Video: The Fallacies of Germ Theory – Catherine Austin – Thomas Cowan MD – June 22 – 2021

“Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur’s germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity.” – E. Douglas Hume

Disease, viruses, vaccinations: “I am telling the story of how it developed so that you can understand how an error turned into a fraud, a fraud into a crime, and in the industrialization of this crime, this madness that threatens all of us, all of humanity, developed.” — “Dr Stefan Lanka:




Pandemic Theater – History of the Infection Theory (Part 1)” –

“Autopsy’s Show Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation – How to Keep Your Terrain Strong and Healthy” –

“Suppression vs Expression – An Understanding of a Fundamental Natural Health Law” –

“There are no viruses. This means there are no pathological, infectious germs floating around infecting people. We have somatids, which are pleomorphic in nature that are actually bacteria, this is what THEY call viruses. But they 1) do not infect 2) do not cause disease 3) are not living 4) have never been isolated. So really this is simply an issue of semantics.” — Amandha D. Vollmer – “How to Heal Colds or Flu – Knowledge Is Power – Germs Are Not The Cause” – “What Do You Know About Somatids?” – “The Somatid Cycle & Gaston Naessens Discussing His Somatoscope” – “Dr Andrew Kaufman exposing the ‘Covid-19’ magic trick – the sleight of hand that transformed society” –

“The Corona Facts Check. Does the corona virus test have any significance? The answer, astonishing to many, but easy to understand and verify: The corona virus test has no conclusive value whatsoever! … The doctors and scientists involved have misinterpreted typical cellular components as components of a virus”.” – Dr. Stefan Lanka – “The Corona Facts Check. Does the corona virus test have any significance?” – (perhaps use Google translate) “Virologist Says Measles Virus Doesn’t Exist – Offers 100K Reward For Anyone With Actual Evidence” –

Most important is 5G’s 60 GHz frequency as it causes the same symptoms as Corona-“virus”, a virus that does not exist, as well as diseases are not spread by viruses, actually they are not being spread at all.   Plandemic II: They will blame Coronavirus for all the 5G/60GHz dead in phase II of this live exercise and will vaccinate all people and throw them in concentration camps (KZs). Those who don’t die from 5G will die from the vaccinations and from the KZs.

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