“Booster” shots really mean it’s a way to BOOST Big Pharma’s profits… It’s all about repeat business, not immunity, because if it were about immunity, then NATURAL immunity would count

The word booster sounds so friendly, like a cute little booster seat for a small child at the dinner table, or some nice person who promotes a non-profit organization in your community. Maybe you love space exploration and booster makes you think of an added acceleration stage for a rocket ship. Electricians might hear booster and think of an increase in voltage or signal strength, but when it comes to vaccinations, there’s a whole different meaning, and it’s nothing positive, unless you’re the toxic jab maker — or own stock in their company.

A booster shot doesn’t mean you’re getting a boost at warding off some virus. No, a booster shot doesn’t mean the first jab’s effect wore off either. Nope. A booster shot means a boost of profits, a windfall of revenue, a landslide of cold hard cash for the vaccine makers, and not just from the sale of the “inoculations,” but mostly from what comes next.

“Our profits need a boost — launch the BOOSTER shots!”

A Canadian doctor just blew the whistle on what’s next for so many of the Covid-vaccine victims. Big pharma is heavily vested in humans becoming very sick from these blood-clot-causing jabs. The booster shots will really be the tipping point, when all these victims’ blood clots go “viral.”

Currently, according to what this doctor has witnessed with his patients, a single dose of the Moderna mRNA jab injects “40 trillion messenger RNA molecules” and only 1/4th of them stay at the injection site. They circulate throughout the bloodstream, into your smallest blood vessels, the capillaries. That’s when your genes manufacture trillions of Covid spike proteins that are now part of the “vascular endothelium.”

After that, the vaccine-victim’s blood will start clotting because platelets circulate around these microscopic clots. None of this shows up on scans because they’re all too small and too scattered, but wait until the “booster” shots come. The ‘worst is yet to come,’ warns the Canadian doctor.

Pfizer announced recently that they expect their Covid jab to make them $26 billion this year, way up from their prior estimate of $15 billion. Johnson & Johnson recently announced that it expects its Covid jab to generate over $2.5 billion in revenue this year, from about 600 million doses, and half of those sales will come in the fourth quarter.

Take a wild guess how much these companies will make off a “booster” shot, or a “Delta-booster,” and then multiply that by a thousand when a few hundred million people start suffering from millions of tiny blood clots throughout their body.

Get your fear-based “booster” shot at an abandoned mall in a crime-ridden metropolitan city near you

You see, if boosters were about immunity, there would be science to prove it, but there’s not. Most of the people catching Covid now have already been vaccinated against it. That goes for the Delta variant too. It’s all tax-payer money that these corporations are gobbling up, so don’t go thinking these vaccines are free. So the promotion of the jabs is all based on fear. Fear of death. Fear of choking to death while a ventilator is crammed down your windpipe.

Half of all Americans are so scared they believe that booster shots really help them, and that the government wants them healthy and safe from all viruses. Currently, you can get a dirty Covid jab just about anywhere you find homeless people, urine, feces and heroin needles on the streets.

You see, if booster really meant immunity, then the government would subsidize or give away free supplements and natural remedies like vitamin D, zinc, vitamin B12, garlic, licorice root, oil of oregano, green tea and medicinal mushrooms, so that Americans could build up natural immune function, hopefully catch a super-mild case of Covid and be immune forever, like Chicken Pox.

Instead, pharma and the CDC push dirty vaccines that clog your blood. Want one? Check your local abandoned shopping mall, or behind a sports stadium, or in some circus tent at the county fair. Pharma doesn’t care, they just need you sick and dying to boost their sales and profits, and they can’t even be sued for it. Think about that for a minute. Let that “boost” your vaccine hesitancy.

That’s right folks, men, women, children – step right up and get your pharma-profit-booster-shot! If you already got jabbed with the blood-clotting Covid inoculations, and you are suffering from CoVax Syndrome, then report it to VAERS. Also, check out Pandemic.news for updates on these crimes against humanity and the upcoming vaccine holocaust.

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“Booster” shots really mean it’s a way to BOOST Big Pharma’s profits… It’s all about repeat business, not immunity, because if it were about immunity, then NATURAL immunity would count – NaturalNews.com

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