Ultimate Guide To Anti-Fertility Ivermectin Genocide: 14 Studies Showing It Wrecks Fertility

Now All The Psy-Ops Make Total Sense – And Many Prominent Anti-Vaxxers Are Guilty In Helping Perpetrate Genocide.

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Plummeting # of Pregnancies & Offspring In Ivermectin Rabbit Study

In a study called ‘Adverse effects of repeated doses of Ivermectin alone or with the combination of vitamin C on reproductive system of female rabbits’ by Jawad et al, researchers tested different amounts of Ivermectin and Vitamin C on rabbits and measured the number of offspring they beget.

“The results of fertility study revealed adverse effect of ivermectin therapy on fertility and block the pregnancy in all treated group except the fifth group which administered vitamin C only as compared with control group… In conclusion: Ivermectin has adverse effects on reproductive efficacy on female rabbits”

A very stark, concerning dropoff in the number of pregnancies and total offspring when the Ivermectin is introduced.

Here’s the aggregate data of Ivermectin vs no Ivermectin rabbit pregnancy rates & average number of offspring:

We see a massive reduction of pregnancy rate of 100% for the first mating and 91% for the second mating in the rabbits who received any ivermectin. We also find a plummeting average for number of offspring beget: a 100% drop in the first mating and a 92% reduction in the second mating.

“Ivermectin has adverse effects on reproductive efficacy on female rabbits”

Smaller Litter Sizes & Offspring Weights in Rattus Norvegicus Exposed to Abamectin

In a study called ‘Abamectin Induced Biochemical and Histopathological Changes in the Albino Rat, Rattus Norvegicus’ (full report) by Abd-Elhady & Abou-Elghar, researchers explored the negative effects of ivermectin of male rat fertility

“Fertility was also significantly reduced in
male rats ingesting abamectin in group T2. The number of offspring was significantly reduced.”

Assessment Of Abamectin’s Antifertility Effects In Male Rats

In a study called ‘Assessment of Antifertility Activities of Abamectin Pesticide in Male Rats’ by Elbetieha and Da’as (full report)

“The number of viable fetuses was significantly reduced in females mated with males that ingested abamectin at 1.87 or 2.13 mg/animal/day.”

“Significant increases in the total number of resorptions and the number of females with resorptions were observed in females mated with the exposed males at all three concentrations.”

“Testicular sperm counts and daily sperm production were significantly decreased in exposed males.”

“The results presented in this study clearly demonstrate that ingestion of abamectin for 6 weeks induced adverse effects on male fertility and reproduction.”

“Histological evaluation of the testes revealed several abnormalities including infiltration with congested blood vessels with marked hemorrhage and a significant accumulation of connective tissue surrounding the seminiferous tubules. These results strongly suggest the adverse effects of abamectin pesticide on male rat fertility.”

“The pregnancy rate and the number of viable fetuses were significantly reduced in females impregnated by abamectin-exposed male”

“Similar studies have indicated a strong link between male infertility and exposure to more than 50 pesticides including abamectin (Cox, 1996). Rats given 0.04 mg/ kg/day abamectin had increased stillbirths, decreased pup viability, decreased lactation, and decreased pup weights (US EPA, 1990).”

“Ingestion of abamectin caused a significant reduction in both epididymal and testicular sperm counts in a dose-dependent manner.”

“In summary, our results strongly suggest that exposure to the pesticide abamectin would have adverse effects on fertility and reproduction in adult male rats”

Decrease in Sperm Count & Increase In Abnormal Sperm In White Albino Rats Given Ivermectin

In a study called ‘Toxicological and pathological studies of Ivermectin on male albino rats’ Elzoghby et al, researchers examined sperm count & percentage abnormal sperm of White Albino rats given ivermectin.

Sperm Count

“Significant decrease in total sperm count with significant increase in sperm abnormality was also demonstrated.”

Sperm Abnormalities

“Various sperm abnormalities such as head, middle piece and tail abnormalities were observed in both treated groups at both 24h and 7-days post last injection. However, at 24h post last injection the degree of sperm abnormalities was significantly (P ˂0.05) higher than the control group.”

“Consequently, it could be concluded that, it is not preferable to use ivermectin particularly at double therapeutic dose mostly to breading males.”

Pathological Analysis: Study of Male & Female Fertility In Rabbit Ivermectin Recipients

In a rabbit study called ‘Pathological studies on effects of ivermectin on male and female rabbits’ by GabAllh et al. (Full study)

“Ivermectin has adverse effect on male rabbits that received either therapeutic or double therapeutic doses that varied from mild degenerative changes to complete necrosis of spermatogenic cells with complete absence of sperms. Meanwhile, female genital system was severely affected that showing severe degeneration and hemorrhage in uterus and atritic follicles and degenerated ova in ovaries. Additionally, ivermectin induced mild reversible pathological changes in parenchymatous organs of rabbits at therapeutic dose for short period of administration. Additionally, the repeated administration of either therapeutic or double therapeutic doses of ivermectin induced severe degenerative changes and necrosis in some parenchymatous organs.”

Histopathological Results

“The histopathological results revealed mild to moderate reversible degenerative changes in examined organs of male rabbits received ivermectin weekly for 4 weeks meanwhile, this degeneration become more severe and extended to complete necrosis in some organs after longer period and higher doses of ivermectin administration.”

“Pregnant females suffered from abortion in some cases with fetal death. Female genital system was severely affected that showing severe degeneration and hemorrhage in uterus as well as atritic follicles and degenerated ova in ovaries.”

“Fig.1 Testis of male rabbit received (0.8mg/kg b.wt) ivermectin for 4weeks showing presence of multiple sperm giant cells (H&E x100). Fig.2 Testes of male rabbit received (0.4mg/kg b.wt) ivermectin for 8weeks showing vacuolation in the cytoplasm of spermatogenic cells with pyknotic nucleus. H&Ex400).”

“Fig3 Epididymis of male rabbit received (0.4mg/kg b.wt) ivermectin for 8weeks showing accumulation of necrotic sperms and some of them hyalinized together with mononuclear leucocytic infiltration (blue color) in the epididymal tubules. (H&E x200).”

“Fig.13: Feti of pregnant does that received daily ivermectin at dose 0.4mg/k.g b.wt S.C and slaughtered at 28th day of pregnancy showing stunted growth. Fig.14: Ovary of pregnant does that received daily ivermectin at dose 0.4mg/k.g b.wt S.C and slaughtered at 28 th day of pregnancy showing multiple degenerated and atritic follicles scattered on the ovarian stroma (H&E x100)”

Abamectin Vs Male Fertility & Decreased Pregnancy Rates

In a study called ‘Abamectin Pesticide Exposure and Male Infertility: Human Exposure Studies Supported By Animal Studies Point Out a Considerable Relationship’ by Celik-Ozenci et al examined a very similar pesticide to Ivermectin, Abamectin.

“Abm levels in plasma, testis, liver and adipose tissues increased significantly in LTG and HTGs. Besides normal appearance, germinal epithelium revealed presence of marked depletion of germ cells and occurrence of multinucleated giant cells. Sperm motility and [Pregnancy Rates] decreased significantly in experimental group rats. High plasma Abm levels were found in infertile farmers.”

“Percentage of sperm with normal chromatin, membranous and cytoplasmic maturity and sperm motility decreased in infertile men.”

“Abm exists at high concentrations in testes of male rats and decreased Pregnancy Rates indicate a relationship between Abm and male infertility. Tubule damage and decreased sperm motility may explain this effect. Sperm motility, sperm maturity markers of farmers exposed to Abm were negatively affected. Thus, Abm exposure can contribute to male infertility.”

Ivermectin & Male Fertility in Rats: Major Hit To Sperm Metrics

In a study called ‘Effects of ivermectin and its combination with alpha lipoic acid on expression of IGFBP-3 and HSPA1 genes and male rat fertility’ by EL-Maddawy and Naby, researchers looked into Ivermectin, and changes in fertility metrics & expression of two genes in rat testis. (full report)

Rat Ivermectin Recipients Decreased Sperm Count, Sperm Motility, Living Sperm & Testosterone

“Low level of intratesticular testosterone may lead to detachment of germ cells from seminiferous epithelium and initiate germ cell apoptosis and subsequent male infertility (Lanco-Rodriguez & Martinez-Garcia, 1998)”

From the sperm count and sperm motility measurements we can approximate the drop of total motile count post-ivermectin, a key statistic for male fertility that looks at the number of viable (ie swimming sperm cells):

Microscope Images of HE Stained Rat Testes (×100 and 250 Magnification)

“Where (c) seminiferous tubules showing severe vacculation of germinal epithelium, degeneration with an absence of spermatozoa (arrows) and interstitial edema (arrowhead) and (d) showing disorganized seminiferous tubules with severe vacculation of germinal epithelium and degeneration (arrows) with interstitial edema (arrowhead)”

Ivermectin Makes Female Rats Engage In Less Sexual Behavior

In a study called ‘Ivermectin reduces sexual behavior in female rats’ by Moreira, Bernardi & Spinosa (full report) researchers found a stark decline in femal sexual behavior in rats after ivermectin dosing.

Here is a quick glossay of the terms in this paper:

  1. Estradiol Valerate: A synthetic form of the hormone estradiol, which is a type of estrogen.
  2. Behavior Induced by Estradiol Valerate: Refers to the actions or reactions exhibited by an animal, particularly female rats, after being treated with estradiol valerate. This hormone can induce estrous (reproductive) behaviors, affecting sexual activity.
  3. Behavior Induced by in Estrus: Describes the behaviors, primarily related to mating and sexual receptivity, that female animals exhibit during the estrus phase of their reproductive cycle.
  4. Lordosis: A mating posture in many female mammals, where the back is arched downward to facilitate copulation.
  5. Lordosis Quotient: A measure used in studies to quantify the frequency of lordosis behavior in response to a male’s advances. It is typically calculated as the number of lordosis responses divided by the number of male mounting attempts.
  6. Lordosis Intensity: Refers to the degree or strength of the lordosis posture during each occurrence. This can be measured by the angle of spinal curvature or the overall robustness of the posture in response to male advances.
  7. Exaggerated Lordosis: This term describes an unusually pronounced or extreme lordosis posture. It might be indicative of a heightened sexual receptivity or a specific reaction to hormonal treatments like estradiol.
  8. Female Presenting Lordosis: This term refers to the action of a female animal adopting the lordosis posture as a response to a male’s mating attempts or in anticipation of copulation.

Nigeria Study Finds Significant Reduction in Sperm Count, Sperm Motility & Bizarre Sperm Abnormalities Post-Ivermectin

In a study from Nigeria entitled ‘Effects of Ivermectin therapy on the sperm functions of Nigerian onchocerciasis patients’, some very concerning findings were published.

“We observed significant reduction in the sperm counts and sperm motility of the patients tested. On the morphology there was significant increase in the number of abnormal sperm cells. This took the forms of two heads, double tails, white (albino) sperms and extraordinarily large heads. It is suspected that the above alterations in the already determined parameters of the patients’ sperm cells could only
have occurred as a result of their treatment with ivermectin.”

Sperm Count

“There was a significant drop in the sperm counts of the patients after their treatment with ivermectin” write the authors of the study.

Here is a scatter plot of the sperm count before (x axis) and after (y axis) the ivermectin dosing. Points above the line indicate a higher sperm count after the Ivermectin and points below the line indicate a lower sperm count after Ivermectin.

Here is a chart of the sperm counts pre vs post Ivermectin for the 37 trial subjects, sorted by magnitude of sperm count drop (participant ID is noted beneath columns):

Sperm Motility

The paper also states: “There was a significant drop in the sperm counts of the patients after their treatment with ivermectin. There was also a significant reduction in the motility of the cells after the treatment with ivermectin. These reductions were not concurrent, nor were they in proportion to one another.

Sperm motility is the percentage of sperm that can swim forward. Sperm motility is important because for a sperm cell to successfully fertilize an egg it needs to be able to swim.

Here is a scatter plot of the sperm motility before (x axis) and after (y axis) the ivermectin dosing. Points above the line indicate a higher % sperm motility after the Ivermectin and points below the line indicate a lower % sperm motility after Ivermectin.

Here is a chart of the study data for pre vs post ivermectin sperm motility (Percentage of sperm that move forward) for all 37 subjects sorted with the largest drop in motility first:

Abnormality Of Sperm

“Sperm with abnormal morphology were also found to have increased after ivermectin therapy”

Here is a scatter plot of the % of sperm deemed “abnormal” before (x axis) and after (y axis) the ivermectin dosing. Points above the line indicate a higher % of abnormal sperm after the Ivermectin and points below the line indicate a lower % of abnormal sperm after Ivermectin.

Here is the data for % abnormal sperm for each of the participants before and after their ivermectin, sorted by the largest increase increase in abnormal sperm (participant # is under the columns):

The study also notes: “On the morphology there was significant increase in the number of abnormal sperm cells. This took the forms of two heads, double tails, white (albino) sperms and extraordinarily large heads.”

Motile Count

We can calculate the total motile count of each patient’s sample by multiplying the number of sperm in the sample times the percentage that were swimming properly.

Ivermectin VS Rosy Barb Fish Sperm

In a study called ‘Exposure of Rosy Barb (Puntius conchonius) Sperm to Abamectin as an In Vitro Assay of Cytotoxicity’ by Zhang et al (full report)

“This indicates that the toxicity of abamectin to rosy barb sperm is both dose dependent and exposure time dependent.”

Mouse Study Examining Altered Fertility Post-Ivermectin

In a study called ‘Effect of ivermectin on male fertility and its interaction with P-glycoprotein inhibitor (verapamil) in rats’ by El-Nahas & El-Ashmawy (full report)


While not deemed statistically significant, there is a noticeable drop in average sperm count after ivermectin to 343.3 million sperm per ml compared to the 392.3 million sperm per ml in the No-Ivermectin control group. The Ivermectin group has a 12.5% reduction in sperm concentration

Interestingly, when paired with verapamil, a drug for high blood pressure/ chest pain, there are much more significant deleterious effects in the male fertility metrics. The paper notes this may be because verapamil serves as a Pgp blocker.

“The low ivermectin toxicity has attributed to its restricted access to some tissues, especially for being a substrate of Pgp. Pgp is linked to the integrity of blood–tissue
barriers, such as the blood–brain barrier, testis or placenta and a partial blockade of Pgp could be responsible for a new drug distribution in the organism with possible increases of drug rates in organs behind these barriers. Therefore, concomitant administration of substrates and Pgp inhibitors would modify drug pharmacokinetics by increased bioavailability and organ uptake”

According to various studies (see below screen shot), certain ethnicities are much more prone to a TT MDR1 gene exon 26 C3435T mutation which, according to Hitzl et al:

“Carriers homozygous for this polymorphism (TT) showed more than two-fold lower PGP expression… compared to the CC group”


Does this mean people with a TT mutation (and perhaps CT to a lesser extent) on gene exon 26 C3435T are more prone to Ivermectin toxicity to both their brains & their testis?!

Let’s look at a few more metrics from the Ivermectin rat study:

Here’s a diagram which depicts the sperm life cycle, starting from spermatogonia and proceeding through mitosis and then through 2 stages of meiosis (MI, MII) and finally through spermatogenesis to yield spermatozoa.

Let’s look at the differences in abnormal sperm cells by category by treatment group in this series of 9 charts:

Other Pgp inhibitors that enhance ivermectin toxicity include K2, quercetin, hot peppers, curcumin, turmeric, CDB & THC.

Sheep Study Finds Drop In Sperm Motility & Concentration Post-Ivermectin

A Turkish study on Ivermectin’s fertility effects on male sheep by Tanyildizi and Bozkurt also found a stark decrease in sperm motility and concentration after injecting ivermectin (0.2mg/kg) subcutaneously (full report here)

“In this study, the values of sperm motility and concentration were observed to decrease significantly (p<0.01) when compared with the control group.”

Here is a chart of the sperm concentration & sperm volume of the Ivermectin injected sheep vs the levels from the no-Ivermectin control group:

The Smoking Gun: Use In Genocide In Africa/ Central America

In 1974, Kissinger announced the “world population plan of action” under Nixon’s presidency. NSSM 200 is nothing short of an atrocious secret government document talking about the capping of the world’s population at 8 billion. This menacing declaration of genocide was official US government policy and has been declassified in part (Document link)

Mass Ivermectin Administration

According to an article from Merck, they have shipped 4 billion doses of one version of Ivermectin, Mectizan, to people of poor countries:

“The Program reaches more than 400 million people annually; over 4 billion Mectizan [Ivermectin] 3mg tablets have been shipped to endemic countries by Merck since the inception of MDP in 1987.”

According to another Merck article, they claim the total Ivermectin doses donated surpasses 4.4 Billion… with the help of a public-partnership between Merck, the Task Force for Global Health & the WHO.

Here’s a list of all the countries that receive or have received Ivermectin donations from Merck (as per Mectizan Donation Program article):

American Samoa, Angola, Benin, Brazil, Burkina, Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, Congo, Cook Islands, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Guyana, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kiribati, Liberia, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, São Tomé and Príncipe, Tanzania, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Vietnam, Wallis and Futuna & Yemen

From a 2015 WHO report:

See the obvious connection between this group being poisoned by the depopulation agent called “Ivermectin” and Kissinger’s target country list? I hope so.

“The Task Force For Global Health”

So who is this ‘Task Force For Global Health’ shipping all this poisonous ivermectin to poor people around the world for free?

To debate me on ivermectin LIVE on-air, email timtruth@protonmail.com . Try to get your favorite ivermectin-pushing Jim Jones POS to grow some balls and debate me and you’ll see they’re just playing dumb. It’s my contention they are purposefully pushing depopulation agents on us.

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