Brazilian President Goes Off The Rails, Exposes Covid Tyranny, Wants All Brazilians Armed – Readers please confirm

I request my readers, guests, friends, companions to confirm the following: If this is true then the man and his family are with any shadow of doubt at great risk !!! – A


He went on an extended and detailed rant, saying tyranny was everywhere in Brazil just waiting to pounce and that to avoid that happening under the cover of the corona ruse, the Brazilian people needed to buy guns IMMEDIATELY.  <<<go hear and click on embedded video AND WATCH!!! (YouTube no doubt will take this down in a heart beat.  It is safer on Jim Stone’s website.)

My Comment: This is the same guy who keeps sending people to the Brazilian Hospitals that “CLAIM” to be overflowing with seriously ill patients, and he finds out the Hospitals are in fact EMPTY!!!…..he is on the RIGHT Track!   Better pray for him, because the Communist Globalist DICTATORS probably have “Hit men” after this President!  They just bump off anyone governement leader that doesn’t go along with the official “BIG LIES”.

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