Spray the Sky with Piss 🚽 New Chemtrail Patent ✈️ (Yes, Seriously)

.and you thought peeing in a pool was rude…

Believe it or not, this actually isn’t Bill Gates idea, but I agree, it sure does sound like it.

In my first article of this series we discussed how Cloud Seeding is Toxic AF and looked at a list of ingredients that are being sprayed into the air we breath to try to make rain and also to block the sun. In Part 2 we learned the two methods that can be used to spray chemicals from planes. The first method is using interior chemical tanks connected to exterior nozzles. The second way is through fuel additive. By adding the chemicals (aluminum nanoparticles, carbon black, boogers, whatever) directly to the fuel, any plane with the correct engine can spray the entire time it is at cruising altitude. With that being said, today we are going to look at a patent for a plane engine that has been specifically designed to handle a very special fuel additive for GeoEngineering.


In 2019, Hanson-Haber filed a plane engine patent. It became active in 2021 and is currently more active than a herpes flare-up:

The patent is for modifying existing commercial jet engines so we can make them into planes that spew, “reflective or absorbing compounds to reduce global temperature. YAY! DRIVE THAT TEMPERATURE DOWN, BABY!

For those of you who are new to the topic of GeoEngineering, or as I call it, sky bastards blocking the sun, let me explain it in two pictures. Here is their stupid graphic to help you understand their stupid goal:

A photographic view of mountains, clouds, rolling hills and water used as a backdrop to explain the Earth's radiation budget. Subsequent illustrations describe the overlying diagram of arrows explaining the budget.

Here’s my stupid graphic to help you understand their stupid goal:

It is hard for any normal person with common sense to comprehend just how psychotic these GeoEngineering psychopaths are, so let me give you a few examples. You’re going to think I’m making this sh*t up, but I’m not:

“Don’t want mirrors all over your house? Fine, we’ll cover it in foil!”…

“Why stop at the roof?”

MEER cool material on building

Speaking of roofs, they want to paint everything white so nothing absorbs heat from the horrible sun. And when I say, “paint everything white”, I mean everything; roofs, buildings, roads, if you can name it you can paint it.

Turning everything white also applies to clouds. They want to make clouds whiter because they’re just not white enough.

Since they can’t paint bodies of water they want to cover them with reflective tarps. Imagine how fun a day at the beach will be!

They know they are going to kill all of the bees by spraying poison, so they patented robot bees

They are going to kill all of the trees, so they patented robot trees that don’t give oxygen but they do scrub carbon, so that’s great! Net 0, Sweetheart!

If GeoEngineering was a video game, the Level 6 boss would be this dude, David Keith (← you know what they say about a man with two first names). This guy fantasizes about spamming toxic chemmies in the sky to save the earth. His wet dream is fleets of planes spraying Sulfuric Acid and he beats off to a chemical catalog and a model Boeing (most likely). (1:37 video)

  • Do you know what Sulfuric Acid in the atmosphere causes? ACID RAIN. Yes, they want to make Acid Rain to save the planet.

And just in case you need another reason to hate these people, back in 2009, the GeoEngineering patent holders met to discuss how bad the weather needs to get for us to beg them for GeoEngineering. They were basically like, “What if there was a hurricane and a tornado at the same time?”, then the next dude says, “And a power outage too? Would that be enough? Can we add in a wildfire?”.

So now that you understand that we are dealing with next-level patent-holding-psychopaths, let’s get back to the patent:

Hanson-Haber not only offers the chemtrail spray-engines, but they also sell the GeoEngineering materials that go with the engines so the good planes can spray, spray, spray the evil sun away.

Although there already were patented engines that can handle additives, Hanson-Haber claims the reason for their patent is to, “provide alternatives to high-altitude seeding sulfuric acid”, because drenching the earth in sulfuric acid, a hazardous carcinogen that should never been inhaled, might not be such a good idea after all.

Hanson-Haber also filed a second patent which is nearly identical to the first, with the difference being it is an alternative to spraying Sulfur Dioxide, because that sh*t also wrecks the environment. Who would have thought loading the sky with chemicals would be so harmful?! And, with both patents, Hanson-Haber will provide the GeoEngineering materials to be used with the special engine.

“What is it that Hanson-Haber wants to spray instead of the ecosystem-destroying Sulfuric Acid and Sulfur Dioxide?”, you ask.

Answer: UREA.

“What the hell is Urea?”

Answer: PISS. Urine. Pee. #1. Wiz. Take a leak. The Mellow Yellow. Tinkle. You still gotta flush. Yes, they want to spray the skies, the atmosphere, the air we breathe, with… piss…

Tim Truth recently published a video telling people not to drink their pee.

I think we need to encourage him to make another video to tell people not to inhale it either. I corrected his graphic for him:


Covering the sky in urine isn’t as easy as you’d think. Why? Because of a piss shortage. You see, there just isn’t enough piss to be sprayed all day, every day, to keep that Godforsaken sun blocked. To solve the problem, urine must be made on industrial scale. We’re talking copious amounts of pee here.


The good news is, Ammonia is an alternative to piss that can be used to block the sun and Hanson-Haber has already created a large-scale production system creatively called The Haber Process. Using this method, 3,000 tons of piss-alternative can be cranked out in a single day (that’s 6 MILLION pounds or 3 MILLION kilograms!):

That means in only one month we can get ONE HUNDRED AND 80 MILLION POUNDS of urine substitute in the sky! Yeah, the world will smell like a cat litter box but it will so totally be worth it when there is absolutely no sunshine is left. Think of the money you’ll save never having to buy another pair of sunglasses! Free up closet space by throwing out all those American Eagle tank tops! No more tending to sunburns! And most importantly, a sky full of Ammonia is going to slow down global warming and that’s really all that matters.


I almost made this article the second-ever installment of Mindf*ck Monday, but it’s going to be really hard to follow-up The Elites Meditation Room Proves Everything is a Lie because that was a pretty damn good mindf*ck. But this is fairly f*cky too, but it’s more of a mini f*ck. A quickie? A mind BJ? Getting your mind banged in a Burger King bathroom on your lunch break?

The first use for pee-pee, other than spraying the sky to block the sun, is feeding it to livestock. Because it’s a protein substitute, you can feed your animals total sh*t and top off their diet with piss to keep them in prime health:

But the trick is to be cautious with how much urine you feed your animals because it is toxic waste, after all. This probably has something to do with our environment being horribly contaminated with herbicides, insecticides, forever chemicals and microplastics, but I’m not a scientist so what do I know?

Guess what else pissUrea” is used to manufacture?…

… go ahead, guess…

… are you also looking at the canned goods in your pantry and thinking, “there better not be piss in my corn!”…

… the good news is it’s not food…

… are you now reading the ingredients label of your Pelligrino sparkling water and whispering, “Damn you, Bill Gates!”…

… the great news is it’s not fizzy water (although now that I think about it, sometimes it does have a pissy aftertaste)…

…what they are actually using pee-pee in is…

VACCINES. Yep, it is used, “to help stabilize vaccines that must be refrigerated when they cannot be transported to areas and be guaranteed to stay frozen.”

And it works wonders!

I again revised

Tim Truth ‘s graphic:

I’m not sure what it will take to get vaccine advocates to reconsider (yes, mom, I am talking to you!). Is piss enough to make these people think twice? Every time we see an article promoting a jab should we comment, “I’m not worried about the aluminum or dead baby cow bits, but how much piss is in this one? Urine makes me itchy”. Like, is knowing you’re shooting someone else’s urine in your arm enough to be like, “ya know, I think I’d rather gamble with getting the Flu this year”…?

So now you’re probably wondering where the hell they are getting all of this urine-vaccine-ingredient from, especially during a worldwide piss shortage. Wellllllll… being that animal piss is what is being found in vaccines…

One would have to assume a lot of animals are urinating in buckets…

I’m envisioning a bunch of ferrets with little catheters, pissing for Moderna. Have I ever mentioned that sometimes I feel like we are living in one big insane asylum?

Now get this: Hanson-Haber is the company with the special piss-spraying plane engine and the piss-alternative additive (sold separately). Matthew Vernon Hanson from Hanson-Haber owns a couple more patents (other than the sun-piss stuff). Do you know what his other patents are for?


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