Part : 1 On Russian Invasion, Putin the black Madonna (Kali and Shakti) worshipping Jew, WWIII, Gods and Goddesses Pleasers Occultists, Cult of Skulls – Alert: Ukraine chemical time bomb; warning to Putin and the Ukraine military.

This article will feature Jon Rappoport’s astounding findings… As below. I will subsequently add more parts to it. Enjoy.

Bombing and shelling that happens to strike these depots would cause devastating consequences.
In 2009, I researched the problem of pesticides in the Ukraine. Use is not the only issue; so is storage. And the scope and danger are huge.
Here is what I found:
Tamara Gurzhiy, “Expired and prohibited pesticides problem in Ukraine,” Independent Agency for Ecological Information, Kharkiv, Ukraine (English translation):
“Twenty thousand to 25,000 t [tons] of expired or prohibited pesticides are stored on 4,000 Ukrainian depots. This is a serious threat for people and environment. Arsenic compounds are highly toxic for cattle. Death comes within several hours…Majority of pesticide depots were not designed for long-term usage. Chemicals are stolen and illegally sold to people. Depots’ roofs collapsed over the time, pesticides’ wrapping gets [out of] of order, pesticides of different nature may become [a] catalyst of spontaneous chemical reactions with unpredictable results. Spontaneous fire may spread toxins on a wide area. Utilization of expired and prohibited pesticides is Ukrainian national problem.”
Indeed, there was a fire in 2009.
Simferopol, October 17 (Interfax-Ukraine): “A storehouse with pesticide in Dzhankoi (Crimea) is on fire…around 200 tonnes of pesticide and magnesium chloride…around 40 tonnes of pesticide was taken from the storehouse…” How extensive were the toxic clouds? Was this the real reason for fake 2009 reports of a million people ill in the Ukraine with Swine Flu?
“BRNO, Czech Republic, Sept. 23, 2009 /CNW/ – According to Milieukontakts Partner IHPA (the International HCH and Pesticides Association) the health of at least 7 million inhabitants in Moldavia and Ukraine is seriously threatened by a stock of old pesticides. IHPA calls for fast EU action to disarm this ‘biggest chemical time bomb of Europe’.”
“…[in] the former Kalush factory in the west of Ukraine there is a stock of no less than 10,000 tonnes of superfluous Hexachlorobenzene (HCB). It’s particularly the positioning along the Dniester river that makes the situation extremely hazardous: a single flood and the high concentrations of poison would pollute the natural habitat of some 7 million people in the west of Ukraine and Moldavia.”
“In total, tens of millions of inhabitants in Europe, Central Asia and the former Soviet Union are being threatened by pesticides. In Ukraine alone there are 4,500 storage locations with more than 30,000 tonnes of old pesticides, a legacy from the Soviet era. The substances have been prohibited since 2001. As a rule the packaging only lasts five to ten years. If nothing happens in that time, then the substances could simply end up in the soil or in the water…”
Today (2/25/22) I looked for evidence that these horrendous problems in the Ukraine have been solved. So far, I haven’t found any. However, I did come across a 2020 study, “Environmental monitoring and recommendations on decreasing the levels of pesticide pollution in Zhytomyr region of Ukraine”:
“Environmental monitoring was conducted of facilities for storage and disposal of banned and unsuitable pesticides. Pesticide content in the soil, water, and products of agriculture in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine was examined, and the accumulation of organochlorine pesticides by freshwater bivalve mollusks was assessed. Storage facilities of the Zhytomyr region contain nearly 392.18 t [tons] of pesticides in 137 warehouses, of which 11 meet the requirements, 36 are tolerable, and 90 are in poor condition…”
Not encouraging.
I doubt the Russians or even the Ukrainians have supplied precise maps of all these pesticide depots to their military commanders.

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