Dr Michael Warner getting rich off locking you down

One of the most vocal shills for repressive medical measures in Canada has been Dr Micheal Warner. He started calling for lockdowns March 2020. Currently he is on Main stream media constantly relaying stories of brutal deaths in Toronto’s supposedly covid19 overwhelmed ICU’s. Hes also a huge fan of vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations.





Thing is with Dr Micheal Warner’s “medical” advice is that the more people follow it the richer the good Doctor becomes. The covid compliant media list him simply as an ICU doctor at Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto. In reality Mikey is a businessman getting spectacularly rich off lockdowns.



So as listed on his linked-in account Mikey as well as being a Doctor is founder owner of Advisory MD. I will let his website speak for itself, he directly owns a company that makes money from Covid.




This however isn’t how Dr Mikey is…

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