Cloud Seeding is TOXIC AF & Blocks the Sun: the Truth About the Chemicals Being Sprayed in OUR AIR

The FDA and EPA absolutely assure us “Cloud Seeding is just Silver Iodide! It’s just to make rain! It’s totally safe!”. Today we are going to find out if that’s true…

“They’re just cloud seeding, it’s not chemtrails! It’s harmless!”, they tell us. In fact, it’s so harmless that the vast majority of states in the US have some form of seeding program currently taking place. Many of them are funded with our tax dollars, but some are sponsored by corporations you would never expect to be involved in GeoEngineering. Idaho Power currently spends $4 million a year on cloud seeding which results in a 12% increase in snow in some areas.

Although the internet assures us Cloud Seeding is super-duper safe, today we are going to look at what chemicals are being spammed into the atmosphere, according to the Manufacturers of the chemicals and a crazy CDC document I unearthed.


Cloud Seeding involves chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere to hopefully make precipitation:

Cloud Seeding | What is It, How Does It Work, and Does It Make a  Difference? - SnowBrains

I said hopefully make precipitation because two consecutive days of spraying chemicals to seed clouds only results in a 67% chance of rain. Or perhaps we should say, “Two days of spraying results in a 33% failure rate”, meaning 1 out of every 3 chemical-spray operations doesn’t bring rain, so environmentally damaging toxins were released into the atmosphere for absolutely nothing.

To seed, planes are loaded with flares:

They then burn them in the sky:

Or flares can be shot from the ground:

As stated in decades of US military and government documents, Seeding not only makes rain but also make fog, snow or hail, because you know, sometimes people really need more snow, so it’s good to have the capability….



GeoEngineered hail is no longer the cute little pieces of ice that delicately tink… tink… tink on your roof. It has gotten so out of control that across the world people are seeing this insanity:

“Ice Pellet” Hail from Cloud Seeding: Round balls that appear to be made in a factory:


75 POUND Hail balls in Lake Michigan during the “Polar Vortex” (Gee, I wonder what caused that…)

Polar vortex: Lake Michigan turns to sea of giant ice balls | The  Independent | The Independent

Hail from Croatia that looks like a soap-mold:


Tennis-Ball-Sized hail in Missouri. Note the green grass in the background:

Tennis ball sized hail north of KOAM viewing area; Tips to prepare for hail  | Joplin News First |

Baseball sized hail in Michigan:

Catastrophic hail causes damage in Davison area, community reacts | WEYI

Rare Ice Crystal Hail” in Florida:

Oh hail no! How rare were Thursday's hail storms across Central Florida?

Hail so large it wrecks vehicles:


GeoEngineering IS a direct cause of weather chaos.


The worst part is, their cloud seeding chemicals and weather-altering operations result in insurance claims being driven up which results in you and I having to bear the burden of higher rates across the board for home and auto.


Salt-like hail covering the ground in Austria. We get this frequently here in Michigan now. It doesn’t melt like normal frozen water. You can put this sh*t in a metal bowl, set it on blacktop in direct line of the sun and it still won’t melt. Read my post Chemtrails: Fake Snow vs Blow Torch.


The GeoEngineered hail has gotten so bad that now they are now using GeoEngineering Countermeasures to fight the GeoEngineered hail. Meet the Hail Cannon: (37 second video)

Hail Cannons are used to reverse GeoEngineering by sending MASSIVEshockwaves into the atmosphere to try and stop the Cloud-Seeded-Hail before it causes extreme damage to properties, car dealership inventory and crops. Here’s one in action. It is so loud that it is shaking the ground. I’m sure this is simply fantastic for nature: (38 second video)

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Not all Seeding is for precipitation. Seeding is also used to block the sun.

Raytheon’s “Atmospheric Seeding” with Metallic Particles Patent

Here is taped testimony involving Julio Gomez, attorney for the Los Alamos Study Group and Justin Price, a Rhode Island State Representative, regarding Raytheon’s patent for “Seeding” with Aluminum. (25 second video)

Maybe you think it sounds silly that Seeding could control the sun, but here’s a document from the University of Michigan that outlines controlling the sun, back in 1946!


I’m going to write an article just on that document soon, so hop on the Truth Train, I saved you a seat:

As you can see, we haven’t even gotten into the actual Seeding ingredients and it’s already a disaster. Sky-chemicals, fog, hail busting out windshields, shockwave cannons, Raytheon metal-sky patents, controlling the sun; what a nightmare they have caused trying to play God… then they call it “Climate Change” and blame us for using an air conditioner during the summer or drinking through a plastic straw…

With that being said, let’s rip off the Band-Aid and look at what is actually in Cloud Seeding:


There was a company called MK BALLISTICS. As you can guess by their name, they made ballistics… and also Cloud Seeding Flares. Yes, they produced weapons of war and seeding supplies because it’s the same ingredients.

In 2004, MK Ballistics was investigated by the CDC for their chemicals making their employees sick. Here’s the CDC investigation that includes ingredients and process (don’t worry, we will go through it in detail):


Details of ingredients within investigation paperwork:


Now that we have a list of ingredients, let’s check them out:


The US government admits that silver is one of the MOST TOXIC heavy metals, yet they justify spraying it into the sky because…




And, according to the Manufacturers of Silver Iodide (chemical), it is exceptionally toxic to aquatic life, meaning everything living in oceans, lakes, streams, marshes, etc:



Cloud Seeding ingredient STYRENE (CAS #100-42-5) is a toxic, hazardous chemical that should never be inhaled according to the manufacturer. It too causes severe damage to aquatic animals and human organs. But that’s not all. Just like Vitamin A, Ivermectin, High Fructose Corn Syrup and the other population control poisons, Styrene also can harm an unborn child and cause fertility issues.


Category 1 means it can inflict permanent damage with a single exposure. Category 2 means it can inflict permanent damage with repeated or long-term exposure:



Cloud Seeding ingredient “Aluminum Powder” manufacturers Safety Sheet states “DO NOT ALLOW TO BECOME AIRBORNE“, also it’s toxic to eyes, skin and respiratory system (so let’s spray it in the air!)



Cloud Seeding ingredient Potassium Perchlorate (CAS #7778-74-7) is a hazardous chemical according to the manufacturer Safety Sheet. It is incompatible with fine metals, which is exactly what is in Seeding and spraying operations!



This one is absolutely insane. This ingredient, Magnesium Metal Powder (CAS #7439-95-4), is used in Cloud Seeding and insecticide. This is one of the reasons why the insects (and pollinators) are vanishing… because nearly every state is spraying literal insecticide.


Let’s recap what we learned is used in Cloud Seeding flares: insecticide, a hazardous chemical not compatible with metallic particles, a toxic metal composition that should never be allowed to become airborne, a hazardous chemical that can harm and kill unborn babies and one of the most toxic heavy metals that is OK to release into the environment because it’s allowed to be in drinking water. So, we release all of that and we block the sun and kill the bees, but two out of three times we can increase rainfall by 10%-35%, but sometimes it turns into hail and we need to send shockwaves into the atmosphere to stop the basketball-sized chunks from destroying our lives. Makes sense to me!


(37 second video)

Yep, when you combine aluminum with magnesium it clots the blood. Now you know why they are pushing magnesium supplements so hard! …Folks, all of the ingredients are chemicals. They are all toxic. They’re all poison. There’s no point in continuing to review them. If what I have shown you this far doesn’t convince you, then, by all means, keep your blinders on and cheer for the government “just making some rain”.


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