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If it wasn’t leading to serious brain-washing consequences this would be a circus.

The Microbiology Department at Osaka University and NHK (the quasi-governmental and propaganda organ called the Japan Broadcasting Company) put up a video on-line and on prime-time TV on May 2nd, 2021 called, “Novel Corona virus infected cells clearly seen disintegrating in an 8k resolution [time-lapse] video”.

(This is a slighty modified re-run of a post I made in 2022 when I only had 3 subscribers, mom, dad and Viro the doggie).

👉The only thing that seems to be lapsed however is a lapse in reason of the researchers, who on recorded questioning even admit there was no Corona virus confirmed in these cells (see interview below). This is important because the no-patient sample condition of the cell medium (called a cell culture) serves to prove that cells in cell-cultures (as they are done by virologists who add antibiotics and other material) will disintegrate even on their own thus invalidating this method as a test for a virus.

👉Truth is, even if the cells did not disintegrate on their own, disintegrating on patient sample, or even by adding a purified object suspected of being a virus, is not in and of itself confirmation of a virus, that is a longer discussion (See the bottom of the “Virus Ruse” on Virus Finding 101 ).

Click this image to get the web page with the 1-min video:

The announcer says, “This is an 8k resolution microscope view of animal cells infected with the Novel Corona Virus. You can see the cells becoming distorted and breaking apart. At 8K screen resolution we can see many white particle structures that the researchers say, ‘it is possible that we have seen something like virus infection and growth in this video’ .”

Then lead “researcher” Dr. Eimi Nakayama Associate Professor of Microbiology at Osaka University comes on screen. She seems to be alone reading a script but still decked-out in tight mask regalia and probably also tight pants, says, “This study allowed us to see things we have never seen before.” (does she mean because of the tight pants?). “The hope is that this will lead to new treatments and that we can see the effects in real time.” The propaganda translation meaning is that there is something real scary out there and you will need to get treatment for it. In fact, the upper left of the screen above says, “Serious [Covid-19] cases have now surpassed those of the third wave.”, just to add some spice to your watching the video.

Ok, first let’s just go over the basics of a cell culture. These are monkey kidney cells that have various nephrotoxic antibiotics and antifungal medications put into them that damage the cells. They are also starved of nutrition.

👉Whether you put in patient sample or not, the cell culture will slowly crumble (called the “cytopathic effect”). The no patient sample condition, as seen in the video above thus serves as a control or validation mechanism for the cell culture. Applause anyone? Here learn the scam about cell cultures.

How did they know that SARS-CoV-2 was in it? They didn’t, it’s a PCR test of a patient whose respiratory sample was put in the monkey kidney cell culture. And if you don’t know that PCR tests don’t have the ability to identify a Corona virus you can see this great article. None of the seven “human Coronaviruses” have actually been isolated and all the sequences of the primers of their respective PCRs as well as those of a large number of fragments of their supposed genomes are found in different areas of the human genome and in genomes of bacteria and a long list of others.

Who sponsored this circus? Neither NHK nor Osaka Univ. will divulge this info actually. But our correspondent did talk to Dr. Eimi. Here’s our gal in the flesh:

Sorry Eimi, you’re not gonna to be listed as a World Heritage Site anytime soon

Phone Q&A with Eimi:

  • Me= Our correspondent
  • The written discussion was edited for clarity (Eimi was said to be evasive, argumentative, and it was hard finding an open moment to get questions into her).
  • Notes between […] are from Proton Magic
  • Original recording in Japanese is on file

On Isolation:

Me: How did you confirm these cells on the TV video were Covid?

Her: We didn’t, but we infected other cells with the Kanagawa strain, which was diagnosed by nasal swab and PCR.

[SHE ADMITS THE NHK TIME LAPSE VIDEO IS NOT FROM A COVID VIRUS even though the title of the video is “8k Time lapse of Novel Corona Virus infected cells breaking down” [!!@!!? She’s a “viroLIEgist”].

[Oh, we wouldn’t want to miss a fear porn chance of our microscopist in head to toe PPE, even though Dr. Eimi says the sample has “no virus”]:

Me: Did you purify isolate the Kanagawa strain virus?

Her: Yes it was from Vero cells [a monkey kidney cell mix] and genotyped [You can’t genotype something that is not a purified object!]. This batch wasn’t isolated by density gradient, but others have been [a density gradient separates viral-sized particles on spinning in a centrifuge].

Me: OK do you have a research paper showing density gradient isolation?

Her: No but there’s many out there.

Me: Yes, I’ve read many of them, they show culturing, gene sequencing, and E-M photos but no density gradient.

Her: They’re out there, but density gradient isolation itself isn’t enough to get a paper published.

Me: To make public policy and vaccinate the whole world there should be purified isolation right? Is there a purified isolate to buy?

Her: You can buy an isolate from ATCC here.

Me (later): The ATCC “isolate” is a heat-inactivated non-purified so-called “isolate” that was based on one-patient in a paper written by the CDC which is only a cell-culture and metagenomic genome, no purified isolation, article here.

Her: Check out the Japan National Institute of Health they’ve got papers on their site.

I did so and found this BMJ publication in English and 1 short article in Japanese. See the “Proton Magic original investigation” section under point #3 in this post:

Proton Magic Crashes Kabuki-vid Theater!

Proton Magic Crashes Kabuki-vid Theater!

Proton Magic


March 23, 2023

Read full story

I called one of the authors (M. Takeda) and read the paper. It describes sequencing, cell culture, and E-M photo but no density gradient and confirmation of pathology from the separated layers. Dr. Takeda insists his paper shows “isolation”. When I noted to him there was only one case in the Fan Wu “discovery” paper that made a genome from a computer and did not find a particle, he said, “there has to be a first patient”.

Japanese Article: states a mutated strain was isolated but has no description of what they did nor is there any publication, they do not reply to phone or email inquiry.

On the PCR:

Me: About PCR, is it really valid to go to 40-45 cycles?

Her: That’s just to confirm control at 45. Most people are positive at 30-35 cycles [The health authorities in Japan all do 40-45 cycles].

Me: The cycle no for individuals isn’t known, isn’t going to 40-45 too high?

Her: It all depends on the amount of virus in the sample [she’s dodging the question].

Me: What about the many PCR makers that state in their usage sheets that the PCR isn’t specific for Covid and can be positive for flu, RSV, adeno, etc?

Her: Those makers are just flat wrong, the pcr aims at special epitopes on Corona [but no one has found Corona so this is circular-nonsense].

Later I got these 2 examples showing the COVID PCR is not specific:

1. Diagnostics DC. SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Multiplex RT-qPCR Kit. DC Creative Diagnostics 2020.

“Non-specific interference of Influenza A Virus (H1N1), Influenza B Virus (Yamagata), RespiratorySyncytial Virus (type B),Respiratory Adenovirus (type 3, type 7), Parainfluenza Virus (type 2), Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, Chlamydia Pneumoniae, etc”.

2. BIOTEC C. Real Time PCR Detection Kits: Certest BIOTEC 2020.“New Real Time PCR Detection Kit designed for the identification of SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A/B (Flu A/B) and/or Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus A/B (RSV A/B) in respiratory samples. One assay. Multiple pathogens detection”.

None of the above viruses actually exist as pathogenic particles but you can take the names of these viruses to mean different gene fragments that correlate with the genomic registration associated with these “virus” labels. In any case, the Covid PCR doesn’t tell you much of anything. PCR is a molecular amplification tool, not a diagnostic tool.

On Flu:

Me: Why is there near zero flu in Japan this year?

Her: Less people are traveling this year so it didn’t come, also, we are wearing masks.

Me: But in the ’19-’20 season when we were locked down there were over 100k cases of flu in Japan [and people weren’t traveling so much during the Spanish 1918 flu] and doesn’t a mask protect from flu just like Corona even though everyone’s mask is clearly open at the edges?

Her: There wasn’t so much flu in Japan, what the gov’t puts out is a guestimate, and many had immunity to flu from before, and Corona is more infective from aerosol vs flu [how is that proven?].

Me: Don’t people have some immunity to all the Corona colds?

Her: No they don’t, and most people are getting flu vax each year [so why is there so much flu in Japan every year?].

Her: It’s nonsense to compare flu to Corona [she’s dodging the question].

Me: Yes, there’s lot’s of nonsense going on out there.


Conclusion & Award Ceremony:

So here you can see the way the front-line virology researchers think and double-speak. We’re eagerly awaiting for their next time-lapse on Godzilla viruses attacking people in the streets.

I am also proud to announce that Dr. Eimi has been inducted into the Proton Magic Substack “Shrine of Shameless Hucksterism”, our third inductee now behind Karen Kingston, and Steve Kirsch (Our Emeritus Inductee):

Dr. Sam Bailey takes up this post in video (here with Japanese subtitles).

Attributions: https://protonmagic.substack.com/p/japan-cell-culture-time-lapse-madness-21f

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