CIA, journalists, Aaron Rogers, dogcatcher CEO of Pfizer, God by Jon Rappoport

OK, look, we have to keep this dialogue simple. I’m from the CIA, 30 of you are from major news outlets. We can’t all talk at once. So you, Sam, from the Post, and I are going to go back and forth and try to sort out some of issues we’re dealing with here.
Marty, I hate to say this, but the big elephant in the room is God.
Stay with me. People are having dreams in which God appears and tells them not to take the vaccine. I had one, too. He showed up in bright light and said I was risking my life if I took the shot. So I want to know: is some rogue element of the CIA piping that dream into lots of people?
Of course not, Sam. That’s ridiculous.
Well, when you put God together with loss of jobs because of the mandate, people getting fired because they won’t take the shot, you have a devastating one-two punch. This is more than interruption of supply lines. This is potentially, say, a million people deciding one day to show up at a governor’s mansion and protest. We’re on the edge.
Where the hell are you getting this information?
Polls, surveys. Of course, we’re not releasing the results. And then there’s the fact—which we’re also covering up—that millions and millions of vaccine doses are sitting in storage, expiring, because people won’t take the jab. The official vaccination rates are bullshit. They’re really much lower than advertised.
Well, speaking for the CIA, we’re worried about the vaccine mandates. They’ve gone too far. Raising too many hackles. People don’t like to get fired for refusing. They don’t like losing their livelihoods. What the hell were Biden’s string pullers thinking?
And then idiots like the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, who’s a VETERINARIAN, a dog doctor, gives a speech to the Atlantic Council, and says people who spread vaccination disinfo should be in prison. Meanwhile, the BMJ takes testimony from a Pfizer whistleblower who says the clinical trials of Pfizer vaccine were an incompetent mess and full of lies.
So what are we going to do?
Everybody’s excoriating Aaron Rogers because he won’t take the vaccine and he violate rules by appearing at a presser without a mask…but at the same time the players on the field are unmasked and they’re spitting on each other and clawing at each other and falling all over each other during the game and there are 75,000 people in the stands and hardly anybody is wearing a goddamn mask. It’s ridiculous.
We have to hope the great unwashed public stays deaf, dumb, and blind.
I wouldn’t count on that. We might need a war as a distraction. A real shooting war. Can we cook up a deal with the Chinese? Maybe something in Taiwan. You know, limited. No more than 10,000 deaths. A five-day war. Then a negotiation. A new trade deal.
Or Joe Biden shows up naked walking across the White House lawn in the middle of the day. The man totally lost it. He’s done. He has to resign from office. But he’s a hero. He sacrificed his mind to save the world from Trump. Statues. Memorials. He and Nurse Jill retire to a farm in Delaware, and are never heard from again.
Putting Kamala Harris in the Oval Office? Are you kidding? Nobody knows what she’d do. One day she might wake up and have people paint the White House black.
But that would be good for us. A massive distraction.
This supply line crisis, and rising oil prices. Not good. They only add to the general unrest. The American people aren’t going to sit still for major food and heating shortages.
Can we engineer a shocking global heat wave? You know, prove climate change is real. Then, energy quotas for all nations, a UN mandate-treaty to—
No. We need a distraction that doesn’t make the situation worse. A naked Biden on the White House lawn is pretty good. The President in his birthday suit.
We need to act fast. This vaccine is maiming and killing large numbers of people. It’s a disaster. You can’t keep that a secret for much longer.
How about a trans thing? You know, turns out that Chuck Schumer is actually a woman?
Wouldn’t hold the public attention for more than ten days.
How about the Pope makes a new announcement. God told him to tell the world to take the vaccine. This time, the Pope isn’t just making a personal recommendation. It’s coming straight from God. It’s ex cathedra. Isn’t that what they call it when the Pope issues one of his “infallible” commands?
He’ll never go along with it. He doesn’t have the cojones.
There’s always the Cary Grant test.
What’s that?
It started out as a thought-experiment. I think some guy at MIT dreamed it up. If Cary Grant told the world to jump off a cliff, how many people would actually do it?
How does that apply?
Say a very popular movie star takes the vaccine and then right away becomes deathly ill. With his dying breath, he says, “Take the vaccine.” You know, the sympathy factor kicks in. His adoring fans line up and take the shot.
I don’t think so.
All right then. There’s only one other choice.
You mean—
I don’t know. It could be very dangerous. We’d be walking a narrow line. We’d have to marshal all our forces to stick to the same story.
It could be done.
The feds quietly order every testing lab in America to change the sensitivity of the PCR test. Rig it so the number of positive tests—indicating infections—takes a major drop. I mean major. Then the White House—Fauci—says we’ve turned the corner on the pandemic. The vaccine has saved us. We can relax. And gradually, over the next few months, the mood of the media lightens. Lots of good news. Fewer and fewer people pay attention to the vaccine mandate. The pressure is off. Fired workers are taken back on the job. Oil prices drop. The supply lines are restored.
Right. We might have to do it. Although we’d hate doing it. I was hoping for at least ten years of sustained horror.
Sometimes you take your wins and cut your losses and live to fight another day.
Hey, we rigged the PCR test to get all those millions of fake cases…so we just rig it the other way now.
There’s one problem. We still have massive numbers of injured and dead people as a result of the vaccine.
No problem. We call those “deaths from the virus.” And as fewer and fewer people take the vaccine, those injuries and deaths decline rapidly. The real problem is getting Bill Gates to climb onboard with our solution.
I think we can handle that through Melinda. She tells Bill if he doesn’t play ball, she’ll start talking to the press every damn day about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Paint Bill as a total pervert. I think she’d enjoy making that threat.
I still like naked Joe Biden walking across the White House lawn.
We all do. Maybe we could stage that as a bonus. One day as he steps out of the shower, a Secret Service guy tells him there’s a new plan to build an all-girls prep school on the White House grounds and he has to come see the layout right away. Joe is so excited, he forgets to get dressed. Next thing you know, after a little push, there he is, on the lawn, walking around…
Even if we tell the people the pandemic is finally under control, we can still push through biometric ID passports for everyone. That means wall to wall surveillance of the whole population. Where they go, what they do, how much they spend on what, who they talk to.
The only thing that can stop us is all-out refusal by the population to do what we tell them to do. Complete rebellion.
And that’s not going to happen, is it?
We’ve got the “not-me” phenomenon on our side.
What’s that?
I person says, “Well, I’d be willing to rebel, but other people aren’t, so what I do won’t make any difference. Therefore, I’ll do nothing.”
Good one.
If God is coming to people in their dreams, so is the “not-me” proposition.
They’d desert God for a Slurpee and a burger. I hope.
Me too. Call to Duty by God versus a Slurpee.
Kind of disgusting when you think about it. Almost makes me want to go the other way.
Suppose, just suppose we put some money and organization behind these protests against the mandate. Got, say, two MILLION people to surround Gavin Newsom’s house in California one morning. Boom. He’s such a repulsive little putz. Bullshit smile, all those teeth, he really “cares” about people. Two million people on his lawn. And the cops are on the people’s side. Think we could pull that off?
Kidding? Of course we could if we wanted to. And then, in a panic, HE would come out through his front door naked and babbling in terror.
I’d pay major bucks to see that.
I have to tell you something. When you finally figure out how to torture people, really mess with them, make them knuckle under…and then you actually DO it and it works…
The thrill goes out of it. Right?
Yeah. It does. It’s not nearly as exciting as you thought it’d be.
So you start thinking about going the other way. Freeing people. Making the guys we work for—the arrogant tinpot bastards—pay. In spades.
Just because we want to.
And maybe the Founders had it right when they tried to install freedom.
And maybe God isn’t crazy.
Well, well, well. How about that.

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