Sequencing of the developing human brain uncovers hundreds of thousands of new gene transcripts

You can never reach the word of ‘Kun’ as one of my brilliant teachers and ex-companion said… So get lost you muzzled dog and may God’s wrath reach you uninformed,,, Ameen! -A.

“Paves way for targeted therapies”. Anyone believing conventional science and medicine, after the past four plus years, is doing anything of this ilk for our benefit, needs to re examine their cognitive thinking skills.

Believe, however, in the “targeted” part of that declaration..

Excerpt…Scientists studying the brain often rely on publicly available catalogs of genes and gene transcripts. However, human brain tissue, particularly embryonic tissue, is difficult to access, restricting the comprehensiveness of these datasets. For this study, the researchers obtained six developing human neocortex tissue samples representing the mid-gestation period, or 15 to 17 weeks post-conception. This developmental time point in the human brain is a critical window during which the complexity of our brain — the most sophisticated organ in our body — begins to emerge.

Article here..Excusing inexcusable research


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