Letter from a youngster on the transgender path by Jon Rappoport

WARNING: Read this introduction before you proceed to the “letter.”

Some people CAN’T READ. If this is you, stop right here and go no further.

Some people can’t distinguish fact from satire. If this is you, stop reading.

Not long ago, I wrote a piece headlined, JOE ROGAN IS RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION. I stated at the top that it was SATIRE. Why? Because these days, some people can’t read.

Nevertheless, a few commenters were in a tizzy because they actually, bogglingly believed I was asserting a claim of fact.

As a general rule, I don’t blow trumpets and announce THIS IS SATIRE. Why? Because it spoils the whole effect. BUT we live in a time when, again, many people can’t read…and yet they think they can.

This is rather troubling. Where did they get that cockeyed false impression? It couldn’t have been from their schooling, could it?


It’s a lie dressed up to SEEM LIKE fact.

Got it?

HOWEVER, the letter REFLECTS what some people absurdly believe to be true. That’s why it’s SATIRE.

Can I be any clearer?

Now that I’ve blown the whistle on my own article, maybe I shouldn’t bother going any further. Maybe I should just stop right here because…the issue concerning reading comprehension is prior to, and in some ways so friggin’ important…it should stand alone as a monument to where the Culture is and is heading.

Maybe I should just blast schools and teachers for 10,000 words or so.

But I persist. I always do. I gird my loins and walk out to the field of battle.

So here we go:


Dear Mr. Rappoport,

My name is Jimmy Jones.

I’m three years old.

Yes, I can read and write.

In fact, as I’ve discovered, thousands of children my age can.

Under the auspices of the American Medical Association and the National Institutes of Health, I recently conducted a nationwide survey of three and four year olds.

Out of 15,000 children studied, 12,000 were already literate. Six thousand had read multiple medical studies on the subjects of gender fluidity and puberty blockers.

I want to emphasize that none of the six thousand children had been guided or questioned in any way that suggests their interest in transgenderism was prompted.

Neither parents nor teachers had groomed them.

Apparently, some mysterious inner impulses have been motivating very young children to consider gender choices. It is an idea whose time has come. Or as Gustave Aimard put it in his novel Les Francs-Tireurs (1861): “Here is something more powerful than the brute force of bayonets: it is the idea whose time has come and hour struck.”

In fact, Mr. Rappoport, the parents and teachers are recalcitrant. In pre-school, kindergarten, and at home, we three and four year olds initiate the conversations. We educate the adults about gender fluidity and dysphoria. It’s shocking how little they know.

It took me several meetings with school officials and educator-bureaucrats in the Chicago area, before they reluctantly agreed to investigate the possibility of embedding gender discussion in school curricula.

I brought in primary physicians, surgeons, and psychologists to conferences, so they could interface with educators and teacher-union executives, and finally engage in mutually productive gender dialogue.

Just to give you an idea of how far behind the curve adults are, I interviewed, as part of an upcoming PBS series, a male who transitioned to female—and was completely unaware that she had undergone radical genital surgery.

The children are leading the way.

Surely you would want to make this clear to your readers.

Old-fashioned parents, who are causing trouble for local school boards, obviously don’t understand the situation or the depth of the revolution that is taking place. I expect that, within a few years, medical associations and psychiatric committees will be acknowledging literally dozens of different gender identities.

Lately, I’ve been communicating with several internal organizations of Catholic priests, who are intensely interested in new Children’s Crusades. I believe a bridge can be established between government gender-educators and these religious leaders.

I myself am an orphaned child who was brought up into the US through the southern border and placed in a loving home, with parents who finally understand the emergence of the New Society of Inclusion.

So, Mr. Rappoport, now that you know we three year olds are the INITIATORS in the gender revolution, you’ll hopefully pause and consider the implications. I was going to write you last year, but I was too busy traveling back and forth to Washington DC, where I was huddling with federal officials in charge of awarding contracts for the development of algorithms to detect disinformation in the areas of trans-sports participation and kindergarten drag-queen pageants.

In case you’re interested in interviewing me for one of your podcasts, you can contact my agent, Phil Hog, at the Loving Parents Agency (LPA), in Hollywood, their senior umbrella group, Cultural Relativity, Inc., or my business manager, Sid Gottlieb, at MKULTRA Enterprises, in Virginia. You can reach me directly at Jimmy Jones, PO Box 00, USA. The Postmaster General is under instructions to allow mail from adults to get through to me, so long as the letters are not accompanied by photos.

Yours Truly,

Jimmy Jones, Three Years Old

Note to readers: I checked with the newly formed Government Disinformation Board, and was assured the above letter did not contain false claims.

— Jon Rappoport

Attributions: https://email.mg2.substack.com/c/eJxNkM1uhSAQRp_msqsBHFAXLLrpaxiEUWkVCD9tfPtyr0nThACT8A1zjtEFt5AuFUMu5LnN5YqoPP7kA0vBRGrGNDurRtGPjI89sQosG8VIXJ7XhHhqd6iSKpJYl8MZXVzwrwSVAiTZle0HY-zKJBiuESgDkMzKZQG9jP1k7o91tQ69QYXfmK7gkRxqLyXmR__-4B9t5brkos1XZ8LZypjC6g5stxFgGlrbt8_g35KOMcSQCnGKU86poBMTAHzq-g4WLgFA0BWoNYY_gJ4b7_53Jkmdddfnqa32OnvdENuzw217Cf51dGjrzflknlvorN6Va0avlwPtraPcVl-C5g09pmbbzrooJgVnjNEBKB1v-uZLAJMDYwNp09jQUl41nj-cX01pkVQ


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