Documentary Trailer: “9/11 – “Advent of the Ninth Crusade”

Light On Light Publishing presents a brief 12 minute trailer of the upcoming documentary film by Capt Dan Hanley, director of As the doors of censorship are closing faster than ever, we urgently need your assistance in spreading the word. Since YouTube age-restricted our video, the best you can do in this regard is...

The Germ Theory Deception – Viruses, 5G , Vaccines, ‘coronavirus’, PCR test – Pinned/Sticky Post

In case you do not see the images loading properly please open the source link at the very bottom of this article. It’s a remarkable and an outstanding compilation on the COV!D nonsense, whoever did this I salute sir… Thank you kindly – A Sections: 1. – Introduction. 2. – Germ Theory / Terrain Theory...

SPACEX TO BEGIN WORLDWIDE SERVICE IN AUGUST by Arthur Firstenberg, Author: The Invisible Rainbow.

Those of you experiencing weird symptoms like blisters on the feet especially in and around toes, or extreme lethargy, apathy etc should better read this and act accordingly and wake the Fuck up ! IT’S NEVER TOO LATE – A On June 29, 2021, Elon Musk spoke at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona,...

Bill Gates Says Third Vaccine May Be Needed To Combat Coronavirus Variants

Bill Gates has warned that a third dose of coronavirus vaccine may be needed to combat variants of the virus over the next few years. This time it would be the actual mark – A


These are a few patents you can look up to debunk those who say Govts are their saviours and won’t do any harm to them thus telling you that such technologies do not exist, show them these patents. Note: Please. Do not tamper with the above link.

5G Hidden Dangers How telecom, Govts and Electric Power Supplies suppress the truth. Note: Please. Do not tamper with the above link.

An outstanding Documenatry on EMF/5G Health Hazards by Sacha Stone

Please open the following link, watch, download and share.