SARco Soul Sucker from SwitSARland land of the SAR

Please watch following with paying attention to what Mr. Sean has to disclose about the Pharoahs and their regime ! Thank you Mr. Hross you nailed it again ! The corruption knows no limits to them… Just like the Holy Quran prophecised ! But your Alims, Maulanas, Mutis are blind ! – A

The transgender culture war needs parents who are cowards by Jon Rappoport

Are you a parent who wants to sacrifice your young child? Sign up today in the culture war. Kneel down before predators and act like the coward you are. The campaign to turn young children into “gender fluid” creatures isn’t just the goal of groups of schoolteacher-groomers. No. It’s embedded in the curriculum. It’s official. Read this gobbledygook. Read it like...