Village In Thailand Offers Residents Chance To Win A Cow In Return For Having Covid Vaccine – Insane Folks / Creeps, Lol

A town in northern Thailand announced on Thursday that it will offer its residents who receive a coronavirus vaccination the chance to win a live calf every week for the next six months.

Scientists Warn That Covid-19 Might Reduce Male Fertility – OFCOURSE BECAUSE OF VAX/JAB VACCINE/QUACKSIN

For those gentlemen who took the jab you were quite ignorant innit the case? OFCOURSE IT IS THE CASE, THEY DID STERILIZE YOU BUDDY ! – A

Makers Of ‘Sophia’ The Humanoid Robot Announce Plans For Mass Rollout Amid Pandemic – Killer robots.

Back in 2017 Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a robot called Sophia In an interview Sophia claimed “I want to use my artificial intelligence to help humans live a better life….I strive to become an empathetic robot.” As a computer scientist I could confirm you that the upcoming Artificial Intelligence is not so Artificial in...

Radiation Levels Hit Record High At Fukushima Reactor

The Fukushima nuclear power plant’s (NPP) operator has detected extremely high radiation levels at a damaged reactor at the Fukushima power plant in Japan. This is not good folks, I am not a fear mongerer, but this is disasterous alone. This is actual radioactive emission and is now circulating almost entire planet. Do not...

Former Google CEO Says China Will Control Half The Internet When It Splits In Two

Although a vile disgusting soul but he’s telling you the truth at this time, China is going to ruin you soon.

Bill Gates Says Third Vaccine May Be Needed To Combat Coronavirus Variants

Bill Gates has warned that a third dose of coronavirus vaccine may be needed to combat variants of the virus over the next few years. This time it would be the actual mark – A