Steve to this list because I wanted to give him time to explain himself because he put up $1mil prize money for anyone that can prove the covid vaccine benefits outweigh the risk. It sounds like he is doing good work but once you start digging into what he is busy with it appears that he is just another gatekeeper misdirecting people from the truth.

Kirsch unashamedly spreads the message that viruses are the cause of dis-ease and even claims that the leading people on the no virus side of the debate refuse to discuss this. I have asked him this on twitter and the response can be seen below:

Steve Kirsch @stkirsch

@Fckelonmusk1 then why won’t ANY of these people like Kaufman etc. who think that debate Kevin McKernan about it?7:58 PM ∙ Feb 16, 2023

Kevin will obviously be ripped to shreds in a debate on this topic and I’d love to hear Kaufman, Cowan or the Baileys debate him and if anyone doubts this please refer to the Kaufman vs Mokovits debates above. That was in fact my reply to Steve as seen below:

dpl @Fckelonmusk1

@stkirsch Never heard of him but has an invitation been extended? I can sure try and assist in setting it up. If Kaufman is willing to go against Mikovits twice I can’t see who else stands a chance. 1 –… 2 –… What more do you want?

odysee.comJudy Mikovits and Andrew Kaufman – Take 2 (we live in confusion times)“We live in confusing times”. There is no shortage of skepticism in the front lines of the no virus subject and the latest is Judy Mikovits doing backflips and fire rolls to try and not lose her grip …8:27 PM ∙ Feb 16, 2023

Steve went quiet after this and probably instructed someone that works for him to reply to the DM that I sent him the 1st time I heard about his challenge as seen below:

I did send an email on 18 February 2023 as per Janet’s instructions and I have not heard anything back from them. Kind of strange for someone that so confidently claimed, that the people claiming no virus has ever been isolated, do not want to debate the topic…

In addition to the above, we can also add that Steve created the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund and this “Fund” is managed by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. Please read about this here. This was brought out at the start of 2022 by Alison McDowell and her presentation on this can be seen here. I find it quite upsetting that there would be such a damning connection between Steve and the Rockefellers and that our community would be so accepting of what he has to say.

– Kevin McKernan

The way in which McKernan made this list was due to a suggestion by Steve Kirsch for people claiming that there is no virus to debate him (clearly indicating that both Steve Kirsch and McKernan support the idea of a virus as a cause of dis-ease). This was bravely promoted by Steve Kirsch as outlined in the section prior to this one and we have since seen that he has extended this very same invitation to a few people without following through. The laughable part of this is how he claims that “no one has been willing to debate them” yet we can attest to at least our invitation which he has not been willing to follow through on. McKernan’s connection to Kirsch therefore also link him the the Rockefellers.

We can also consider his January 2002 patent on Methods and reagents for the isolation of nucleic acids which can be reviewed here. From the patent abstract we get the following (important applications highlighted):

“This method provides for disclosed reagents and methods that enable a simple, robust and readily automatable means of nucleic acid isolation and purification which produces high quality nucleic acid molecules suitable for: capillary electrophoresis, Nucleotide sequencing, reverse transcription of mammalian cells, transduction or microinjection of mammalian cells, gene therapy protocols, the in vitro synthesis of RNA probes, cDNA library construction of PCR amplification.

He has two pages of listed patents dealing with the improvement of this type of technology with his latest filed in March 2020. His patents on this work stretch over an 18 year period and can be reviewed here.

Kevin, with his brothers Brian and Brendan founded Medicinal Genomics in 2011 which is using DNA technology to create “fingerprints” for individual plants, providing information with a variety of applications to the cannabis community. Although their work is focused on the cannabis industry it really does not take much to see the connection of this company with a myriad of other medical companies tied to genomics, tracking or fingerprinting of DNA which all bleeds into the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

With the aim of Medicinal Genomics to track DNA together with other 4IR related goals it is only obvious that they need to get it all linked to blockchain. Their push to get this done on the Dash platform can be reviewed here and the proposal was dubbed “Cannabis Genomic Blockchain on DASH and CannMed 2018 Partnership”.

With the above in mind one might think that with Kevin McKernan only focusing on the study of cannabis it might be a stretch to tie it all together, but there is probably no better article that achieves this than an article posted on the Dash Force News website describing an interview they had with Kevin. The article is named “Dash and Medicinal Genomics Beats DNA Sequencing Record of Human Genome Project”.

In a 2013 publication of nature Kevin published an article titled: “DREAMing of a patent-free human genome for clinical sequencingin which they discuss the plausibility of a novel PCR method for used in sequencing genes.

Kevin was also the team leader of R&D for the human genome project at Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research which is highlighted here and here. More information on the project was described in classical tale that has become all to familiar for those doing a lot of research on various topics. Jill Trewhella documents her recollection of the project in a health and medicine news letter titled: An insider’s account of the Human Genome Project.

Some key highlights by Jill Trewhella in the newsletter as follows:

“Its initial proponents felt themselves to be the scientific descendants of the Manhattan Project – a research and development project that produced the first atomic bombs.
As with the Manhattan Project, Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico – constructed for the development of the atomic bomb – played a strong role in development of the Human Genome Project.
Having been recruited to Los Alamos in 1984, and ultimately leading its bioscience division from 1999 to 2004, I was witness to this exciting time in the history of biological research.
Early days
The HGP was officially founded in 1990 by the US Department of Energy’s Office of Health and Environmental Research – led for a period in the 1980s by the Boston University scientist Charles DeLisi – and was the culmination of many years of work and debate.
DeLisi had come to the Department of Energy from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and had the view that understanding human susceptibility to environmental energy emissions could benefit from knowledge of the genome and genetic mutations linked to such susceptibility.”

For anyone that would like to know more about the human genome project please have a look at the following links:

If you listen to how Kevin talks I guess there is not much more that needs to be added. Please see the first video that I received on Kevin below.

– Jordan Peterson (pathogenic virus pusher)

Amazing Polly’s most recent analysis on Jordan Peterson is excellent as she links him to George Soros. Please see that interview here. *It should be noted that although I give credit to Amazing Polly here that I do not support all her statements.

For more context on Peterson refer to Alison McDowell’s analysis from February 2023 which can be viewed here.

This is an open and shut case. I am sure by now not much is needed to see that this chap is a gatekeeper that’s even widely promoted on social media (a clear sign).

– Reiner Fuellmich (pathogenic virus pusher)

Reiner will keep you busy with a circus show for the next ten years whilst accomplishing nothing. Anyone that has taken the time to study natural, common, or contract law knows that he is just messing around in the legal system and screwing with people.

Additional information about Fuallmich can be considered unearthed by @Bobby_Network on twitter. The post is shown below (link to the dropbox pdf with links here):

Bobby Rajesh Malhotra @Bobby_Network

“Point 1” correcte now in updated PDF: with embedded Links of ‘Fuellmich’s Money Path at @finanzwende. Links are already embedded within the PDF: “CLICK HERE” below the numbers.…

Twitter avatar for @Bobby_Network

Bobby Rajesh Malhotra @Bobby_Network

Fuellmich managed to get the web archive deleted at Wayback Machine – Point Number 1 – the proof him being founding member of @finanzwende, the link has been saved up in archive . is additionally. The primary tweet & PDF will be corrected.

4:54 PM ∙ Feb 25, 2022


Please forgive the untidy format but I have gone through the information and it does seem to pan out. Very interesting, and something I have come across myself, is how they alter search results on The Way Back Machine. Check out this post explaining Bobby’s recollection of the alteration.

The rest of the links can be found in the dropbox pdf with the links supplied (link here).

– Project Veritas

It is pretty obvious to see that project Veritas is nothing but a show but still people are drawn in to believe this absolute nonsense. I am sure there is a lot of information on them if you dig deep enough. Here is just a few to get you started:

– Whitney Alyse Webb

Another person in the club linked to Broze is Whitney Webb. Her stance on the no virus subject can be viewed here. Apparently she thinks it is a trivial issue to spend to much time on.

Her mother is Leigh Ann Larkin Webb, sister is Shelby Webb and her father is Richard S. Webb IV (photo taken 2014, twitter thread here). Check out the linked thread for more info on her father.

Further information on Whitney Webb can be reviewed on one of Alison’s latest videos here.


– Derrick Broze

To tell the truth, Derrick was not even on my radar for this list and I would have liked to add some other names before even getting to him, but a recent outburst of his on Twitter grabbed our attention recently. His tweet can be seen below:

Derrick Broze @DBrozeLiveFree

Honestly, even if I was ready to declare that I believe the “no virus” position is 100% correct I still wouldnt want anything to do with the people pushing it. Their presentation, their obsessiveness, their lines in the sand are a huge turn off2:38 PM ∙ Mar 6, 202358Likes1Retweet

The level of deception in this utter rubbish statement can not be emphasized enough. His appeal is rather to the reader’s emotions, instead of focusing on facts (get some more information on this here). He makes the statement that “even if I was ready to declare that I believe the “no virus” position is 100% correct I still wouldnt want anything to do with the people pushing it”. We can gather two things from this:

  • As someone that has done extensive research on topics, we are supposed to believe that he is ready to “believe” someone on this important topic. With this, he also promotes that you hero worship someone and believe what they believe. This is enough to start asking questions about what he is selling.
  • He vilifies the entire movement as people that are not approachable. Another brilliant tactic is to appeal to people’s emotions instead of focusing on the facts. Anyone that has done just a few hours of research would know that Stefan Lanka, perhaps the foremost on this position, is the most sincere man you would ever meet. His claim that this group of people should be vilified is, in my opinion, completely unfounded but let’s consider the opposite. Would you be able to claim, earnestly, that the opposite side is better with their hoards of pharma trolls lurking on the web and snuffing out anyone standing up to question the mainstream medical system?

Tom Cowan, another great guy that always gives people the benefit of the doubt (what a surprise this must be for Derrick), did a very good breakdown of a recent interview that Derrick did with McCullough (view that interview here). I specifically highlight this breakdown by Cowan to show the complete nonsense that both of these guys try and sell which ties in perfectly with his tweet.

To further prove the point that he depends solely on emotion to defend his position, consider how he addresses the comments in his tweets. I tried to get his opinion about the fact that you can link a lot of these gatekeepers to institutions that we know are nefarious as shown below:

dpl @Fckelonmusk1

@DBrozeLiveFree When you link these people to Rockefeller, Merk and other institutions we have been fighting against then the picture becomes quite clear don’t you think @DBrozeLiveFree9:27 AM ∙ Mar 7, 2023

He however did not reply to this or any of my other tweets until I got him so mad that he finally responded with the below. See my tweet and his response:

dpl @Fckelonmusk1

@DBrozeLiveFree @ViruksiaEIole You are such a little victim @DBrozeLiveFree. Keep on ignoring the more measured responses and focus on those that are aggressive and you will garner all the sympathy you are looking for. You’ll need it bc your stance has no foundation.


12:48 PM ∙ Mar 7, 2023

Derrick Broze @DBrozeLiveFree

@Fckelonmusk1 @ViruksiaEIole what stance? I am agnostic. I know its easy to set up a strawman and claim i am “team virus” when I am simply asking questions while doing my own research. Have a good night dipshit. I dont need sympathy but I do enjoy the company of those with a balanced, nuanced view1:52 AM ∙ Mar 8, 2023

I listened to some of the work that Derrick did before the 2020s and I am not familiar with any of his latest involvements. One interesting thing that someone pointed out below his Tweets was the symbolism on his webpage as seen below (also something he replied to, funny enough):

Agenda2030FIN @ViruksiaEIole

@Fckelonmusk1 @DBrozeLiveFree Nice logo on that site.😅

onegreatworknetwork.comCREATORS – One Great Work NetworkOne Great Work Network – Ending Slavery, One Mind At A Time.10:40 AM ∙ Mar 7, 2023

As is clearly evident Derrick pushes the virus lie together with other gatekeepers on this list. Something that is unbelievably easy to research and come to a conclusion on. But perhaps the most damning evidence of all (something you get a small hint of, with him calling me a dipshit) is the brilliant takedown of Derrick Broze by Alison McDowell. Her work on this can be reviewed here:

– Kary Mullis

Yes! You’ve read this correctly. Kary Mullis is a propped up gatekeeper that has been promoted by the No Virus community even though people claim that he developed the technology that shut the world down.

Mullos’ PCR is complete garbage and the man could not even carry out his own experiments to prove his theory (not that this should be any indication that the technology is at all usable or reliable). You can read more on what absolute trash the PCD is by reviewing this post by Jamie (here and here).

Another great article to review on Mullis was written by Rod Knoll and can be reviewed here. Rod discusses how Mullis intervened in a court case dealing with a man accused of spreading HIV. Mullis’ interference in the case lead to the evidence going against the accused and Parenzee was put in jail. We also interviewed Rod Knoll on the topic of Mullis which can be reviewed here.

Omar Jordan also did a great article on Mullis that can be reviewed here.

Proton Magic also wrote two great articles on Mullis here and here.

– David Crowe

Probably one of the most painful stories you will ever come to hear is the constant attack and eventual destruction of the Perth Group. Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos the leader of the Perth Group was the colossus of the No Virus movement and her like will probably never be seen again (here is Stefan Lanka praising her).

The reason David Crowe makes this list is the fact that he was the person responsible for the eventual destruction of the AIDS dissident movement and also the destruction of the Perth Group. This was a statement made by Eleni herself and the history of the civil war between the Perth Group and these gatekeepers was documented by Anthony Brink here (audio file here).

Some of her statements are still available on Anthony’s page (The Unbelievable Mediocrity of David Crowe: Why Rethinking AIDS has the president it deserves) and a few is highlighted below:

‘What your actions have in common is they are directed against the Perth Group.’ The Perth Group to Crowe, 3 December 2008.

‘The focus on AIDS is in South Africa and Anthony knows more about this and the drugs used there than anybody else. … What stands out about Anthony is that although he is not a scientist he has extensive scientific knowledge. … As a result of his training, intellect, interest, hard work and burning desire to help his people Anthony was able, more than anybody else, to see the harm that Crowe has done to the dissident movement. Without any effort to find out the facts or even to read the summaries put in front of them in The Perth Group Response To David Crowe Re The Parenzee Hearing document, Celia and others, including the RA Board of Directors, expressed full support for Crowe’s interference in the Parenzee case.’ The Perth Group: public statement dissociating from Crowe’s Rethinking AIDS group, September 2009.

‘There is no doubt that Crowe has done a lot of harm to the Perth Group. But the harm he has done us is insignificant compared to the harm he has done the dissident movement, to Peter himself and to those at risk of AIDS.’ The Perth Group to the AIDS dissident community: ‘Is the dissident science “highly questionable”, “embarrassing” and “damaging”?’, September 2010.

‘Crowe has destroyed the dissident movement, and you can quote me.’ Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos to Brink, May 2011.

– Peter Duesberg

Peter earns his place in the gatekeeperclub for his contribution to the destruction of the AIDS dissident movement and the key role he played in distracting the world from the fact that there is no viruses. Most of this detail is captured by Anthony Brink here (audio file here).

Although Cowan does not go into depth on this issue (which is most successfully discussed by highlighting how Eleni’s efforts were countered by these gatekeepers) he talks about it in the below video (please refer to Anthony’s information for a much more in depth understanding).

– Jeremy Nell (Jerm Warfare)

Our previous write up on Jeremy had us hesitant on adding him to the list. It was unclear whether he was intentionally promoting people that support the virus lie or not. Our interaction with him is detailed in a separate post that can be seen below.

The Subtleties of Gatekeeping



April 11, 2023

The Subtleties of Gatekeeping

Introduction From Lee Merritt to Mike Yeadon to some other gatekeepers not even on the list yet, it is important to take note of how these people operate. The people that rules this world provides us gatekeepers across a wide spectrum to make sure they cover as many people as possible.

Read full story

We have however reviewed Jeremy’s position to be added to the list based on his latest interview with RFK jr and Catherine Fitts. The full interview can be viewed here. Most comical from this interview was RFK jr explaining how they took a bug from the anus of a bat… See the below video for more:

How to take a harmless bug from the anus of a bat and teach it, using engineer techniques, how to infect human beings and turn it into a pandemic.

Jeremy did not kick back once during this interview to question RFK jr on the existences of viruses even though, from what we can gather, he takes a strong position that viruses do not exist. Apart from this we think it is a shame that he would air the utter nonsense that RFK jr has come up with without so much as a hint of protest.

Jeremy as such makes the list for being a useful idiot and allowing gatekeepers to reach a wider audience.

– Peter McCullough (pathogenic virus pusher)

Sam Bailey is doing good work on creating content that the normies can digest. Their group did a good video presentation exposing McCullough, Cole, and Malone which can be viewed here.

You can also consider another assessment of McCullough undertaken by Darkside Papers which can be viewed here.

Additional information on him include open payments that was made to him that can be reviewed on Open Payments Data. The payments to him can be reviewed here. Please set the date, under the available filter to all as the default date is 2021. The top companies that made payments to them can be seen below.

– Barbara Loe Fisher

Another great report was done Darkside papers on Barbara which can be reviewed here. A highlight from the report as follows:

“National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) Does Not Want to Repeal the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Act

The 1986 Act, which was written by Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC and others, and passed by Congress removed ALL LIABILITY FROM THE VACCINE MANUFACTURERS. NOBODY CAN SUE THEM, THANKS TO THESE PEOPLE.

So, how come they’re not fighting to repeal it?

Because, like Del Bigtree, Andrew Fakefield, Dolores Cahill, RFK Jr. and all the rest of them are working for Big Pharma and they are all 100% Pro-Vaccine. They receive their funding from billionaire hedge funds who invest in vaccine companies.”

– May Parsons

For more on May Parsons refer to the work of Omar Jordan here.

– Arlene Howard

Omar wrote an article for Arlene also which can be reviewed here.

– RFK jnr (the lawyer) this includes “Children’s Health Defense” where he is chairman of the board:

Disbelief hit me the first time someone pointed out to me that Robert F Kennedy is nothing but a gatekeeper. I was so impacted that I actually sat down to make him a short video to highlight the betrayal. I have uploaded the video to Twitter, terminated account below, new link here.

dpl @Fckelonmusk1

I was also pulled into the @RobertKennedyJr BS way back and even made him a sort lil video when I found out he was controlled op back in 2019. The post on him 👇… His video 👇

8:11 PM ∙ Feb 19, 2023

I remember reading a good debate in the comments on an RFK video back in 2019 and knew that I had to save the comments somewhere because it was obvious they would be deleted at some point. I only grabbed the text and dropped it in notepad and have since posted it on a few platforms. I have recently consolidated the text together with other findings at the time which can be viewed here.

We have also asked him why he refuses to join or at least consider terrain when it comes to health but it seems he is more interested in developing safe vaccines (which we all know is a farce). His response to courtenay’s email below:

“Dear Courtenay, I don’t take a position on this issue and I don’t have the bandwidth to make myself an expert. As a lifelong advocate,I also understand the strategic pitfall of taking a position,even if it is technically correct ,that will marginalize one so badly that one will become ineffective on every other issue. Lincoln always abhorred slavery but he did not publicly oppose it until 1864 when the country had caught up with him. If he had endorsed emancipation earlier, he would’ve lost most of his support for the civil war among urban whites in the northern cities and slavery would have never ended. Timing and a sense of the public pulse are important to successful advocacy. I do not take a position that viruses do or don’t exist. I support the rights of people like you and Tom Cowan to argue that they do not and I listen to your arguments with interest. But I do not endorse either point of view for the two reasons that I mentioned above. I admire your courage and your intellectual integrity and I encourage you to continue educating the public.”

Alison McDowell also did a great video on him where she explains how, though weaponized narratives, he is preparing us for future events. Please see that video here.

In addition to this, a video has also surfaced that clarifies the position that Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has taken on the issue. This was an interview on the Charles Kovess show who interviewed Mary Holland from the CHD. Addressing the questions or statements they received they sound more like politicians than the individuals we would have liked to believe oppose the destruction of the health of people. The short clip of her addressing comments can be viewed below (or here) and the full interview can be viewed here.

Also, we can share a few tweets that show CHD’s stance on vaccines, which is obviously not against the quackery but rather some other form of it.

Children’s Health Defense @ChildrensHD

“There’s a growing consensus that we need better vaccines and treatments to protect those still at risk. But we also need honest public-health leaders,” Finley concluded. Do you agree? 6/911:56 PM ∙ Jan 24, 202361Likes16Retweets

Daniel “Alec” Zeck @Alec_Zeck

I appreciate the work that you do, but no @ChildrensHD, we don’t want “safer” vaccines. We don’t want “personally tailored” vaccines. The entire concept of vaccination is based on the pseudoscience of virology, which CHD refuses to cover at all.



5:46 PM ∙ Jan 24, 2023144Likes37Retweets

To top it off, The Vigilant Fox (discussed earlier in this article) has shared a more recent video of RFK explaining how China had to know, even before the pandemic was announced, that the “virus” was circulating because of some profound new information that he has come across. See that video below.

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 @VigilantFox

.@RobertKennedyJr: The Chinese CDC Director Must Have Known C19 Was Circulating Before Event 201 “In September 2019, the Wuhan lab removed all 22,000 viral samples from the website … So the Chinese government had to know this; George Gao had to know it. He’s there [at Event…

12:26 AM ∙ Mar 20, 2023


Probably the best tell of all, is his involvement in the book titled: Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science (Children’s Health Defense). He wrote the forward for this book which is authored by Kent Heckenlively and Judy Mikovits. With specific focus on Judy Mikovits who has been discussed in detail in this article and my previous article (Virus Lie – The Result of 4 Years of Study.). Interesting to note that the authors also give praise to Stephanie Seneff (also discussed in detail elsewhere in this article) and Luc Montagnier of all people! Refer to this link for more information.

– Catherine Austin Fitts

We don’t think that there is much more required than the fact that she is involved with CHD but if you need more see the below video.

– Jonathan Jay (JJ) Couey

We place JJ Couey close to RFK Jr because he is an advisor to CHD. He claims to know a lot on the subject of microbiology but refuse to look at the fundamental flaws in the profession.

Couey managed to interview Mike Yeadon on 18 March 2023 as detailed in the article titled “Mike Yeadon – Another Case of Lee Merritt?”.

In his latest appearance on the Doc Malik show JJ Couey went as far as to make the statement that the No Virus movement defend their position through lying. He also claims that “some old papers” do show inconsistencies but that this is no grounds to write off the entire profession. A write-up on JJ Couey on this interview can be seen below.

JJ Couey – “The No Virus Movement Defends Their Position Through Lying”



October 5, 2023

JJ Couey - "The No Virus Movement Defends Their Position Through Lying"

Introduction One thing that I have tried my very best with over the course of 2023 was to break down the evidence, as easy as possible, for people to understand that there is no infectious particle that spreads around and make people sick. Currently my focus is the fundamental assumption of virology which is the assumption that a sick person can make a h…

Read full story

Read more on Couey on the Drarkside paper telegram group here.

– Robert Malone (pathogenic virus pusher)

He was taken down by the Bailey team with his great friend McCullough in the interview that can be viewed here.

An even more detailed post describing Malone’s involvement in development and study of some of the technology that we now find so controversial has been compiled by Stephers and can be viewed here.

In addition to the above, and something you can fall over backwards laughing for, is his release of a “save” vaccine. Below a video going around asking him out about this.

Luther ‘Cyrus’🕳️🐇💨 @Censored4sure

Shame on you @RWMaloneMD It’s only “stop the shots” so you can push your shot. Another one still pushing products for something that has never been proven to exist. You’re no better than them. You’re blatantly lying to these people & you know it. History won’t treat you well. 😤

8:25 PM ∙ Mar 23, 2023


– Ed Dowd

Another frequent on the Vigilant Fox channel (the gatekeeper channel that promote them all) is Ed Dowd who likes to dazzle everyone with statistics. Anyone that takes this approach should be carefully scrutinized and a simple reason why is captured in the below image of non other than Bill Gates.

Apart from allowing yourself to be fooled by people that bend numbers into the statistics they want you to see Ed also sit on the board of The Malone Institute as shown below (refer to the website here).

Some additional information that can be added is his frequent appearance on the Tucker Carlson Today show, one of which can be viewed here.

And to round it off nicely Ed Dowd wrote a book titled: Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022 (Children’s Health Defense) and this book’s forward was written by none other that RFK jr.

Robert Young

We do know that Robert Young is part of the no virus movement but he has been seen to be part of more than a few suspicious things. The straw that broke the camels back was his promotion of a poisonous substances. You can see more of this in an article on nanoparticles titled: Nanoparticles – The Next Wave of Gatekeepers.

Matthew Hazen

Matthew Hazen was on Robert Young’s platform promoting his nano colloidal product. You can see more of this in an article on nanoparticles titled: Nanoparticles – The Next Wave of Gatekeepers.

– Ana Maria Mihalcea

Ana Maria Michalcea makes the gatekeepersclub for promoting the toxic Methylene blue product. You can read more about this here.

– Alfa Vedic

Alfa Vedic and his company makes the gatekeepersclub for promoting toxic substances like Zeolite, Carbon 60 as well as Methylene blue. You can read more about this here.

– David Avocado Wolfe

David Avocado Wolfe makes the gatekeepersclub for promoting the his toxic Carbon 60 substance. You can read more about this here.

– Sarah Westall

Sarah Westall makes the gatekeepersclub for promoting toxic substances like Carbon 60 and Vitamin D. You can read more about this here.

– Clive De Carle

Clive De Carle makes the gatekeepersclub for promoting toxic substances like Carbon 60 and Methylene blue. You can read more about this here.

– Norman Fenton

Proton Magic also wrote about the extravagant statisticians in a post exposing the number bending bullshit they conjure up. His post is titled: The Lying Cream in the Pretty Cupcake.

– Christopher Martenson

More information pending (will be updated in future). The wiki page on Christopher says that he is an economic researcher, writer and trend forecaster interested in macro trends regarding the economy, energy composition and environment. He is also involved in scientific research and some of his early works on in vivo track and traced can be viewed here.

Chris is admittedly tied to the UN and the UK House of Commons and U.S. State Legislatures which can be viewed on his website here. He also published a section in the The post carbon reader: Managing the 21st Century’s Sustainability Crises which can be viewed here.

In one of his most recent videos he admits to being on of the first people to report on a lab leaked virus (May 4th, 2020 to be exact). That video can be viewed here.

In one of his videos from February 6, 2020 he was one of the prominent coronavirus pushers. He was seeding and fueling the virus narrative, when it was still a “China” story.

In the video below he also goes as far as to “prepare” us for a vaccine that will come out which is currently going through animal studies. Most of the people at the time could not believe it was fake because Martenson and the like had already done such a brilliant job cementing the fear porn. That video can be viewed here (see full original in video description).

– Emani Mamalution

More information pending (will be updated in future).

– Stew Peters

This is someone I never listen to but just had to drop a link because apparently, people are still into drama scenes like this. Amandha Vollmer takes him down in a very good video which can be viewed here.

– Tucker Carlson

As mentioned in the piece on The Vigilant Fox, I really did not even consider including Tucker on this list because I did not think that it would be necessary.

Tucker is a news anchor that reads words on a screen written for him by massive corporations. A carefully planned script to manage your perception. Just one example of how he is behind the screen can be seen in this video. Please note that I had the original video linked in the description but the channel associated with uploading this video has since been terminated.

Additional information on him is easy to find and can be viewed on WikiPedia here with a summary of the wiki page here.

– Anderson Cooper

Omar Jordan has written another well researched paper on Cooper that can be reviewer here.

– Vladimir Zelenko

More information pending (will be updated in future).

– Knut M. Wittkowski

More information pending (will be updated in future). Him selling the virus lie here. Exposing his other works by Stephers in an article here.

– The Corbet Report

Darkside papers did a really good job on this one which can be viewed here. Something that needs to be highlighted before you just write of Corbet for being on this list is the following:

“We can see many examples of Corbett doing this over the years. While Corbett does some great research, he’s also been a regular on Alex Jones’s Infowars show and RT as well. He has been given legitimacy in conspiracy circles.

But the biggest red flag of them all is that Corbett is an obvious 9/11 Gatekeeper.

So by all means, continue to enjoy Corbett’s research. I’m not suggesting you stop listening to him. But just understand that while giving you some of the truth, he will also give you the swerve at the same time and lead you off the path. He will do this by using the same deception tactics and misdirect strategies that they all use. So my only reason for writing this paper is to provide yet another simple example to help truthers learn the game. Learn their techniques. Once you do, they will all reveal themselves to you and you will see it with clarity.”

– Miles Mathis

The Darkside papers highlighted how Miles miss some important details in some of the work that Miles brings out. You can review Omar’s paper here.

Speaking of missing important details, Miles has also written an article claiming that the No Virus movement is another “project”… You can review his paper here. He wrote it off by looking into characters that come onto the scene in recent years like Thomas Cowan, Andrew Kaufman and Sally Fallon Morell. But anyone who has really done their research on this topic knows that there is a lot more to the story than only the recent fight against the pseudoscientific trash that is virology.

Miles does not mention Stefan Lanka (a German molecular biologist) once in his article and this is no surprise because Stefan is someone who has the credentials [if this is anything to go by] to speak against the profession (his own profession). He has been doing so for more than 30 years. But even bigger than Stefan is the work that was done by Eleni and the Perth Group. His article may be good for having a look at whether the latest players on the scene are clean or not but to write of the whole idea just based on these latest characters shows his lack of understanding of the topic.

To close off this Miles mishap… No one needs a “hero” to come to a conclusion on this topic. You can review the papers yourself and see what absolute trash this field is. Just as a start, here is a details article describing it.

– Mike Adams (Health Ranger)

The Health Wyze Report did another good job on an article on Mike Adams which can be viewed here..

– Del Bigtree

I can actually do a very long post on Del but the Bailey team probably does is best in another team effort that can be viewed here.

Another assessment of Del was undertaken by Darkside Papers and can be viewed here.

– Andrew Wakefield

There is probably now much to add to the fact that Andrew Wakefield has tried his best to go after the MMR vaccine because he has a patent that will replace it. This information can be reviewed in an article by Omar Jordan here. A noteworthy highlight from this article as follows:

“The only reason Wakefield wanted to break up the MMR vaccine into 3 vaccines is because he had a patent for a new one. He’s a pro-vax demon like the rest of them.

Andrew Wakefield filed for a patent for a “new” and “safer” vaccine that could be used in place of the current, existing “dangerous” Merck Vaccine.”

His patient can be reviewed here.

– Sacha Stone

Perhaps one of the biggest gatekeepers out there is Sasha Stone and someone has gone to length to expose him in a very good presentation which can be viewed here. The information can be reviewed in written format here.

– Alex Jones

Another big name and I am sure there is a volume of material out there on Jones but the best I’ve seen is someone exposing his past life in this video. You can also have a look at the report by Cultivate Hearts which you can view here.

Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston makes the gatekeepersclub for promoting toxic substances like Zeolite nanoparticles as well as products produced by the Wellness Company. You can read more about this here.

Check out the article written by Proton Magic titled: Karen Kingston Bans Proton Magic! Her claim about SARS-CoV-2 is hilarious and is as follows:

“COVID-19 is an AI Bioweapon, not a virus. SARS-CoV-2, which was made in a lab, can’t infect humans. People were innoculated with lipid nanoparticle technology.”

Also see the following by Proton Magic:

– David Icke:

Perhaps the godfather of all gatekeepers is David Icke. This is probably the most important information you need to open your eyes to the deception that is playing out across the world. This breakdown takes us back a 100 years in order to spell out, in detail, what world was envisioned and also where David got his foundational information from. The video exposing David Icke can be viewed here.

– Donald Trump (vaccine pusher)

No one and I mean no one can be forgiven for pushing or promoting any vaccine. They are poison and with Trump’s promotion of the vaccine, I hope that everyone has realized that he does not stand for you.

Trump was also aware of what is to come even before the plandemic broke out. Here is a video of Claudia from Cabin Talks explaining the executive order that trump has singed to, in a sense, prepare for a pandemic.

He has also signed the patriot act just like every president before him. He has promoted the development of 5G and he has lead the charge on the development of a new vaccine.


I have already had people message me about this post stating that I am creating division in the community. I would like to make it crystal clear to the people sending me these messages that the people mentioned in this post do not give a damn about you. They are not part of our community but rather their own community in which they make all efforts to keep the masses hypnotized. These people listed have specifically been called out because of their contribution on health and when you realize what they do, you see the picture fairly clearly. The advice they give is to further the profits of the pharmaceutical industry and they do not need your sympathy or protection.

I will leave you with an afterthought of the vaccine industry. As soon as you realize that no pathogenic virus has ever been isolated you will also realize that there is no use for vaccines. This is a purely fabricated market that brings in billions of dollars on a yearly basis and although we know that RFK is a gatekeeper, no one has summed it up better than him in a speech that he gave which can be viewed here. This topic is not new, and people have been opposing it for a very long time.

Getting The Message Out There

A lot of the information presented in this article was not known by me at the start of compiling it. It was, however, due to the contribution of some very sharp people that I was able to provide damning evidence on how these gatekeepers are linked to the very institutions that we oppose.

This article has taken a considerable time to compile, and I encourage criticism on the information presented and if you have additional information, please feel free to comment.

I also ask that you assist me in spreading the word because I have seen firsthand how the view count on this article has fallen off a cliff once too much information on key people was revealed. Some examples of that are shown in the below tweet.

dpl @Fckelonmusk1

Muh peeps. If I’m non responsive it’s not on purpose. I always try and get to all notifications but twitter has got me shadow banned like no one’s business. Below two examples. Checking the same thing from my acc and a different account





8:13 PM ∙ Mar 6, 2023

For anyone unsure about why they cannot access some of the tweets in this article, please take note that as of 17 March 2023 my account on twitter has been permanently suspended (refer to the below).

dpl001 @dpl003

Thank you Elon. For you efforts towards free speech. It’s going great I must say!



7:14 AM ∙ Mar 20, 2023

For more information on others doing great work refer to “Discussing the Gatekeepers – Others Doing Great Work” and for some telegram channels to join see the below links.


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