DELTA DEATH JAB: Here comes the “Delta Variant” narrative to use FEAR to drive people into the mass-blood-clotting “kill shot”

Beware of the common cold engineered in a laboratory, as it can kill you. If you are suffering from cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, strokes or dementia, you may be a very strong candidate for death by vaccine. If your immune system is compromised (200 million Americans), you may be at elevated risk of dying from Delta Variant (vaccine injuries from Covid-19 jabs and any new “boosters” for variants). Yes, CDC and CCP “officials” (MSM) have confirmed the Delta variant is in every state of the union, but it’s spreading quickest in parts of Nevada, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas and Utah.

For now, the CDC claims that the Covid-19 vaccines somehow are still effective (at less than 50 percent efficacy) at fighting back bad cases of the China Flu, but that’s impossible for them to have already tested, and where are those results please? Science please. It’s all just one huge medical experiment deemed “emergency use.”

MSM to pour on the “Delta Variant” super-scary propaganda narrative now, since vaccination rates don’t seem to be going up much more

If the CDC/CCP regime can at least keep their 50 percent vaccination rate, they can eliminate about 160 million Americans in just a few months, and nobody will know what hit them. The medical doctors will all be using the fake PCR tests set for 70 percent positive Delta Variant “antibodies,” or whatever figure they think sounds legitimate enough to guarantee the all vaccinated goons’ further compliance. Then all vaccine injuries, whether by blood clot strokes or myocarditis “syndrome,” will be blamed on the “Delta Variant.”

Until at least 50 percent of Americans get the next round of Covid vaccines, whether that means a “booster shot” or a “variant” shot, all you will see and hear from MSM is “Delta Variant” propaganda, and how it’s a million times more scary than Covid-19. It makes Covid-19 look like a common head cold or flu (because it is). Until the communists in Washington DC get all those sheeple re-jabbed with the “kill switch” inoculation, you will not hear the end of Delta Variant.

Delta Variant warnings will be plastered on every school poster and every billboard in America. It will be the main topic of the news for national, regional and local news. Every newspaper will say Delta Variant at least ten times per day, in several different articles.

Confirmed: Another “head cold” and “chest flu” spreading through 5 US states, run for your lives (to the deadly vaccine centers)

Remember how the death statistics from Covid kept going down, down, down, after the initial “outbreak?” It was massively hyped at the beginning, as if Ebola was infecting every third person on Earth and the vaccine was “about to be invented” to save everyone and the whole planet from sure death. We all put on our masks and tried not to get infected or infect others with our deadly saliva. We stayed far apart, and even in our homes to save Mother Earth from existing with no people ever again.

Only to find out that Covid-19 was a planned flu that wouldn’t end up killing any more than seasonal influenza ever does, including nearly 100 percent of the weak, immune-compromised, GMO-eating, fluoride-drinking, prescription-drug-taking US sheeple. Delta Variant is in “every state” now, and so is Zika, and Swine flu, if the fake news says so.

Covid-19 vaccines are not safe or effective; they’re unsafe and defective. Visit if you already got a toxic Covid jab or two and you are experiencing side effects, blood clots or other adverse events. Then tune your internet frequency to for updates on these crimes against humanity being delivered under the guise of inoculation.

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DELTA DEATH JAB: Here comes the “Delta Variant” narrative to use FEAR to drive people into the mass-blood-clotting “kill shot” –

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