No Proof of COVID19 Causality: Is this the Crime of the Century?

Doctors are not using a licensed diagnostic tool to make the claim that all of the cases/deaths labelled as ‘COVID19’ were caused by a single new virus. They are using a RT-PCR test that specifically states “it is not a diagnostic tool for viral infections”.

Cases and deaths due to COVID19 have been collected based on many suspected (unconfirmed) cases only, and even when a laboratory test is used, the new SARSCov2 virus is not being identified in any of these ‘positive’ cases or deaths.

Proof that SARSCov2 is causing COVID19 disease has not been provided by any government health department and the Australian government stated under the Freedom of Information act that they are not using a test that 100% proves that SARSCov2 is present in any cases/deaths of COVID19 disease.

Here is the link to my article titled ‘Creating a Global Pandemic‘ that provides more detail on this manufactured pandemic in 2020 and it also describes the similarities to the polio pandemic in 1954.

Many infectious agents and non-infectious agents were known to cause the paralysis that was being observed in children in 1954. However, the medical profession claimed it was a single virus that was causing the epidemic in children and a vaccine was introduced at the same time as changes were made to diagnostic criteria for polio and surveillance of the disease.

This resulted in the decline of ‘polio’ disease, but not paralysis in the population. The scientific evidence is provided in my article.

Evidence from Doctors and Lawyers that the PCR test cannot diagnose COVID19 Disease

1. German lawyer, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, states that the RT-PCR test cannot identify SARSCOV2, the claimed cause of COVID19 disease and describes this “scamdemic” as a “crime against humanity” – A Crime against humanity’
2. A pharmacist provides the TGA’s (Australia’s drug regulator) own evidence that the PCR test cannot identify SARSCov2 – the claimed sole cause of COVID19 disease – “Will the Corona Virus Vaccine be Mandated”
3. “Doctors for the Truth” Speak out in Madrid, Denounce COVID19 “False Pandemic” – Press Conference in Spain. Crime of the Century.
4.  Proof that the Pandemic was Planned with Purpose‘ – Principia Scientific International
5.  There is no Deadly Pandemic: Global Report 2019-nCov Novel Coronavirus

Creating a Global Pandemic

On 1 October 2020 my article titled ‘Creating a Global Pandemic’ was published in the Masters of Health magazine. This article describes how disease statistics can hide many factors and they can be manipulated to create the appearance of a pandemic if doctors are not required to provide proof of causality for a ‘case’ or ‘death’ of the disease.

This strategy works best if you also change the definition of a ‘pandemic’ and remove the need for there to be ‘enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses’ in the community. If you only need ‘more cases than normal of a disease’ these cases can be obtained by extra surveillance of the healthy population. A strategy that has never been used to monitor for “influenza” in previous years.

This extra surveillance works best if hospitals are incentivised to monitor for ‘flu-like symptoms’ in the healthy population with extra funding – as they are in Australia.

Note that 2020 was the first time that hundreds of stations were set up to test healthy people for ‘flu-like symptoms’. Coronaviruses make up 7-15% of the respiratory viruses that cause the common cold. If healthy people had been tested for influenza in previous years, with the RT-PCR test and antibody testsa similar number of people would have tested positive because this test identifies the family of RNA coronaviruses – not specific strains of virus or even a whole virus.

So the RT-PCR test cannot be used to diagnose ‘cases’ of COVID19 disease. Plus healthy people should never be considered ‘cases’ of disease. Yet these are the statistics that the mainstream media has been using to frighten the public about a new virus. This works best if you give it a scary name – SARSCov2 – instead of referring to it as the Novel Coronavirus 2019 – its other name. And don’t forget we are exposed to new mutated influenza viruses every year!

In Germany an independent commission of doctors investigating COVID19 has described this pandemic as the “crime of the century”.

A Description of COVID19 Disease

In 2020 we were informed there was a new disease called ‘COVID19’ that encompasses all flu-like symptoms”, as well as neurological damage that was also claimed to be caused by the virus. These symptoms have many causes; hundreds of different viruses, bacteria and even non-infectious agents cause these symptoms.

Yet the public was told that all these cases and deaths were caused by just one virus – SARSCov2. 

An example of a non-infectious agent that causes COVID19 symptoms is the flu vaccine and this vaccine was mandated for the first time in many countries, including China, Italy and Australia, in 2019-20.

There is significant medical literature showing that flu vaccines increase the chance of people getting sick from coronaviruses, which are common in the populationFurther, flu vaccines are also associated with causing neurological damage such as vasculitis, strokes, heart attacks, lung edema and pneumonia – other symptoms that are included in the diagnosis for ‘COVID19 disease’.


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